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3 Lessons from My 70-Pound Weight Loss Journey

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  • I totally see myself in your before story as well. I am sad because I see all my friends posting pictures of themselves and their children and I do the same thing and hide from the camera. I want to be able to feel comfortable in my body and be able to teach my kids how to love themselves too. Congratulations you are such an inspiration! - 7/31/2014 10:41:17 PM
  • Wow! Thank you for the motivation. Your before story is my before story. It is so inspiring to see someone with the same story reach her goals. It gives me faith that I can do it too. - 7/28/2014 2:55:58 PM
  • Congratulations! And thanks so much for sharing your journey. For me, it was not pregnancy, but the stress of going back to school for a second Masters. The weight came on quickly and I truly thought it was on for good - until my younger daughter teamed up with me to get back on track and get back to goal. While it was never easy, it grew less painful over time, and hearing inspirational stories like yours remind me that I am not alone in this struggle.. Only quitting will prevent our success! So keep up the good work! I have faith in us =-) - 7/27/2014 1:36:02 AM
  • Congrats on such success!!!

    This was a very inspirational video. - 7/25/2014 10:46:32 PM
  • GREAT story! Congrats! I cant wait to reach my goal of losing 66 lbs. Thanks for the inspiration! - 7/25/2014 10:23:17 PM
  • Thank you for your honest and poignant story of your weight loss journey! - 7/25/2014 7:00:57 PM
  • WOW! Congratulations on doing so well and losing 70 pounds. I truly appreciate the fact that you made this video. It spoke to me in more than one place. I am so happy for you.You demonstrate loyalty, commitment and determination. You are a success and I have gained inspiration from listening and watching your story. Thanks again! - 7/25/2014 5:58:51 PM
  • What a motivating story. It sounded so close to my own beginning. I have a way to go,but I'm inspired by your story to keep making and meeting goals on this journey. Did you run the covered bridges 1/2 marathon like you mentioned in this video? Thank you for sharing your story. - 7/25/2014 10:46:33 AM
  • Most of all, thank you for sharing your journey. Congratulations on reaching the goals you've set for yourself and being an excellent example for your children. - 7/22/2014 8:12:20 AM
  • thanks for the motivation i think it will help me - 7/15/2014 9:45:39 PM
  • what an inspiration! i have been very frustrated because i have actually gained 3 pounds and nothing is moving! i exercise and watch what i eat and am just about to give up! maybe i can keep going after watching this video. maybe one day i will be able to post one of me , with my goal weight reached! - 7/12/2014 10:59:41 PM
  • Great story! Just what I needed to get up and start taking accountability for my life! Thank You! - 7/12/2014 5:24:28 PM
  • Thank you! Really inspiring to watch. - 7/12/2014 5:09:47 PM
  • What a great story, thanks so much for sharing it, so encouraging! - 7/12/2014 11:09:01 AM
  • I loved your story and I admire your determination. Good job at getting your children involved in fitness early in life too. Great Story. - 7/6/2014 9:11:55 AM