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Small Changes Helped Me Lose 90 Pounds!

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Member Comments

  • CONGRATULATIONS on your success. You are a true inspiration to everyone. - 7/11/2014 11:48:11 PM
  • Thank you for sharing your stroy. It is very convictiing, and you look amazing! I know that your story helped me and will help many others who also feel so powerless much of the time!! - 6/26/2014 10:03:58 AM
  • WOW, what an inspirational story! Cudos to you! - 6/26/2014 12:13:27 AM
  • Way to go girl! My problems are the same pretty much like your's including the motivation.
    I procrastinate all the time. Well, next week I will start. I'll start on Monday that seems to be the usual day I am for and so many Mondays have gone by and here I am still staying it.
    I am really enjoying Spark People and love the trackers makes it so much easier.
    Then I come across people like you and it gives me motivation and I start thinking more serious about my weight and how it is holding me back from enjoying my life. I'm always so tired and have a lot of stress, as I have a daughter with Joubert Syndrome and she really has some serious medical and psychological problems. Her medical problems have been pretty much taken care of liver transplant and kidney transplant, but to get her to that point took a lot of stressful days. Now another symptom of Joubert Syndrome is difficult behavior.
    To make a long story short, I really have to get myself going on food choices and exercise. I will play your video over and over because it is really a wonderful success for you and I know if I can only put my mind to it I can do it too.
    I am older then you so will go into my age range group and see if that will help me also.

    CONGRATS TO YOU, KIDDO!! - 6/18/2014 10:35:05 AM
  • You look amazing!! - 6/17/2014 9:19:30 PM
  • You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your story. I joined Spark People on April 1, 2014. I am losing weight but it is very slow. I love the accountability the website offers! Thanks again for inspiring me! - 6/17/2014 12:30:28 PM
  • Thank you for sharing your journey - you are an inspiration! - 6/17/2014 11:05:12 AM
  • You inspire me! Thank you for sharing your transformation! - 6/17/2014 10:33:43 AM
  • Amazing...way to good...what an inspiration...tha
    nks for sharing!!! - 6/17/2014 9:43:56 AM
  • Thank you so much for posting your video!! There is hope!
    Very much appreciate your sharing your story - keep up the great work! - 6/17/2014 2:34:49 AM
  • GREAT JOB!! - 6/14/2014 7:08:11 PM
  • Great story!! Congrats on your success. A great inspiration. Thanks - 6/13/2014 10:15:46 AM
  • What an amazing story! I hope to have a similar story of success myself!
    - 6/11/2014 2:43:39 PM
  • What an inspiring story. You look great. - 6/6/2014 3:38:22 PM
  • I just started here today but came across your story. I just wanted to let you know that you have given me hope as our start and end goals are almost to the pound the same. I was so happy for you and hope for me I started to cry. Thank you for posting your video and story!!!! - 6/6/2014 11:39:57 AM