20-Minute Resistance Band Workout

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About This Workout
Our members asked us for more workout options that can be done at a desk. Like our popular Desk Workout, you need very little space to do these seated exercises. This workout will take you through a series of 10 exercises that work all of your major muscle groups, and end with seated stretches for the deskbound exerciser.
  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Equipment: A sturdy chair and a resistance band
  • Type of Workout: Strength training (toning) & flexibility
  • Muscles Worked: Most major muscle groups (chest, upper back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs, obliques, lower back, hips, quads, outer thighs, calves)
  • Fitness Level: Beginner to intermediate; because you sit in a chair the entire time, this video may also be suitable for individuals with limited mobility (see Extra Tip below).
  • Impact: Low-impact
  • Safety Precautions: Warm up before starting this workout and wear athletic shoes.
  • Extra Tip: This workout starts with upper body exercises, progresses to core (abs) exercises, and ends with lower body exercises, making it suitable for individuals with limited mobility and/or disabilities. A person who has limited use of her legs, for example, can complete the first (and possibly second) set of exercises, which focus on the upper body and core. You can fast forward to the sections of the video that apply to you.

Member Comments

  • I thought 20 minutes was going to be long. But this was a nice w/o. Thankyou! - 9/28/2015 4:17:01 PM
  • have done this video twice now. love it, feel great afterward. - 9/15/2015 12:32:02 AM
  • When I first found Spark this was a diabetes challenge video.
    I loved it and my A1c lowered to the point I could get off Metformin.
    I am back to it again and now we have a smaller place to do it in it still my favorite.
    I am marking on the calendar for another month to see where my numbers go. I never weigh myself but I might try it again. I am clothes size 16 from 22.Thanks to you coach Nicole.

    I am determined to do it again. Pat in Maine
    - 8/19/2015 6:19:34 PM
  • I can see the exercises but I'm deaf and can not hear... is there closed captions..?

    Great exercises. MS - 8/19/2015 4:16:55 PM
  • I love that I ran into this video for at one time ,my dream was to have my own gym. I'd purchased a house that would let me turn my patio into my own gym. In a blink of a eye I lost everything and while going through my stuff found my resistance bands in a bag. I'm trying to get back into a routine and the video helps - 8/19/2015 2:15:22 PM
  • This is a workout I can do, especially on days that my back is bothering me. I like how Nicole shows how to increase or decrease resistance. - 8/19/2015 10:32:36 AM
  • I really enjoy these chair exercises with my respiratory and back problem its help a lot and with my change of diet wow what a deference. Its help with my weight and confidence in knowing I can and want to do this.THANK YOU ! - 8/19/2015 9:49:24 AM
  • says error setting up player
    - 8/18/2015 6:05:22 PM
  • This was a great exercise video for me. I did not have to modify it due to my stroke a month ago. I was pleased with that. I still need to work on my breathing. But it was a good work out. - 7/18/2015 9:53:04 PM
  • if you go to YouTube and type in SparkPeople you will find the same videos and you should be able to download if you get the free YTD Video Downloader.

    just FYI - since I am limited in how much bandwidth I can use, I like to download to my computer too. - 5/14/2015 6:58:42 PM
  • Excellent to do in my office over lunch. Thank you.
    - 5/12/2015 6:34:27 AM
  • I bought a new set of bands in February. Looks like it's time to get them out of that handy-dandy bag they're stored in. - 5/4/2015 3:59:07 PM
  • I love this video, I'm wondering how can I do the knee crossing they might be too much for my knee's. Both need replacing !! While I'm here, HOW can I download the video's to my computer?????? It would keep me in proper form as I don't exercise correctly!!! Printed instruction just don't work for me I need to see it !!! I would prefer doing the exercise's as I watch them!!! - 5/3/2015 10:50:53 PM
  • very good strength and toning exersise video - 4/6/2015 7:11:00 PM
  • Thank you. Thank you so much for this email chair workout video. I have osteoarthritis in both knees. My good knee went out on me this past week and I have not been able to walk at all, in fact had to buy a walker to get around my house and still with great difficultly. It's been a catch 22 for me. The past few months I can not get to the swimming pool or do floor exercises, leaving me to sit or lay. I'm just putting the 50 lbs back on that I lost last year making it even more difficult to move around. Vicious circle. So thank you for these band chair exercises. I will definitely be doing them this week. And thank you for the wake up call. Most the emails you email me on exercise are so advanced there is no possible way I can do any of them, let alone get on the floor, I'd never get up again! So finally I received one that I could accomplish. Didn't think to search such a thing. Now I know!.
    - 3/31/2015 12:46:10 PM