Double Your Weight Loss with One Simple Trick

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  • thank you so much Nicole for a great tip going to start tracking my food. cause I have like 15 or 10 lbs to go on my weight Loss Journey. - 6/17/2015 11:27:11 AM
  • I've lost 70 pounds and my most important tool is logging my food. You must log everything, including that little catsup packet! Everything counts. - 5/28/2015 6:39:59 PM
  • I use my mobile app probably more than my desktop. I love the ability to scan the barcodes of things I eat and having it right at my finger tips. - 3/28/2015 5:34:20 PM
  • I actually like tracking, as it allows me to plan my meals for not only today but for the week as well. Like other comments, tracking showed me what important nutrients were missing from my daily diet. I also started 2 months ago the "Green Smoothie" a day challenge and just went to the doctors last week. My blood work came back with awesome results; I am no longer on any cholesterol medicine and my blood pressure was also really good.
    Thanks to Sparks People and the daily tracker, I have learned to eat healthier and am already reaping the health benefits. - 2/23/2015 11:17:41 AM
  • Tracking showed me where to make adjustments in what I was eating - not enough protein and calcium. I also have to start early in the day to get all the calcium I need. Watching what I eat is the key to losing weight no matter if I exercise at the same level. Don't get me wrong, exercise has really made a difference but I have to work both sides of the equation by honestly tracking what goes in against what gets burned up. - 2/15/2015 11:40:21 AM
  • Tracking my food is the part of my healthy journey that I loath the most, but I still do it, because I've realized how much I can overeat without tracking. - 1/28/2015 6:54:56 PM
  • Tracking EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth has been invaluable to me. I have learned so much about my eating style and triggers. - 1/9/2015 10:40:16 AM
  • I did not realize how much I was eating and the wrong things till I started with the spark on line tracking. It is teaching me how to eat correctly for first time in my life. - 1/1/2015 9:54:48 AM
  • I plan to start tracking today. Will try using the Spark tracker. - 12/27/2014 7:35:02 PM
  • Tracking helped me know that I wasn't getting enough protein. Now with more protein, my carb cravings have diminished considerable. - 12/14/2014 10:15:03 PM
  • It is really working for me. Now that I am tracking and am cognizant of what I am putting in my mouth, I can really focus on eating right and I am never feeling hungry. I eat so much but what I am eating is good quality foods that are satisfying and lower in calories. - 10/11/2014 1:13:19 PM
  • AS much as i dislike tracking, it WORKS! I am tracking daily and it helps me so much to see where I am and how I can finish the day with the right amount of food. - 10/2/2014 7:48:34 AM
  • Tracking really helps me be mindful of my nutrition and intake! - 9/25/2014 1:37:23 PM
  • Tracking food works wonders, but only if you also are accurate and measure or weigh and not eyeball your food. I keep a scale right on my counter along with measuring cups and spoons. The best wake up for me was measuring oils and butters when sauteing foods, that dash from the bottle is never accurate and may be twice as much as you think. - 9/14/2014 9:16:42 AM
  • Once I started eating more healthy, I was shocked to find that, at the end of each day, I can still eat more. I never would have known or suspected that without tracking. - 9/3/2014 7:46:57 PM