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10-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout

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1/1/2014 7:58:58 AM

SHELTIE2013's SparkPage
Did this today!!!!


12/22/2013 7:08:15 PM

JMZINCT's SparkPage
Hi Coach Nicole, it's 3 days before Christmas and I tried to use the excuse that as the house is a mess with wrapping and decorations I had no room or time to exercise, and I come across this video on the start page. As I'm a little heavy to jump a lot, I did do the modified options sometimes but my point is THANK YOU!!! YOU GOT ME TO WORKOUT TODAY!!! LOVED IT!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN SPARKPEOPLE-YOU'RE THE BEST!!! I FEEL SO GOOD NOW!!!


11/27/2013 2:09:36 AM

LAFFLOTS57's SparkPage
It's 2 a.m. and I just did the cardio blast with some stretching. My legs should feel interesting later today I'm sure!


11/26/2013 2:25:04 PM

AROWLETT0's SparkPage
Wow this was ruff but I did it yay !


11/21/2013 2:50:01 PM

Love it!! Going to do this one everyday!


11/21/2013 12:00:45 PM

ELIZACG9's SparkPage


10/29/2013 8:44:07 PM

This workout is ideal for using with a rebounder (mini-trampoline) as well - since it is made to not require equipment and to work for beginners as well as advanced, using a minimum of space, I decided to try it with my rebounder. My floors are concrete, so I didn't want this to be any more "high-impact" as necessary. Despite the claims of no "complex choreography", I can hardly deal with walking, let alone bouncing from side to side. But it works great on a rebounder - and like Coach says, using my hands and arms to pump it up does boost the heart rate and still keep it relatively low-impact for those of us with knee issues or just not fancy dancer types!! I'm going to bookmark this for other days, since I am starting on a daily rebounding 10 minute a day streak (so far, day 3 of this 3rd attempt , after having to restart the streak other days.). This one is an easy 10 minutes!!


10/28/2013 8:55:15 AM

CHARMIN944's SparkPage
That was the longest 10 minutes of my life. Glad I got thru it. Think I'll continue this particular video for a week or so.


10/16/2013 7:31:44 AM

Sweat. Sweat and more sweat.... whewwww.... thiscwas awesome.....I enjoyed it...I love it...will do it three times a week....


10/7/2013 3:58:07 PM

I have to change a little, I,m not that strong. I am dripping sweat every time thanks...HAPPY.


10/1/2013 12:59:34 PM

GRANDMA125212's SparkPage
Tank you Coach Nicole for a great video

I have the Spark DVD's but sometimes when I'm sitting at the computer for a length of time it is easier to use an online Spark video to get the blood moving.


9/23/2013 11:28:49 AM

MLI123's SparkPage
Great quick workout!!


9/14/2013 2:25:22 AM

like this video... gr8


9/7/2013 2:30:34 PM

Great workout...I'll yse this again


8/23/2013 12:35:11 PM

This is one of my 'good ones' exercises. Love SparkPeople. When they have Academy Awards for the internet SparkPeople wins hands down for getting people moving via their exercise videos!!!!

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