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A common question when it comes to weight training is “How do I select the proper weight?” Although the amount of weight will vary from person to person, the feeling you experience will be similar. A good starting point is two sets of 12 repetitions (resting 30-60 seconds in between sets). The 12th repetition should be the last one you can do with proper form. If you cannot reach 12 without a significant struggle, the weight is too heavy. If you can continue past 12 without a problem, the weight is too light. The feeling you experience should fall somewhere in the middle- it is a challenge, but not so difficult that you risk injury. It is better to start with a light weight and add more as you become stronger and the exercises become easier.

After three or four weeks, you might notice some exercises becoming easier. At this point it is a good idea to increase the weight, in small increments of 2-5 pounds. This way your muscles will continue to be challenged without being overworked.