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2 Simple Tips to Lose 1 Pound Per Week

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  • I think you are all right. But if you have been on an exercise plan and stopped loosing weights, mix up your routine, or add intensity. - 9/10/2014 6:36:13 PM
  • Just read an article stating that to lose weight, a person needs to do 250 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. This was either in a recent SparkPeople article, or in Medscape, a professional health care website. 10 minutes a day is just a toe in the water. Unfortunately. - 9/7/2014 9:29:41 PM
  • I am 63 years old and have not exercised in years except for once in a while, I don't drink anything except water but my portions of food were large. I had gained so much weight, so when I moved recently we have a nice gym. I started on the bike and to pedal fast, I could only last 15 seconds going fast. I have been here less than a month and have built myself up to 20 minutes of fast pace on the bike and 10 minutes of weights and I have lost 13 lbs so far and I have cut my portions way down and cut out pasta, except for 1 every other week, I have not used mayo or butter in 1 month and I am determined to lose all this weight I have gained. I still need to lose 45 more Lbs but I know I can do it. - 9/7/2014 10:39:01 AM
  • On what planet?
    I've busted my behind on exercise, not a soda or juice drinker, eat healthy , consume lots of water a day ... Tired of living in the bathroom. I've work to do.
    Nothing is working.
    False advertising. Wish it was just this easy!
    - 9/5/2014 7:22:48 PM
  • Thanks, I needed that - 9/3/2014 11:45:59 AM
  • Good tip, but some people may need to see a nutritionist to help them choose certain foods to help them lose weight. - 9/3/2014 11:35:32 AM
  • Good advice for those of us who are just starting out. - 9/3/2014 9:33:44 AM
  • I agree with what other people said. This might be good advice for someone brand new to this, but I gave up sodas and juices years ago. I also walk at least 30 mins. a day every day. That doesn't make me lose weight; I am lucky to maintain. It takes extreme effort, especially with age, to lose weight. - 9/2/2014 10:46:08 PM
  • HaHa! If you are just beginning and you are drinking lots of sugary drinks and are sedentary, yeah...this might work. But if you are in your upper 40's and don't drink any sodas or frappucinos, and workout an hour a day already... good luck. I'm not sure how much more I can alter my diet... and do I need to workout 2 hours a day? - 9/2/2014 8:40:09 PM
  • If only... I haven't drank my calories in years and I am a faithful walker, 40 minutes every day plus my yoga and workouts. Maybe for someone just starting out these tips would work. - 9/2/2014 8:18:15 PM
  • not falling for this one we all lose weight at a different rate like the tips shared and even if i only lose a half pound a week its a half pound less of me better then no weithgt lose. - 9/2/2014 6:01:49 PM
  • If this was only the case. If it was, there would be no need for Sparkpeople, or the zillion dollar a year diet and fitness industry. - 9/2/2014 4:59:28 PM
  • I wish it were that's not that easy for me. - 9/2/2014 4:38:50 PM
  • I also do all kinds of exercise most days and do not lose weight. not a pound a week. I am stuck..... - 9/2/2014 1:44:10 PM
  • it should be that simple. I drink 0 calories and walk 4-5 miles a day, and am not lossing a pound a week... - 9/2/2014 1:04:44 PM