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Intro to Resistance Bands

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10/18/2015 6:23:55 PM

LOULOUWLG403's SparkPage
I liked this vide.!


8/18/2015 6:01:44 PM

CHRISTINA155's SparkPage
video not working. very disappointed.


8/18/2015 6:20:11 AM

IAMCO439's SparkPage
as much as I don't like commercials, I understand that they are the reason spark people is free. They, like every one else needs to pay bills somehow.


4/11/2015 9:19:03 AM

BERTHAR's SparkPage
I also had the same problem it seems the video is working!


4/10/2015 1:13:24 PM

Very helpful!!! Thank you


12/30/2014 11:54:50 AM

I have done everything I can think of and was recommended and STILL have not been able to watch a single video off this website since day one. So depressing.


12/29/2014 5:27:11 AM

I have resistance bands that I got from a TaeBo video a while ago. I haven't used them in a long time. I'll have to incorporate them into my workout routine to add an extra boost. I use my stretchy bands (rubber bands w/o the handle) often but tend to forget about the other bands. Thanks for the reminder!


9/24/2014 10:48:17 PM

I will definitely look into exercise bands


8/31/2014 5:01:28 PM

I bought the Resistant Band DVD with Nicole. How do I track the workout? I don't see it in search any where! I love working out the the bands.. Much nicer than the weights! :)


8/9/2014 11:52:20 AM

I got my resistance bands on here. They came with a dvd called fitness starter kit. It doesn't however, tell me how many calories (for my tracker) that I burned.. Anyway to find out?? I love the resistance bands... What a great invention!


5/21/2014 7:45:24 AM

I am very sorry that SparkPeople forces us to watch an advertisement before we see Coach Nicole's excellent guides. Uncle Ben's rice is permanently off my shopping list. So glad we have so many other companies out there with more discrete advertising!!!!


5/2/2014 6:28:35 AM

Thanks. Worth a try.


4/23/2014 3:23:01 PM

I love using resistance bands. The ones I have I got on here
KEE and they are awesome!


4/19/2014 10:24:17 AM

I love the bands also,sure wish I could see the videos,stillwill not work,thanks


3/25/2014 11:44:11 PM

UNICORN212's SparkPage
Sad that we have to watch a Wing Stop commercial before watching the exercise video. Too bad we don't have many healthy advertisers here!

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