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3 Ways You're Cheating During Your Workouts

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  • The ad itself, with the kids on the school bus made me smile! - 11/17/2014 11:30:57 PM
  • Great tips....I find myself guilty of at least one of them. Will have to make a change. - 10/21/2014 9:07:27 AM

  • Unfortunately there are problems with this one---
    Unable to view with most of the screen black, advertisement still playing/talking and video begins to play. - 9/27/2014 11:15:08 AM
  • I could get no sound. - 9/26/2014 6:13:33 PM
  • I would LOVE to see this video about the 3 ways I am cheating myself at the gym if the stupid advertisement would play and get out of the way. I have been setting here 3 minutes seeing nothing but the advertisement which is not doing anything and there is no way I can remove it except to delete everything, forget about how I'm cheating and move on to something else!!!!!!!! I know the advertising is necessary but it seems there is now more advertisements than SparksPeople information on here..... - 9/25/2014 8:06:59 PM
  • I am trying my bones are weak. I will continue, thanks - 9/25/2014 5:25:16 PM
  • I believe this is exactly why I was not seen results. I stop going to the gym as I felt that I was not getting results I was burning up to 1000 calories in a 30 minute cardio workout on the Stair master machine. Compare to now that I'm actually working out at home doing cardio videos and completely engaging my body. I now feel like I'm getting more of a work out than before although its a lot less calories that I'm burning. - 9/25/2014 12:21:23 PM
  • Safety should ALWAYS come first! - 9/25/2014 8:40:03 AM
  • I honeslty don't care if you think I'm "cheating". I'm not going to fall over, having issues with balance, just to make you happy. And I do know about changing up -- I do intervals anyway, so I'm constantly changing up.

    Sometimes I get really tired of trainers who don't take everything into account. - 9/25/2014 7:55:53 AM
  • The amount of calories of not holding onto the treadmill is not that much less, unless a person is running with weights. I don't think anyone is "cheating" themselves for holding on. I hold on because I have an arrhythmia problem with my heart when I exercise and get dizzy. And while the same exercises might get boring, one is still burning calories. While I appreciate the advice, I think I will stick with qualified experts..the ones with an MD and the physical therapists. Modifications to exercise exist for a reason. I am going to stop watching videos by this lady, as they seem to only target already fit individuals, and not for someone like me with health issues, but again, appreciate the advice and the time you have taken provide what works for you. - 9/25/2014 7:51:46 AM
  • Do what you have to do to be safe, you are still exercising, can do it that way for the rest of your life, you are not training for the Olympics, so do it and be comfortable, it ain't gonna make that much difference to we average people!!! At least you are on there every day!!! - 9/9/2014 2:56:52 PM
  • Sometimes I have balance issues on a treadmill, I don't have that problem walking or running outside, but on the treadmill I will sometimes misstep and have my foot fall on the side rather than the belt. I can use it without hanging on, but I still tend to keep my hands "hovering" over the handrails incase I have trouble. - 8/29/2014 8:34:14 PM
  • I agree with these tips but I know I personally do not feel comfort unless I'm holding onto the treadmill because of balance issues, but I'm working on it. I actually prefer every other machine to the treadmill anyway.... probably because of that balance issue. - 8/29/2014 8:04:58 PM
  • I do hold on when i'm on the treadmill...if i don't...i'll lose my balance. I'll take using up a few less calories vs. having to totally stop using the treadmill. - 8/29/2014 1:45:00 PM
  • Great tips! Regarding the treadmill, I too see so many people holding on to the handles. My first personal trainer always shared a few thoughts about that: 1.) holding on actually causes you to burn less calories, 2.) if holding on that means you need to strengthen your core, 3.) you're at too high of on an incline or going too fast. So, by holding on you're really cheating yourself. The treadmill has two basic adjustments: speed and incline. Solution: Find the right combination that lets you accomplish time on the treadmill without holding on to the handles and adjust accordingly. Like anything else, overtime you will be able to climb that hill without holding on to anything, - 8/29/2014 12:03:27 PM