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10-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout


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When did I stop being able to Jump!?!?! lol Oh well add that to my list of goals..
Could only do the stepping over the line today,
I liked this workout. I did this after a 37 minute strength training and now I feel great. The only thing that I did not like, was, the sound went out.
fun hard
I am fairly new to these exercise videos and I really like the brevity and intensity of them. They allow you to squeeze in some real exercise during the course of a busy day. However I am sorry to say that I didn't finish this one because the sniffling was kind of annoying.
I did as much as I could of this video, but had to keep low-intensity due to back pain today. I could feel the burn in my legs! (in a good way)
great little work out - couldn't do most of it but tried the easiest options anyway.
I can't find where to add this to my favorites.
I thought I was starting to get in shape until I tried this video. It was very hard for me. I couldn't do any of the jumping front/back or sided/side. Every time I tried, I felt like my ankles were going to roll and break. I did modifications on almost all of it, and it still had me out of breath to the point where I thought I might pass out. I think I need to stick with some simpler videos first until I'm strong enough for this one. Kudos to those that can do this, especially without any modifications!
This was a great start for me to get back into cardio. I hope to do this everyday and build by adding something new to it each week.
It a good ten minute work out
i modify this to avoid the jumping. It seems to work, I just move faster and try to keep my arms moving. I now just use the video to know when to change my intervals. It is a great guide and once I figured out what intensity I needed I just kind of do my own thing until the stretches. It is working for me.
no comments as i have not started yet
Nice quick little workout. Had a hard time with the single leg jumps but got through the whole workout.
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