Weight Loss Changed My Outlook on Life!

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Member Comments

  • Awesome , Thanks for sharing - 7/27/2015 1:59:03 PM
  • Congrats on achieving your goal!!! Very inspiring!! - 7/16/2015 8:40:12 PM
  • AWESOME1 - 6/26/2015 4:27:18 PM
  • I enjoyed hearing your story very much. Thank you for sharing it. It gives someone my age renewed hope that there is a better quality of life through this weight loss/health journey. - 6/22/2015 5:53:16 AM
  • Thank you for sharing your story. For a minute there I thought you were telling mine,except I don't have a dog. :) Now I know what my outcome will be with persistence. - 6/21/2015 8:36:56 AM
  • Your story is amazing and you look great. It has to really make you feel good to know the difference this program has made in your life. Keep up the good work and please keep motivating others so others can experience this. - 6/4/2015 11:57:42 PM
  • I'm Sweetly Jealous, Sweetly Jealous means I am happy for your weight loss success but I want to follow in your footsteps. Regular Jealous is just plain mean. With degenerative back issues myself I know how hard is was to lose the weight, you look good and it shows! Thanks for Sharing! Sheila B! - 5/26/2015 9:57:14 PM
  • I love this! I've recently put on quite a bit weight and my hips hurt almost always. I never gave up my exercise, but I have been in a great deal of pain. I know my weight is a great contributor and this video just verifies this. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Stay strong! - 5/26/2015 10:44:52 AM
  • Thank you for sharing your story! It is very inspiring. It sure is easy to pack on the pounds and seems much harder to lose them. You look amazing! Keep up the great work and continue to make healthy choices! - 5/15/2015 12:23:26 PM
  • Thank you for sharing your story...it's always inspirational and motivating to hear when others have done so well on SparkPeople. Congratulations to you! :) - 4/1/2015 7:12:18 PM
  • Thank you for sharing your journey. We need to listen to that bell that goes off and tells us we need to make a change. This was very inspirational. Thanks again. - 3/17/2015 7:46:29 PM
  • Thank you can't even begin to explain how you sharing your video has made me get my spark back. I just turned 54 and have played the yo-yo battle. I find I am sitting on the couch more and making bad food choices. No more - thank you for your inspiration. I surely hope you will friend me. - 3/5/2015 11:22:38 AM
  • Thank you for sharing your story. You have helped me realize I too can achieve what I put my mind to. I just have to start. - 2/26/2015 5:48:51 PM
  • Thank you for sharing your story. It was very motivating and shows me my dreams are possible. - 2/24/2015 3:58:50 PM
  • Thank you for sharing you weight lost journey. I hope one day I can be happy like you and enjoy whatever left of my days. Please kindly wish me luck, please all of you. many thanks - 2/22/2015 11:40:32 PM