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Bootcamp: 10-Minute Cardio Kick Workout


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Finished the video for day one :) Was difficult to keep up, but I'm working on improving that!
Day 1 - for the second time. It's a while since I did this Bootcamp and I have shown myself today that I certainly need to do again. Found it SUCH hard work!!! Expecting/hoping to improve with time.
Day one. Boy i am out of
Day 1, Week 2.
Really enjoy repeating Day 1 over and over as part of my daily workout routines. It gets the heart pumping. I am on day 5 but each day I repeat each workout in the week I've completed to the present.
Just joined the 28 Day Bootcamp Challenge. Day 1 accomplished. Felt really good.
Although, it was a 10 min workout I certainly felt the burn, and my heart pumping. Great cardio. I definately will have fun with this goal:)
Great...and fun! I am older (65), but really enjoyed this video. I had to modify some moves, but that's okay! Will do it again!
Got through this with modification. I didn't feel too bad, prior exercise has been chair based.
Good start, Day #1. Pretty easy cardio workout.
It feels good to move like that! Good start to 2016!
The old hips didn't like this one. Gotta work on that more.
Awesome first day, broke a lil sweat in that 10 minutes. Can't wait for tomorrow's
Day one of shaping up this body. Excited to see the results in 28 days.
I can't believe how much I sweat in that 10 minutes! Great workout.
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