SparkPeople Product Reviews Secrets Learn some of the secrets of success for Product Reviews from SparkPeople members. SparkPeople Product Reviews Secrets Love my fitbit! My gift to myself for Christmas was a fitbit one, which is one of the cheapest of the fitbit. It comes with a removable clip to wear on clothing and accessories (I like to wear mine on my bra strap under my blouse) and I ordered two wristbands so I can also wear it like a watch.<br> The main reason I ordered one of these was because I couldn't find a pedometer that worked consistently. It drove me crazy to walk my laps, only to look down and see that the pedometer hadn't registered any st... Fri, 3 Mar 2017 22:31:00 EST This is the BEST Protein Powder <img src=""><br><br>It seems I'm always on the quest for a better protein powder. Lately, I've been trying to find a more vegan based protein powder supplement that is NOT from beach body. <br><br>I've tried just about every protein powder made... and for a long time I had a few rice and soy protein ones in that I tolerated (but didn't love). They were too grainy and didn't have enough taste to them now that I look... Thu, 26 Jan 2017 12:18:00 EST How a Pedomiter Can Help You <img src=""><br><br>It seems like everyone who runs on a regular basis has a fancy pedometer these days. Marathoners, joggers, runners and power walkers who are really into fitness have one. They can work for regular people like us too however. You don't really realize how much you walk in a day. if you have a desk job you may think you just sit all day long but in reality there are the steps that you take to go to... Tue, 17 Jan 2017 08:01:00 EST Hiking Gear on a Budget If you’re thinking about hiking, you’ll definitely need some gear. Even a day hike will require some supplies, clothing, and footwear. Unfortunately, you can’t get away from spending some money on gear. However, there is no need to break the bank! Here are some tips from your friendly neighborhood day hiker. Hopefully you can use them to hit the trails without draining your bank account! This guide is only for day hiking gear and does not include any recommendations for winter hiking. As I ge... Wed, 23 Nov 2016 11:45:00 EST Uplift Your Mood With Wintergreen Oil Uplift Your Mood With Wintergreen Oil<br><br>If you've ever used a pain-relieving ointment or rub with a mentholated aroma, then chances are you already know what wintergreen oil smells like.<br><br>The clean and minty scent of this herbal oil is associated with relieving pain and stimulating mental wellbeing. Discover more interesting facts about wintergreen oil in this article.<br><br>What Is Wintergreen Oil?<br><br>Wintergreen oil is extracted from a shrubby evergreen plant called Gaulther... Thu, 3 Nov 2016 11:17:00 EST Are Proton Pump Inhibitors Safe? The Bottom Line<br><br>"People should be on the lowest dose of the least potent medication that controls their symptoms," says Rubenstein.<br><br>Gabbard agrees. If someone has heartburn and the symptoms disappear when they take a PPI, they should try to see if a safer H2 blocker works."<br><br>That's what Ross Castillo did. After taking a PPI for about 10 years, he switched to the H2 blocker ranitidine. He also lost weight, stopped smoking, started exercising, and watched what he ate.<br>... Wed, 2 Nov 2016 22:06:00 EST Are Proton Pump Inhibitors Safe? Kidney Disease<br><br>In a study of 249,000 people in rural Pennsylvania, PPI users had a 16 percent risk of kidney disease over 10 years, versus 14 percent for non-users. People who took an H2 blocker had no greater risk than non-users. Results were similar in a second study of nearly 10,500 people.<br><br>The increased risk amounts to one additional case of kidney disease for every 30 to 60 PPI users. "That's a very weak association that could be due to something else besides PPIs," say... Tue, 1 Nov 2016 21:25:00 EST Are Proton Pump Inhibitors Safe? Dementia<br><br>"Does your heartburn drug make you vulnerable to dementia?" asked the Washington Post last February.<br><br>The news: In a German study of nearly 74,000 people aged 75 and older, those who took PPIs for seven years were 44 percent more likely to get dementia than those who didn't take PPIs. Occasional users were 16 percent more likely. A similar German study in 2015 found a 38 percent increased risk.<br><br>"These were observational studies, so they can't prove that PPIs ca... Mon, 31 Oct 2016 22:11:00 EST Are Proton Pump Inhibitors Safe? "Proton pump inhibitors are revolutionary drugs," says Scott Gabbard, a gastroenterologist at the Cleveland Clinic.<br><br>"They're our best treatment for patients who truly have reflux disease or who have erosive esophagitis, which is ulcers in the esophagus."<br><br>PPIs-----like Prilosec, Prevacid, and Nexium-----cut acid further and for longer.<br><br>"For me, Nexium was a sure thing," says Florida IT architect Ross Castillo. "I took one a day and it didn't matter what I ate. I was not ... Sun, 30 Oct 2016 22:22:00 EST Are Proton Pump Inhibitors Safe? "I take Prilosec OTC each morning for my frequent heartburn," says Larry the Cable Guy Guy in TV ads. What Larry doesn't tell viewers is that most people shouldn't take an over-the-counter proton pump inhibitor (PPI) for more than 14 days in a row. That warning appears at the bottom of the screen at the end of the ad. But who's going to notice while Larry is waving the BBQ that he can now eat without heartburn?<br><br>When acid from your stomach backs up into your esophagus---the tube that... Sat, 29 Oct 2016 21:50:00 EST My Beck Diet Solutions response cards My second most helpful healthy lifestyle book is The Beck Diet Solution by dr. Judith Beck, right behind The Spark.<br><br>It consists of 42 daily chapters of lessons and exercises. Each one is simple and doable, but together construct a roadmap to dieting in an easy and peaceful way, without struggles, and a safety net for the inevitable slip ups. <br><br>Each chapter ends with a to do list, adding the newly learned step.<br>We create Response Cards for the relevant chapters, and use them t... Sat, 15 Oct 2016 15:20:00 EST Find the right vitamins After many years of searching and trying multi vitamins I have finally found the vitamin that works and it is giving me to energy and mind set to keep up with my workouts and good eating habits.. Things seem more real when you arent feeling sluggish and tired all the time.. <br><br>As a young adult I never had a weight issue... Friends and family would joke around with me about my nobby knees or how I could run around in the shower and never get wet. :D I could eat whatever I liked, wheneve... Sun, 9 Oct 2016 23:04:00 EST 1byOne Body Fat Scale Scales have long been my enemy and my least favorite invention. I struggled with what the almighty scale had to say about me on my weekly judgement days and I despised the way the numbers would quickly spin around or flash across the screen as it found a way to deliver the news to me.<br><br>When I moved, I left the scale behind because it wasn't my friend. I lived many years without it in my home and would only occasionally visit a scale briefly at a health checkup. I was oblivious to my wei... Wed, 7 Sep 2016 13:25:00 EST Advocare- a new ME! Some may think its a hype, but I have never felt better in my life. Having PCOS and a thyroid condition makes losing weight harder than it should be! I never EVER want to do anything. I feel like I don't sleep well and i'm tired 24/7. I never want to spend time with friends or family. I want to hibernate all the time. <br><br>I wake up late and never have time to eat a good breakfast at home. I found Meal replacement shakes from advocare that are nutritious, packed full of protein, and actual... Tue, 30 Aug 2016 12:47:00 EST Healthy Secrets Motivate My success is to focus on staying healthy.<br><br>Tools for success:<br><br>It happens to be a mind game. Knowing the foods that trigger mindless eating is one beneficial tool.<br><br>Knowing the vegetables and fruits that keep me from eating sweets and too many carbs also is a tool.<br><br>Remembering that keeping my sleep patterns the same each night helps and another tool.<br><br>Three times a week exercise of some sort, whether walking, swimming or pool exercise, gardening, deep cleaning... Wed, 24 Aug 2016 00:16:00 EST Protein shakes and weight loss Manufacturers of protein shakes may claim that their products help decrease body fat or promote weight loss, but protein shakes aren't a magic bullet for weight loss.<br><br>Replacing meals with protein shakes may help you reduce your daily calories, which can help you lose weight. But eventually you will need to start eating solid food again, which may cause excess weight to return if you don't choose wisely. And if you rely too heavily on protein shakes to replace regular meals, you'll miss... Tue, 23 Aug 2016 19:47:00 EST AdvoCare for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding I have been using AdvoCare for 1.5 years. For the past 9 months it has been my saving grace for not gaining a ton of weight while pregnant. It has helped me to stay healthy and stay on track. It helped with the first few months of morning sickness. The Spark drink mix helped me to stay alert and energized during my pregnancy while keeping up with my husband and two school age children. I have only gained 20 lbs this pregnancy, while I gained over 50 lbs during my last two pregnancies. The onl... Sun, 31 Jul 2016 07:35:00 EST Yep, I'm addicted to these thins! Several months back, I spotted a box of a snack product called Nonni's THINaddictives on a clearance shelf. As I'm always looking for safe-calorie snacks, I picked them up, and I am glad I did!<br><br>These thin, cracker-like munchies come in a variety of flavors, like cranberry, mango-coconut, and pistachio. They are not too sweet, but they are crunchy and delightful, with little slivers of almonds and other nuts in them (depending on which flavor you buy). The best part is that inside the b... Thu, 28 Jul 2016 11:04:00 EST Fitbit Aria Scale This scale is definitely for show, and not so much for anything else.<br><br>Yes, it weighs your body accurately. Yes, it calculates your body fat percentage. Yes, it even shoots your information to Spark People every day. Yes, you can have up to 5 people in its memory. Yes, it's attractive.<br><br>But you can get that in other digital scales for half the cost. There's the Weight Watchers scale - capable of the same thing, for $38.There's the Homedics 531 for $50.<br><br>From "Healthy eating... Tue, 26 Jul 2016 23:36:00 EST Fusia Asian Rice Rolls = Yummy Low-cal Goodness! These amazingly tasty, very crunchy, easy-portion control snacks have been a standby for me in my weight-loss journey, because they are crunchy, just sweet enough, and only 38 calories, making them a perfect complement to a meal or as a snack. I get them at the dollar and discount stores, and that makes them a real bargain too. <br><br>These rice rolls (and other brands like them) are the weight-loser's answer to those Rice Krispie Treats we all miss, without all that marshmallow and butter... Wed, 20 Jul 2016 12:31:00 EST Hot Flash In The Pan? Q: Why can a woman without a uterus take estrogen alone?<br><br>A: A woman with a uterus needs progestin because estrogen alone increases the risk of uterine cancer. If a woman has had a hysterectomy, she has no need for progestin.<br><br>Q: What should doctors do?<br><br>A: A woman who is having severe hot flashes, night sweats, and impaired quality of life should be evaluated and given options so she can make her own choices. We have many options now, both hormonal and non-hormonal.<b... Mon, 18 Jul 2016 22:52:00 EST Yogurt Mayo Review I love salads. More specifically, pasta or tuna, potato. All those salads you shouldn’t really eat a lot of due to the fat and added calories. I despise using other subs for mayo. I just like the taste of it and really can’t live without it in a lot of ways. So I had a problem. How can I still get in those salads without a lot of makeovers that change the entire recipe?! It was bugging me and has for a long time. It’s summer time and time for picnics. <br>So, I know I needed to change my ways... Thu, 14 Jul 2016 17:43:00 EST Loose Weight the Spark People Way Everyone wants to loose weight and fast.. but fast is not the way.. I wanted to give you a few things I thought would be good and to loose weight quickly but hold on cause I will prove that Spark People is a good way to do this...AdvoCare® 24-Day Challenge The supplements included in the cleanse phase are quite simply glorified laxatives.. I was so sick I had to go to the Doctors and fast.. I was dehydrated and over all you loose a lot of water.. The shakes should not be part of a way to loos... Sun, 10 Jul 2016 14:27:00 EST US Soda Makers Pledge 20 Percent Calorie Cut by 2025 US Soda Makers Pledge 20 Percent Calorie Cut by 2025<br><br>The soda industry is a $75-billion market,1 an industry that reached its greatest heights in the US during the 1980s and 1990s, when Coca-Cola began pushing larger drink sizes and “upsizing.” Fountain drink sizes grew more than 50 percent by 1990, and in 1994, the 20-ounce plastic bottle was introduced in the US.<br><br>As people drank more and more soda, rates of obesity and diabetes soared, and while the soda industry still denies ... Fri, 1 Jul 2016 11:39:00 EST Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer<br><br><br>If you've added the artificial sweetener sucralose (brand name Splenda) to your diet because you think it's a healthy alternative to sugar, you're being dangerously misled. Research from the Ramazzini Institute has linked the popular sugar alternative to cancer, specifically leukemia.<br><br>The findings were first presented at a London cancer conference in 2012 and prompted The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) to downgrade Splenda... Thu, 30 Jun 2016 12:09:00 EST Finding healthy products! Going places I’ve never gone, <br>Doing things I’ve never done.<br><br>Growth is often measured by new experiences that a person has, and the new abilities that he or she gains. Today I’m going to talk about a new place, the Badger Factory in Gilsum, NH. The other day, I was out for a ride with my husband. We happened to drive down a highway that we had never been on when we passed the Badger Factory. We turned around, and decided to stop in. I love their lip balm and sun screen products... Sun, 19 Jun 2016 05:44:00 EST SPARKPEOPLE IS THE BEST! I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about five or six years old. I have done lots of diets, exercise, and even a medical fast. I have had many levels of success and failure over the years. However, now I believe that I have a grasp on what I need to do to be successful. I have a compulsive eating disorder. I have to remain very structured in what I do every day. I am not somebody who can just come into work when there are doughnuts, have one and be fine about it. I have to be v... Tue, 24 May 2016 09:13:00 EST Popular Weight Loss Pills/Uses There are many different weight loss solutions out there.<br><br>This includes all sorts of pills, drugs and natural supplements.<br><br>These are claimed to help you lose weight, or at least make it easier to lose weight combined with other methods.<br><br>They tend to work via one or more of these mechanisms:<br>1.Reduce appetite, making you feel more full so that you eat fewer calories.<br><br> 2.Reduce absorption of nutrients like fat, making you take in fewer calories.<br><br> 3.Increase... Mon, 23 May 2016 06:31:00 EST I LOVE MY EGG COOKER I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about five or six years old. I have done lots of diets, exercise, and even a medical fast. I have had many levels of success and failure over the years. However, now I believe that I have a grasp on what I need to do to be successful. I have a compulsive eating disorder. I have to remain very structured in what I do every day. I am not somebody who can just come into work when there are doughnuts, have one and be fine about it. I have to be v... Fri, 13 May 2016 10:59:00 EST Weight Loss Product Reviews There are many different weight loss solutions out there.<br><br>This includes all sorts of pills, drugs and natural supplements.<br><br>These are claimed to help you lose weight, or at least make it easier to lose weight combined with other methods.<br><br>They tend to work via one or more of these mechanisms:<br>1.Reduce appetite, making you feel more full so that you eat fewer calories.<br><br> 2.Reduce absorption of nutrients like fat, making you take in fewer calories.<br><br> 3.Increase... Fri, 6 May 2016 06:53:00 EST Healthy Protein Powders For those that have seen my blog about fad diets and then my secret to success about NOT using fad diets, you know that I will NEVER use products such as Weight Watcher's, Slim Fast, Plexus or any other fake diet. <br><br>So, then, what on Earth is my secret to success this time?<br><br>Only Protein and Raw Fit. Yep, protein powders! Now, Syntha-6 is just as good with just as much protein in it, but it's more expensive that Only Protein and Raw Fit. Let's talk about Only Protein first.<br><br... Tue, 3 May 2016 18:09:00 EST MY IPAD IS EVERYTHING I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about five or six years old. I have done lots of diets, exercise, and even a medical fast. I have had many levels of success and failure over the years. However, now I believe that I have a grasp on what I need to do to be successful. I have a compulsive eating disorder. I have to remain very structured in what I do every day. I am not somebody who can just come into work when there are doughnuts, have one and be fine about it. I have to be v... Sat, 30 Apr 2016 01:12:00 EST Tidbits on Fitbits I usually am not one to jump on the latest health craze banned wagon. Fad diets do not interest me. I always have done well with watching calories. I don't have a gym membership or go to spin classes or Zumba. I use exercise DVD's, walk or ride my bike to burn calories. I don't buy coconut water. I just drink it from the tap. There is nothing wrong with trying any of those ideas or products. I just don't do them. <br><br>You may be asking yourself right now: What is her point? That i... Sat, 23 Apr 2016 11:06:00 EST I WONDER ABOUT A FITBIT I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about five or six years old. I have done lots of diets, exercise, and even a medical fast. I have had many levels of success and failure over the years. However, now I believe that I have a grasp on what I need to do to be successful. I have a compulsive eating disorder. I have to remain very structured in what I do every day. I am not somebody who can just come into work when there are doughnuts, have one and be fine about it. I have to be v... Sun, 17 Apr 2016 03:45:00 EST Try Before you Buy - free videos Wonder if those exercise videos are worth buying? Now many of them are available for free here on !! It's a combination of SparkPeople exercise videos (many already for free on YouTube) as well as some from Arcacia dvd. You can search by instructor, equipment, minimum or maximum time, etc. (wow, I never had a comment box say I hadn't written ENOUGH !! Usually I come up for air and it whines about me being 300 characters over or some such.). SO, moving right along, today I sele... Thu, 14 Apr 2016 16:35:00 EST MY EGG COOKER IS WONDERFUL I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about five or six years old. I have done lots of diets, exercise, and even a medical fast. I have had many levels of success and failure over the years. However, now I believe that I have a grasp on what I need to do to be successful. I have a compulsive eating disorder. I have to remain very structured in what I do every day. I am not somebody who can just come into work when there are doughnuts, have one and be fine about it. I have to be v... Wed, 6 Apr 2016 08:34:00 EST I LOVE MY NEW IPHONE 6S BIG SCREEN! I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about five or six years old. I have done lots of diets, exercise, and even a medical fast. I have had many levels of success and failure over the years. However, now I believe that I have a grasp on what I need to do to be successful. I have a compulsive eating disorder. I have to remain very structured in what I do every day. I am not somebody who can just come into work when there are doughnuts, have one and be fine about it. I have to be v... Tue, 15 Mar 2016 08:42:00 EST I LOVE MY SMART PHONE I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about five or six years old. I have done lots of diets, exercise, and even a medical fast. I have had many levels of success and failure over the years. However, now I believe that I have a grasp on what I need to do to be successful. I have a compulsive eating disorder. I have to remain very structured in what I do every day. I am not somebody who can just come into work when there are doughnuts, have one and be fine about it. I have to be v... Thu, 3 Mar 2016 21:13:00 EST Of tea and sweetener I am a southerner who loves her sweet tea. That does not mean using artificial sweeteners or fruit or honey (although honey is SO good in hot tea). That means sugar, the white stuff that makes things taste good. However, those pesky empty calories are a problem. <br><br>After research I decided against aspartame, saccharin or sucralose. <br><br>I have tried multiple brands of stevia and frankly all except one have a weird aftertaste. The only survivor of my taste test is SweetLeaf. (Discl... Wed, 2 Mar 2016 20:11:00 EST Stop Clots Before They Start (continued) Remember these travel tips:<br><br>* Don't smoke when you travel by air. Smoking thickens the blood and makes it more likely to clot.<br><br>* Drink plenty of nonalcoholic liquids. Liquids will counteract the dehydrating effects of low humidity in the cabins.<br><br>* Stretch your legs and wiggle your toes. Frequent walks around the plane will keep blood from pooling in your leg veins and prevent your feet from swelling. You can also move your feet up and down, wiggle your toes, and... Sun, 28 Feb 2016 18:58:00 EST SMART PHONES ARE A HELPFUL TOOL I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about five or six years old. I have done lots of diets, exercise, and even a medical fast. I have had many levels of success and failure over the years. However, now I believe that I have a grasp on what I need to do to be successful. I have a compulsive eating disorder. I have to remain very structured in what I do every day. I am not somebody who can just come into work when there are doughnuts, have one and be fine about it. I have to be v... Thu, 18 Feb 2016 08:46:00 EST THE GOOD BAD AND UGLY OF GATORADE The “Good” of Gatorade<br>When you exercise, it’s important to stay hydrated. While water is the most logical form of hydration, sports drinks like Gatorade contain sugar and electrolytes like sodium and potassium. Sports drinks can help replace what we lose during longer duration exercise, especially in the heat. <br>Make Your Own Sports Drink!<br>• Learn how to make your own electrolyte drink with this healthy recipe! <br>• Find out how safe some common athletic performance enhancers are.<b... Tue, 16 Feb 2016 10:14:00 EST I LOVE MY IPHONE NOTES I have been working out a minimum of 120 minutes a day. I only do 30 minutes at a time, so I do not get frustrated or burnt out. It has been good so far.<br><br>I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about five or six years old. I have done lots of diets, exercise, and even a medical fast. I have had many levels of success and failure over the years. However, now I believe that I have a grasp on what I need to do to be successful. I have a compulsive eating disorder. I have to rem... Sat, 6 Feb 2016 03:01:00 EST Buy a large cup for drinking water While at a local Walgreens, I purchased a Bubba hydration cup ( in order to help me fulfill my 8-glasses-a-day quota. TWO of these do the trick. (When I was drinking from four 16-oz. glasses, I would constantly lose track--for some reason, it just seemed harder to do.) They are dishwasher safe, and easy to take the cap on and off. Nice big handle, and an optional straw. I just keep it constantly filled with water, and keep it by my favorite chair all day. Easy! I'm sure th... Thu, 21 Jan 2016 15:52:00 EST STRUGGLING WITH HOLIDAYS I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about five or six years old. I have done lots of diets, exercise, and even a medical fast. I have had many levels of success and failure over the years. However, now I believe that I have a grasp on what I need to do to be successful. I have a compulsive eating disorder. I have to remain very structured in what I do every day. I am not somebody who can just come into work when there are doughnuts, have one and be fine about it. I have to be v... Thu, 21 Jan 2016 11:14:00 EST Adding apps for fun and profit I'm a bit of a late-comer to the whole "smart phone" thing. After 14 years my old Nokia was still going strong, although certainly showing it's age a bit (the cracked screen didn't really bother me, and it was always good for a laugh when I'd pull it out in public). My wife took pity on me, and seeing that I'd probably never make the move to modern cell technology on my own, gifted me a nifty new ZTE phone for Christmas. <br><br>After we took a collective vow that we would never become "phone... Sat, 16 Jan 2016 13:14:00 EST SMART PHONE I like to use my smart phone to track my goals for next day. On the night before, I write down everything I plan on eating, chores, and exercises. As I go through my day, I erase everything I accomplish and by the end of the day everything I set out to do is erased and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. This is very motivating to me and it keeps me focused throughout the day. I have a compulsive eating issue and it helps keep my binge eating disorder in check. I have been doing this... Thu, 17 Dec 2015 22:50:00 EST Yogi Marlon DVDs I use these DVDs to do very deep stretching rather than strengthening. You hold stretches longer and she takes you through the breathing. Sun, 31 Aug 2014 12:56:00 EST PLEXUS SLIM I love this drink. Its so easy and delicious. I take the accelerator+ with it and definitely helped me have better energy, control my appetite and even sleep better. My weight loss plateaud for a long time but I lost 3 lbs in 1 week after taking this. Sun, 13 Jul 2014 14:20:00 EST Skinny Cow Just finished a Skinny Cow small cup of chocolate and mint ! Wow 140 calories and very filling and decadent for dessert! Love them for a "once in a while" treat! Sat, 12 Jul 2014 11:27:00 EST Litehouse Mild Thai Peanut salad dressing omg, so so so so delicious. 2 tablespoons is only 50 calories. I make huge salads with fresh spinach, chopped romaine, celery, mushrooms, and this dressing. Toss in 2-3 ozs fresh turkey breast and then add the dressing. Unbelievably low calories and unbelievably great taste. When I want to use even fewer calories, I only use 1 tablespoon of the dressing and then pour on some balsamic vinegar in place of the 2nd tablespoon. Sat, 24 May 2014 21:54:00 EST Ninja Meal Prep Blender I am so in love with this blender. It is great for making smoothies and shredding whatever ingredients you have. It was only 40 bucks at walmart and a must have! Thu, 22 May 2014 14:19:00 EST LIPTON GREEN TEA Orange Passion Fruit & Jasmine I love this tea -- I drink it over ice without any sweeteners. <em>469</em> Tue, 20 May 2014 15:57:00 EST Fibre 1 Chocolate 100 calorie Bars These are fantastic! Only 2 WW points and 5 grams of fiber. Taste like puffed wheat squares. Mon, 19 May 2014 18:38:00 EST Special K I love special K products. I use the protein shake (they taste yummy!) with a piece of fruit in the morning for a quick breakfast. Cereal bars make a great snack at work and protein bars when we are too busy for a healthy dinner. I have yet to find a special K product that I don't like! Fri, 16 May 2014 23:12:00 EST Thrive! Thrive has helped with my energy levels, mental clarity, digestion, pain management, lean muscle tone and weight loss! It is seriously amazing and want to spread the word to others like myself. Full time college student and single mom. Thu, 10 Apr 2014 18:40:00 EST less sugar found in all the bars you can buy , the atkins products have 8 to 16 grams of fiber and only 1or 2 grams of sugar. they also taste good. Fri, 28 Mar 2014 11:34:00 EST B-Elite Fuel - Healthy Frozen Meals from has come up with a line of healthy frozen meals. They contain very little sodium, are low in fat, carbs, sugar and preservatives. These meals are also low in calories and high in protein. If you lack time to make healthy meals and don't mind paying extra you can choose from 1 of 3 meal plans (14 meals per plan, the meals come out to be about $7 to $8 each) and they will be shipped to your door. Real egg white omelets, chicken breast, sirloin burgers, tilapia, and salmon! Wed, 26 Mar 2014 12:44:00 EST REEEEEEElax Watched the Acacia Qi Gong video.<br>I fell in love with it!<br>Great de-stresser and a wonderful way to close your day. Fri, 7 Mar 2014 19:57:00 EST Snack Attack Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss - small but great if you freeze them and eat slowly. YUM Tue, 11 Feb 2014 18:09:00 EST Yogurt sizes are changing Watch out for yogurt size changes! One big brand Greek yogurt redesigned their package and changed from 6 oz. to 5.3 oz. Less calories & nutrition now. Same price though! That's the trick they play in food marketing! Remember when coffee was in a 16 oz. can? Now 13 oz. OOPS - 11.3 oz. now!!<br> <em>24</em> Sat, 18 Jan 2014 16:56:00 EST Fat Burning Coffee & Tea... WHAT?! Boresha fat-burning coffee & tea- Along with other great products i have yet to get into with Boresha... I plateaued for THEE longest time, i couldn't get past 250- it wouldn't budge.... This help me pass that mark by 5lbs so far! I joined Boresha with my cousin, who looks amazing now after only using the products for 7 months- 20lbs down 15inches!! After only drinking the fat-burning coffee for a week and a half i've lost 5lbs... Fri, 6 Dec 2013 21:52:00 EST Eat Slower Pro App This app is 99 cents for my iphone, it helps me eat slowly and also helps me to see how much I am eating each meal, for the whole day and over a 90 day period! Well worth the money, and it is helping me stay on track! Mon, 2 Dec 2013 21:31:00 EST True Lemon I have been using True Lemon & Lime products for the past several years now!! They are my "Go To" products for flavoring my water every day. They are simply dehydrated lemon, or lime, with no artificial sweeteners or other ingredients. They have several other products out there that are great too. I use the True Lime for my home-made salsa and almost all of my Mexican influenced meals!! I love these products and just wanted to share them with anyone looking for a change!!! Sun, 20 Oct 2013 18:12:00 EST Jack LaLane power juicer I've had this juicer for several years but wasn't using it. Recently with the popularity of juicing I was considering getting one of the new popular ones and remembered that I had this one. I am so glad I didn't get a new one. This one is really awesome, very powerful and easy to use and clean. I saw one in the store today for the same price I paid and the same design. They haven't changed a thing and I'm glad because it works GREAT! Fri, 6 Sep 2013 22:19:00 EST Ninja slow cooker Absolutely love this product! Easy to use, easy to clean and performs as it says. My old slow cooker used to heat unevenly and would burn on one side if you didn't keep an eye on it. In the ninja, you can brown your meat in the same pot and then set to slow cook. you can also put the same pot in the fridge. Love it! Fri, 6 Sep 2013 22:16:00 EST Endomondo - Android App Endomondo is a free app for Android keeps track of workouts. I use it mainly for walking and bike riding but there are many different categories from indoor biking & treadmill to sports like surfing and tennis. You can join challenges, create a training plan follow routes and make friends! It keeps a history of all activities so you can review them quickly. Fri, 30 Aug 2013 09:35:00 EST IBS VS SKINNYFIBER!! Hey friends!!<br>I have pretty bad IBS and started this supplement called Skinny Fiber about 2 weeks ago. This has changed my life! We all know fiber keeps you full and stabilizes blood sugar to curb hunger, but those of us with IBS have trouble digesting normal supplements like Metamucil or Benefiber (psyllium-based). Skinny Fiber contains glucomannan which is much more easily digested and more powerful. I am currently about 10 lbs from my goal weight and have lost a whole pants size since t... Tue, 30 Jul 2013 18:28:00 EST Road ID Along with my Nike+ Sport Kit and iPod, I never head out for a run without my RoadID. In case of an accident, first responders are able to reach family and also learn vital facts by simply glancing at an engraved tag. Peace of mind for all concerned! You may carry other types of identification on your workouts - and if you don't, you should - but I thought I'd share this link in case anyone is interested. Fri, 26 Jul 2013 14:07:00 EST 4C Totally Light 2 go I changed to this water additive because I got sick of adding 2 of the True Lemon packets to each 16.9oz bottle of water. These I only have to add one per bottle and the flavors are great! My favorite is wild berry- pomegranate, it's a good replacement for loganberry pop. But all of them that I have tried so far are good. They are usually cheaper than the other brands, too. Mon, 15 Jul 2013 23:40:00 EST immersion blender I recently purchased a Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender.<br>This is an immersion blender that was only $40.00. I used to make soups and stews and have to blend half of the mixture in my Vita-Mix which I also love. But now, I can just use this handy blender right in the pan to blend. So much easier! It also came with an attachment that chops, veggies, fruits, and nuts very well. What a deal! Sat, 11 May 2013 15:17:00 EST Slimfast Shakes I have a hard time curbing my "hunger" unless I have 1 slimfast meal shake per day. I usually eat a piece of fruit with them to have something solid in my stomach too. I drink one at lunch and it really helps me. My personal favorite are the cappuccino delight flavored shakes. Tue, 23 Apr 2013 21:12:00 EST Amazing Meal Protein Drink (powder) I recently discovered a protein drink named "Amazing Meal." It is rice and hemp protein plus essential greens. I mix it with my favorite juice and have a piece of whole grain toast. It makes a very satisfying meal, is quick and easy and carries me through my morning. Mon, 15 Apr 2013 09:45:00 EST lil helper I dont realy care for diet pills of any kind but i have tried the rasberry ketone and it seems to realy help..its safe helps u burn calories and helps get rid of pure fat wanna know more go to dr and look up rasberry keytone or green coffee bean heard it was reay good too.but there not miracale pills you still gotta diet and exercise but they do give u a lil extra help we could all use Mon, 8 Apr 2013 12:03:00 EST My secret weapon My favorite workout is using Leslie Sansone DVDs her walking programs. I'm addicted to them. Sun, 10 Mar 2013 18:36:00 EST Cute simple NICE+ app for iPhone I have used the App named NICE+ weight loss for a period of time, loving the fresh style and the useful known provided every day. It makes me keep motivation through a few simplest tasks specially designed for me each day. All what I need to do is to check whether I finish the tasks for only 3 mins every day. Persistence is the key to lose weight, wish you all be successful here! Thu, 28 Feb 2013 01:29:00 EST Shady Farms Ground Turkey with Italian Seasoning Wow this ground turkey is delicious and tastes just like sausage. Its 160 cals for 4 oz. I would much rather us this that tasteless dry ground turkey breast. Try it! Sat, 12 Jan 2013 10:05:00 EST Clif Bars These bars come in a variety of yummy flavors and help me get more protein in my diet. They are 240 calories each so they can be a little heavy for a snack, but I do eat one every morning for breakfast. It's fast, convenient, and gives me energy to start my day. Thu, 13 Dec 2012 22:40:00 EST Smart Balance Lactose Free Milk I am lactose intolerant and am not a fan of Lactaid. I found the Smart Balance at the store and gave it a try. It is really good and almost tastes like real 2% milk. I love it! Plus it has less fat than 2%. Wed, 5 Dec 2012 21:40:00 EST Bengal Spice Tea Just discovered this at a friend's house recently. It's made by Celestial Seasonings and it's delicious! Spicy, sweet ... like having a warm, rich dessert without calories! Tue, 30 Oct 2012 22:05:00 EST Wholly Salsa Wholly Salsa is absolutely delicious; it tastes like it was just made, much better than the jarred ones on the shelf. Tip: if you are like me and are a chips and salsa fan, try dipping baby carrots or carrot chips into this salsa instead! It helps my cravings plus I get extra veggies in! Sun, 28 Oct 2012 17:49:00 EST Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps These soaps are fantastic for sensitive skin, and a bargain! <br><br>The liquid soap can be diluted with water (and should be, if you're putting it in a pump bottle!) and used for hand or body soap, and the oils will keep your skin soft all winter. Sun, 21 Oct 2012 17:46:00 EST Help for Hungry Feeling Sobe Lifewater with citrimax really does help control my appetite. Tue, 11 Sep 2012 06:47:00 EST Say NO to "Yes to Blueberries" Daily Facial Moisturizer Yes to Blueberries is a Age Refresh Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30. Sounds good in theory but it leaves a white film all over my face. This is more sunscreen than daily moisturizer in my book. I'll be using it in the car on my hands!! Thu, 6 Sep 2012 15:45:00 EST CocoMama Quinoa Cereal I saw CocoMama Quinoa ready to eat cereal at Whole Foods and was excited to give it a try. I'm not a huge fan of Quinoa but the flavors, Cinnamon Banana and Wild Blueberry sounded sooo good. Tried it...not so much. The cereal is overly sweet and the sweetness does nothing to mask the bitterness of the Quinoa. If you like Quinoa then you may like this, but it's not for me. Wed, 5 Sep 2012 13:16:00 EST Special K protein water mix To help drink more water, and get 5 g each pf protein and fiber, I mix 1 packet of K20 protein water mix in 24 oz of water and drink through out the morning at work. Then I mix another and drink it in the afternoon. The sweetness curbs my sweet tooth, keeps me from drinking soda, and keeps me hydrated :) Wed, 29 Aug 2012 20:14:00 EST Healthy Life bread 35 calories per slice! Taste-Great. They also have white bread, low carb, high fiber, Italian, English muffins. They have a web site if you want to check out the nutritionals. Just search for "Healthy Life Bread". I get mine at Kroger. Fri, 24 Aug 2012 22:50:00 EST Shakeology When I started Insanity, I felt that I need some extra supplementation to stay on track with those hard workouts. I tired the chocolate flavored Shakeology, and now I can't go a day without it. Its my treat, my energy, satisfaction and success Thu, 2 Aug 2012 17:33:00 EST walking shoes asics gel venture 3 walking shoes for women???<br>i just bought a pair and wore them thru only half of my walk today, and had to switch back to my old NB <br>mabye cause they are so new and not broken in yet, anyone have a pair, or can recommend another great walking shoe?? Fri, 27 Jul 2012 13:09:00 EST Zeal I have been using Zeal for two months and lost about 30 pounds which is great but the things it is doing in my life is better. It has gotten rid of the pain in my knee, gotten rid of my migraines, and lowered my blood pressure. It tastes amazing and gives you an amazing blend of vitamins and antioxidants in one convienent drink. Just add water or juice and you are good to go. Message me for more information I would love to share the product and change lives. Thu, 26 Jul 2012 22:53:00 EST Kim's Chocolate Deli Pop I've been noticing Kim's Magic Pop in the kiosks at my local Kroger stores, and I tried them. They're good, and only 45 calories per serving. They come in different flavors including original, strawberry, cheddar, and, my favorite, onion. The other day I noticed they had something new - Kim's Chocolate Deli Pop's. They're mini magic pops covered in dark chocolate! They are so delicious, and only 50 calories per piece! They're my new favorite sweet snack. <em>334</em> Mon, 28 May 2012 17:09:00 EST Mocktails Just tried 3 of Crystal Lights new "mocktails" - Mojito was great (taste like the real thing minus the alcohol) I also liked the Peach Bellini. Margarita was a little sour but ok. <em>236</em> Thu, 17 May 2012 17:05:00 EST AXE for Women Deodorant Body Spray Silly name, great scent! It smells so good! Right now I've only seen it at Wal-Mart. Waiting for Walgreens and Dollar General to get the women's scent so I can use coupons along with sale prices and get really good bargains! Thu, 10 May 2012 20:31:00 EST Body Media Fit I just got it in the mail yesterday. But loving that I can track calories burned for the day and what I ate for the day. Seeing what the deficet is. This is going to help me track my food better. :0) Sat, 5 May 2012 19:25:00 EST Low fat/low calorie alternative for Peanut Butter! If you love peanut butter, but don't like the fat and calories - you'll love "PB2". Doesn't sound good, but it is peanut butter powder, and you mix with 2 tbsp of water. It was surprisingly very good!! Only has 45 calories and 1.5 grams of fat per serving. Can use as a spread, or I add to chocolate protein whey, ice, and water (or almond milk) for a chocolate/peanut butter smoothie! Mon, 16 Apr 2012 12:15:00 EST HealthForce Nutritionals Hi! I have recently started using several HealthForce Nutritional products (Warrior Food protein, Vitamineral Green and Earth). I have so much more energy, less cravings and mentally clear. I have tried several similar products but this is by far the best. It is more expensive, but worth it. Sat, 31 Mar 2012 00:56:00 EST gnc lean shakes? has anyone tried? can you share? Sun, 25 Mar 2012 16:24:00 EST Olive Garden Seafood Brodetto OMG! I ate at Olive Garden because I was given a gift certificate. I didn't expect much, but was so happy with my selection, I just had to tell. The seafood brodetto has a slightly thickened tomato broth and lots of (smallish) shrimp and scallops. There is also tilapia in the dish. It comes with a lemon and toasted bread to sop up the sauce. It is so good! AND, it's only 480 calorie! Yes! Just be careful with the bread sticks and you too can have a delicious and healthy meal at Olive Garden. Sun, 18 Mar 2012 23:17:00 EST Samsung Customer Service Our brand new Plasma tv broke after about 2 months of us purchasing it. Something happened and the screen had a crack (underneath) it and the tv did not display a picture. We called up the place we had bought an extended warrenty from and were told it wasn't covered. We called Samsung up and they apologized, sent over a repair company to pick up the tv, replaced parts and returned it, free of charge! Best customer service I've ever experienced! Wed, 14 Mar 2012 16:45:00 EST BelVita Breakfast Biscuits Wow! These are awesome! I would call them more of a cookie, but if you're desperate they would do for breakfast. 230 calories per 4 pk (5 pks per box) approx. $4.00 per box.<br>Come in Oats (my favorite), Apple (great bits of dried apple) and Blueberry (husband's fav., too sweet for me). PLUS 4 grams of fiber. What's not to love? Wed, 14 Mar 2012 15:27:00 EST Zumba Rush for Xbox 360 Kinect I recently purchased this and I love it! It is challenging but doesn't make me feel like it is impossible. I really like the music and it tracks my progress including how many calories I burn. It shows you if you are doing the steps correctly and it is a lot of fun! <em>244</em> Fri, 9 Mar 2012 15:10:00 EST Vegetarian Protein Powder I've tried all the vegetarian protein powders. Best taste, texture, and calorie count, I love Spiru-tein. Wed, 7 Mar 2012 23:10:00 EST Sweetener that is made from Fiber Nutrigenics make a liquid sweetener called FIBERFIT. It is very sweet and I find that it does not have an aftertaste. Only need a 1/2 teaspoon or if you really like stuff sweet... a entire teaspoon.<br><br>So if you are trying to cut back on "sugar," you should give this a try. Think you would love it. <em>250</em> Wed, 29 Feb 2012 10:23:00 EST Atkins Endulge Chocolate Coconut Bar Rich, moist coconut surrounded by a thick layer of chocolate. Whats not to like! I got these at Sam's Club after a taste test, and it blew me away! I can not believe just how good these are. And I don't have to feel guilty because I am not eating a candy bar with way more calories, fat and sugar. If you just can't cut the chocolate addiction, this is a wonderful little treat that I don't have to feel guilty enjoying every once in a while. :) Sun, 26 Feb 2012 21:24:00 EST GNC Pro Performance® AMP AMP 100% Whey Protein- Chocolate After Gastric bypass, I had to figure out ways to get protein other than meat, being I really don't like meat. LOL I have tried so many protein powders, its not even funny! Most I can handle, but don't love, this one I LOVE! With only 130 calories, 2 grams of fat, 8 carbs, 3 fiber, only 2 grams of sugar, and 20 grams of protein, its a wonderful way to get that extra protein boost so many need. I love how little sugar it has, and the taste is very good. <em>4</em> <em>493</em> Sun, 26 Feb 2012 21:15:00 EST Body By Vi Shakes I am very pleasantly surprised at how these taste - other shake products i have tried have been quite blah - in comparison, but better than that after about 3 days, my cravings for junk food disappeared! I have lost 7 pounds in less than 6 weeks, my husband has lost 17! So far so good - it is working for us!! <em>250</em> <br> Sun, 12 Feb 2012 13:12:00 EST Striiv Striiv a pedometer/motivational/game. It has the greatest challenges that get me and keep me moving and also a game that is fueled by your energy. One of my favorite part is the walkathon where your working out gives,polio, clean water and saves the rainforest. Check it out. Sat, 11 Feb 2012 07:42:00 EST PGX is my best friend! It doesn't solve every problem, but it certainly makes you feel good. Take this simple (and inexpensive) fiber supplement before each meal, and it will help you to keep portions in check and maintain your blood sugars at a level that don't make you crave those scary in-between meal snacks. Honestly, you will notice a difference almost immediately. I am not one to say that supplements are always the way to go, but this one definitely has some really positive outcomes. Sun, 5 Feb 2012 13:04:00 EST Penzeys Spices I love Penzey's because they have so much to offer! I especially like that you can order small amounts to try their products. They have great cinnamon, cocoa powder, all kinds of spices and even gift sets you can give away or buy for yourself. They have several SALT FREE products too! This has really helped me with preparing foods with flavor. Sat, 28 Jan 2012 12:05:00 EST True Lime I LOVE True Lime (or Lemon or Orange) - zero calories and it makes water taste great! Or, you can use it on fish/chicken/veg. No artificual sweeteners or anything, just crystalized juice. YUM! Wed, 18 Jan 2012 15:59:00 EST Trader Joe's Mini Ice Cream Cones Perfect for indulging an ice cream craving without going over board. They come in vanilla or chocolate and are 70 calories and 3 grams of fat each. Thu, 12 Jan 2012 11:27:00 EST 4oz Fruit Cups Save 4oz fruit/pudding cups to measure veggies, nuts, snack, salad dressing as dip, etc. The kids just love them. Also use for crafts, sewing and tea bags etc. Sun, 8 Jan 2012 19:29:00 EST Fresh Express Asian Salad Mix I just had this for the first time tonight and wasn't sure if I would like it but I do have to say.... "YUMMY" !!! <br><br>You should try it <em>4</em> Wed, 4 Jan 2012 22:43:00 EST Body Media Armband I recently have gotten one for Christmas. It really helps me stay on track with my activity during the day. Tracks calories, steps, nutrition as imputed, sleep and activity. It is also linked to my smartphone. Wed, 4 Jan 2012 12:23:00 EST Look Great in Clothes When shopping for clothes ask for help. It is best to find clothes that actually are your correct size because you will look thinner that way. Remember you might have different size pants than tops. Always ask! Never too tight or too baggy. Mon, 2 Jan 2012 22:11:00 EST Yonanas I received a Yonanas for Christmas and I must say I am pleasantly surprised as I am always skeptical with "As seen on TV". I just put the frozen bananas in with a little chocolate chips and out came a banana chocolate mixture with the consistency of ice cream. A guilt free frozen healthy snack in minutes! It comes with a recipe booklet next time its mango, pineapple banana! Yum! Sun, 1 Jan 2012 13:18:00 EST 10-Minute Solution Carb and Calorie Burner I purchased this instant video on Amazon for $10. BEST $10 I have spent on an exercise vid! The instructor blasts you with 5 different 10-minute workouts that really do burn calories and work your muscles. You can feel the burn! If you are short on time, space and equipment, this video leaves you NO excuses! I highly recommend it for folks who think they are too busy to work out. <em>198</em> Thu, 29 Dec 2011 15:33:00 EST Virgin Cocunut Oil in My Coffee or Oatmeal I use this product sold at most nutritional stores to stay regular. It taste great in my oatmeal or you can take the pills. Thu, 29 Dec 2011 01:44:00 EST GNC On-the-go Blender Oh my this thing is wonderful! You can add the blender attachment right to the cup, blend, pop off the cup, put on your lid and you are on your way.. I use it for a smoothie after workouts for a snack, husband uses it to mix his protein drinks with ice to make a choc. smoothie/milkshake. It is a reasonable price right now, until the 28th, then a little expensive, but worth it! Check it out, there are three different ones. Mon, 26 Dec 2011 21:37:00 EST BodyBlade really works on my rotator cuff problem I damaged my rotator cuffs this summer using 3 pound weights (how embarrassing). I was in Physical Therapy for the damage to the left arm. The therapist had me use the BodyBlady to strengthen the muscles around the cuff. It was fun and really worked. I bought one of my own and have added it to my home routines. Fri, 9 Dec 2011 09:34:00 EST Sodastream Penguin is wonderful United Airlines sent an email that I could use mileage points to go shopping. I saw that they had a Sodastream Penguin free for points so I got one. Pleasantly surprised to find out it included free shipping. <br><br>But more importantly, I love this product. I love carbonated water. My family loves the sample packs included. <br><br>It was easy to set up and it's extremely easy to use. Open the lid, put in glass container (it came with 2), close lid; pump the beak of the penguin and vo... Fri, 9 Dec 2011 09:24:00 EST Motion X GPS Phone App Runs in the background of what I am listening to on my iphone but tells me my speed, distance and time exercising at whatever interval I set. Keeps me on track and motivated. Sun, 27 Nov 2011 09:51:00 EST Craving Chocolate? I have tried the Jello sugar free Chocolate vanilla swirls Pudding snacks and I was pleasantly surprised. I love them and with 60 cals a piece it beats a candy bar with 200cals... Sun, 13 Nov 2011 09:30:00 EST New Kleenex Tissue The new Kleenex Cool Touch tissues are awesome! Your nose will appreciate it. Thu, 27 Oct 2011 11:34:00 EST Special K Cracker Chips These chips are delicious and a decent calorie count for a snack. Thirty cracker chips are a total of 110 calories. They may be a little high in the sodium department, but I love salty snacks much more than sweet ones. If I have anything bad to say about them it's that they are addicting. They are just great for that 9 p.m. desire for a snack. <em>41</em> Fri, 30 Sep 2011 15:55:00 EST Side Effects of Good Nutrition are Always a Plus I added Juice Plus+ to my diet only a month ago and have seen some excellent results!<br>First, I try to eat a healthy diet, but I wasn't getting the intentional exercise I needed. Juice Plus aids good nutrition by bridging the gap between what fruits and veggies we get, and what we need; the raw, organically grown, freshness, and variety. Within a week, I had more energy, which in turn meant more activity, which resulted in weight loss. I feel great! Immune function is obviously good as ... Mon, 26 Sep 2011 15:08:00 EST Lean Cuisine Broccoli Cheddar Dip Just had a serving of this and it was pretty darn good. Fed the craving I have for warm pita bread. And I felt it was pretty filling. I also have the artichoke dip kind, which I have yet to try. Wed, 21 Sep 2011 18:30:00 EST Diet and Exercise Diary<BR>Hinkler-Books/dp/174181135X/ref=sr_1_1<BR>?ie=UTF8&qid=1315723183&sr=8-1<br><br>I ran across these at my local Border's Going Out of Business Sale. It goes from Monday through Saturday, with spots for you to log your daily food intake (3 main meals, and snacks in between including one before bed time). It also has a daily water log and a weekly spots to put Exercise. You can also track your moods and appetite for the week. An all inclusive jou... Sun, 11 Sep 2011 02:51:00 EST Brita Sports Bottle<BR>ttle/brita-bottle/ I bought this as an alternative to buying bottled Water. It's not bulky and for my city's water (which is heavily chlorinated) it makes drinking the tap bearable, even enjoyable. I got mine at Wal-Mart and they sell the filters too! Sat, 10 Sep 2011 03:32:00 EST Homedic Percussion Massager Was having back problems, hard to stand up straight. A friend told me to get this wonderful product! It works! Has heat or not. Ordered it from Wal-Mart for $26.00 & they shipped it free of charge to my home! Fri, 26 Aug 2011 10:24:00 EST Rubbermaid 2 quart jars I have tried various plastic containers for liquids, and have had trouble finding one that did not leak. The Rubbermaid container does not leak. I use it to refrigerate tea, and it has not gotten those ugly tea stains either. It gets a thumbs up from me. Fri, 12 Aug 2011 16:50:00 EST Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker I love my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker. I've had mine for over a year, and have made tea just about every day during that time. I quit drinking sodas, and have saved hundreds of dollars by drinking tea. Fri, 12 Aug 2011 16:46:00 EST CamelBak Better Bottle I'm not much of a water drinker, but I've found that this water bottle I've had all along is motivating me to get my daily servings. I take it to work & because it has a straw, I find myself drinking without even realizing it & before you know it, it's gone. (It's one of those kind where you bite down on it & you don't even have to tip the bottle)<br><br>Very sturdy & even has the measurements on the side for added convenience. Mon, 8 Aug 2011 23:39:00 EST Rabbit Air Bio GS Air Purifier I did some research and came up with a fabulous air purifier. It was higher priced than others, but, in this, you get what you pay for. This unit has sensors for odor and dust particles. If you set it to auto, the sensors will control the fan speed based on the sensors, which really work. I didn't realize how much dust was in my bed until I got into it, and the dust sensor kicked the fan into a higher setting. I woke up feeling great today. Customer service is also great!<br> <em>205</e... Fri, 5 Aug 2011 14:17:00 EST Vitamix Its a mixer on steroids. It makes healthy frozen desserts (ice cream) in 30 seconds and boils in 5 minutes. Best thing I ever bought. Not cheap but worth every penny. I use it daily year round. I use it for everything, can't believe what I can do with it. Knock offs don't compare to the Vitamix! Sun, 31 Jul 2011 19:44:00 EST Exercise equipment I have been thinking about getting one of those mini-steppers or a mini-eliptical. Has anyone ever tried these? Are they worth the money? I don't have a lot of room so I've been looking for something small Thu, 28 Jul 2011 10:55:00 EST Eye Opener: Book Review ("This is Why You're Fat" by Jackie Warner) Even if you're not interested in following her plan, the book has some really good information. There are some really good exercise plans in there also, "Power Circuits" as she calls them. Tue, 26 Jul 2011 12:24:00 EST Sodastream - Awesome! I broke down and bought a SodaStream despite my concern that it was just a gimmick. I LOVE it! It has me drinking 2 liters of water a day very easily. And it seems very sturdy and uses no electricity. Sun, 24 Jul 2011 11:18:00 EST Fit bit The FitBit is the best pedometer for the best price. It calculates activity and gives you a readout on the computer. It will even tell you how much you sleep or not sleep. The online stuff is free. I hope someday we can connect the results directly into sparkpeople. Does anyone out there enjoy using it as much as me? <em>311</em> Thu, 21 Jul 2011 10:03:00 EST ExerBeat It's a Fitness Game for the Wii. It has Aerobics, Dance ( Latin & Hip Hop), Karate, Boxercising, Yoga/Pilates, Stretching and Party games such as Swimming, Wall-Bashing, Dance Fever, Pizza Tossing, and a Pirate game. You earn points from exercising and travel around the world. There are 90 stops along the way. There is also a daily challenge.<br><br>I have no rhythm whatsoever so I really work up a sweat trying to keep up. I've had it for about 10 days and haven't gotten bored yet.<br><br... Wed, 20 Jul 2011 13:11:00 EST Snack Pack Sugarfree Caramel POO-ding Tastes like POO I hated it... it instantly made me get a migraine. oh lord was it the worst darn "dessert" i've ever tasted. I do not recommend it unless you enjoy eating diarrhea for dessert. Wed, 20 Jul 2011 12:42:00 EST Reebok NuTones These are, by far, the best sneakers I've ever worn. They're a little pricey, but they are definitely worth it! I didn't even have to break them in, like I've done for every other pair I've ever worn. They're so comfortable for walking shoes. It's amazing. I just had to share the good news with all of you!!! Mon, 18 Jul 2011 15:16:00 EST Are Your Cosmetics Safe? Many of our cosmetics actually contain terrible chemicals. You can enter your products on this page and they will rate them in terms of how safe they are to use. I absolutely love this site and it's really helped me pick out the products I use.. Mon, 18 Jul 2011 11:15:00 EST hair color I have medium brown hair and want it to be reddish brown.I have used several brands so far and Dont like any yet.My hair only looks different in the sun.What do ya'll use Thu, 14 Jul 2011 16:52:00 EST Crystal light Mojito flavor So good. Minty flavored. Hard to find but worth looking for. Refreshing taste. Thu, 14 Jul 2011 11:07:00 EST Pita Alwatan For weeks I have been looking for a type of whole wheat bread that has no added sugar, molasses, or HF corn syrup, with no success. Then I found these whole wheat pitas at Wegmans supermarket. They are large pitas, which can be cut or sliced in half. They are 190 calories and have no sweeteners or additives. Thu, 14 Jul 2011 07:26:00 EST Pita Alwatan For weeks I have been looking for a type of whole wheat bread that has no added sugar, molasses, or HF corn syrup, with no success. Then I found these whole wheat pitas at Wegmans supermarket. They are large pitas, which can be cut or sliced in half. They are 190 calories and have no sweeteners or additives. Thu, 14 Jul 2011 07:25:00 EST Salad Chef I bought The Salad Chef at Meijer and it is Wonderful! It has all the pieces and cost less than buying it on TV. A perfect salad in minutes. lift the lever, put in the veggie, push down & Whomp! it falls into the bowl in perfect pieces. Put on the storage lid and you have beautiful salad for days. Wed, 13 Jul 2011 21:13:00 EST Great Face Lotion for Sensitive Skin I really like "Eucerin" Everyday Protection Face Lotion. I use it on my face and neck. It also has UVA and UVB SPF 30 protection. It blends in so nice and it is fragrance free. It is also very reasonably priced. Wed, 13 Jul 2011 16:48:00 EST Need a Sweet treat w/o the Guilt? Luna bars are protein bars designed for women. They come<br>In many delicious flavors and can give your sweet tooth satisfaction without the major calories. The flavor to try is chocolate dipped coconut, it's so good and you might even prefer it over a candy bar! Tue, 12 Jul 2011 11:23:00 EST Rent DVD's for Pennies! I absolutely love independent films and discovered a very inexpensive way to see them. Over the weekend, I discovered Amazon Prime. Not only do you get free two-day shipping on all orders, but you have unlimited streaming of over 5,000 movie selections. For $79 a year. So far, I've seen several independent films and I know I'll get my money's worth from this membership. I stream it on both desktop and laptop, if I'm traveling. (you can also hook it up to your TV) Mon, 11 Jul 2011 10:25:00 EST Power Putty I like the power putty mountain climbers use better than stress balls or those little balloon things that break. I keep it in my purse for any time I have to just sit. It feels nice in my hand, won't roll or break. Sun, 10 Jul 2011 15:39:00 EST MIO Liquid If you don't really like to drink plain water, try this product. It's so easy and so delicious - it comes in a few flavors, too. Just squirt it into your water and shake. Yum!! The best part? ZERO CALORIES!! Sun, 10 Jul 2011 07:33:00 EST vitamuffin mixes These have become my daily treat - great taste, low cals, very nutritious. I started my search for Vita Muffins/Tops after reading about them on Sparkpeople. I loved them and appreciated the boost in my iron (50% daily need in one muffin). However, they were expensive. After doing much searching, I found the mixes are available at There are not as many flavors to choose from, but they still have a great taste, are low calorie, and great nutrition! Sat, 9 Jul 2011 10:11:00 EST Alcat Worldwide This is a great blood test that tells you how the food you eat interacts with your immune system. The "wrong" food, although it may be a "healthful" for most people, will induce inflammation. The immune system aims to damage the food, which it mistakes as a harmful invader, such as a bacteria, parasite or virus, but also ends up damaging our own body. Long-term exposure can even trigger auto-immunity, where the immune system actively attacks our own tissues and bodily structures. Sat, 9 Jul 2011 09:31:00 EST Peggy Cappy Easy Yoga for Arthritis My arthritis is mild, but I have pain from sciatica and bone pain from cancer. This workout is easy and gentle on the joints, and it's for any age. The gentle stretching really helps with my back pain. You can do the workout standing, seated, or standing and using a chair for support. Fri, 8 Jul 2011 15:48:00 EST Vidalia Chop Wizard - Best product EVER In full disclosure, my friends call me "Gidget" because I LOVE and collect kitchen Gadgets... But I absolutely LOVE my Vidalia Chop Wizard. Using the Chop Wizard I am able to make fresh mango salsa in less than 5 minutes. The most time consuming part is peeling and coring the Mango (if only they made a gadget....) The Chop Wizard uniformly and easily chops the peppers and mangos without having to manually cut the produce. <em>267</em> Fri, 8 Jul 2011 10:54:00 EST Archer Farms 100 Calorie Lattes I have never been a huge coffee drinker, but every once in awhile I like a good coffee based drink. Instead of spending $3-$5 at either Starbucks, McDonalds, or others, Target sells a variety of low cal, low fat latte drinks. Similar to the Starbucks drinks you can buy at the store, but a little more affordable. It's around $1.25 per drink, but it settles my craving and saves me some cash. Fri, 8 Jul 2011 10:19:00 EST M & M's Pretzel Crunchy, salty, sweet - I like all these things separately, but somehow, I didn't like this product. Will I buy it again? No. Thu, 7 Jul 2011 15:28:00 EST Ovation Hair Care grow, strengthen your hair! <br>An outstanding product that added thickness, enabled growth of new hair and repaired damaged hair. I love it and it helps prevent the damage that sweating causes! Wed, 6 Jul 2011 23:46:00 EST Small, Delicious, Low-Cal Treat Weight Watchers offers deliciously creamy snack-sized frozen fudge bars that are only 45 calories each! They are a quick and easy treat without breaking my calorie budget. Wed, 6 Jul 2011 21:17:00 EST 90 cal Fiber One chocolate Brownie Pretty decent chocolatey snack, just enough to cure a little craving, and get a little extra fiber at the same time. I like it, and am keeping a box on hand for those sneaky chocolate cravings! Wed, 6 Jul 2011 19:47:00 EST Costco Grilled Chicken Patties are back! Last year in the deli section at Costco I found a wonderful Chicken Patty. They are Sabatino's Flame Broiled Spinach with Aged White Cheddar Chicken Patties. Then they disappeared. I finally found someone to ask about them after the first of the year and I was told they were seasonal (What, people don't eat chicken patties in the winter?!). Well, I found them again yesterday. They are fully cooked, gluten free, microwaveable, and 180 calories. Wed, 6 Jul 2011 19:43:00 EST Glass Microwave Popcorn Popper LOVE the Catamount Glass Microwave popcorn popper! No oil, great, quick air popped popcorn! It is one of my favorite snacks...spray with Butter Flavored spray and salt with Jane's Krazy Salt...Yummy! Wed, 6 Jul 2011 15:33:00 EST Glass Microwave Popcorn Popper LOVE the Catamount Glass Microwave Popcorn Popper! Makes awesome oil free popcorn! I spray it with butter spary and top with Janes Krazy Salt...Yummy, healthy snack! Wed, 6 Jul 2011 15:18:00 EST WONDERFUL MOISTURIZING CLEANSER I LOVE "Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser." It is great as a moisturizer and wonderful for taking off make-up. Put it on and just use a tissue to get off all of your old make-up. It looks greasy in the container, but, liquifies on contact with your skin. It is also great for any dry skin condition such as eczema. <em>250</em> Wed, 6 Jul 2011 08:54:00 EST Ben Nye makeup Ladies, if you're like me and you love rich, vibrant eyeshadow, I have the best beauty advice ever. STAGE MAKEUP is the world's best makeup. The brand is Ben Nye. GREAT for humid climates because it's designed to be sweat proof! For bright colors, use the grand lumiere:<BR>iere-Grande-Colour-ben-nye.html for regular eye shadow use these:<BR>ssed-Eye-Shadows-ben-nye.html Tue, 5 Jul 2011 09:26:00 EST Great Value Frosted Mini Wheats I found that the Walmart brand of Frosted Mini Wheats is a great way to start your day if your sodium intake has to be reduced. There is zero grams of sodium in this cereal. Sat, 2 Jul 2011 21:08:00 EST Simply Smashing - Jamba Peach Blackberry Smash fruit sorbet bars I love these! A lot of flavor packed into 70 calories (2 WW pts)! It's peach sorbet with a tart blackerry swirl. I hope you like them so I can find them in more stores. I got these at Walmart. Fri, 1 Jul 2011 13:38:00 EST Resperate - lowers blood pressure RESPERATE is a method to lower blood pressure. It is a devise where you listen to music and breathe with the music tones. As the tones slow you slow your breathing to match. Over time this helps lower your blood pressure. I have used it and it is effective. Fri, 1 Jul 2011 00:47:00 EST Poo-Pourri One spray in the toilet bowl before you potty and the stinkies are eliminated entirely BEFORE polluting the bathroom. This could possibly keep me from killing my husband! lol (That part's a JOKE, folks!) Wed, 29 Jun 2011 01:49:00 EST Margarita flavored jello Have you ever tried the margarita jello mixed with some lime juice and sugar free cool whip? You pour it into a 9x13 pan and sprinkle some lime zest on top. Cut in little squares and it's delicious on a hot summer day. For an adult treat, add a little tequila to the mix! One of my favorite treats, although the jello seems to be seasonal. Hope they bring it out soon! It's so hot here and would be great for the holiday weekend. Tue, 28 Jun 2011 21:10:00 EST Gerber Graduates It may sound strange coming from an adult, but don't be afraid of the baby food aisle! The Gerber Graduates for toddlers line has low calorie finger/snack foods for kids, but grown-ups can eat them, too. There are healthy cereal and fruit bars and the apple cinnamon grain puffs are great mixed into greek yogurt! Tue, 28 Jun 2011 08:43:00 EST Ritz Crackersful Products My son discovered these little treats & they are all tasty.<br>They have 130 calories, a total of 7 grams of fat (of which 4.5 grams are the healthy kind), about 4 grams of cholesterol, 210 mg of sodium, 5 grams of Fiber & 2 grams of Protein.<br>My DW and I find one of these to work well with a serving of fruit as a good tasting snack.<br>There are currently three flavors: Multigrain Garden Vegetable, Garlic Herb & Four Cheese.<br>I eat one of these plus 2-3 ounces of grapes, half an apple or... Mon, 27 Jun 2011 15:06:00 EST non-fat dry milk as coffee creamer Low in calories, high in protein helps me get my protein quota without drinking milk (which I don't like). Also loaded with Vit D and calcium. If you are a coffee addict like me it really adds up! Mon, 27 Jun 2011 10:53:00 EST Poach Pods If you hate the messiness of poached egg strings then this is the product for you. Crack an egg into these "pods", place in a pan with 1 1/2" water, cover and cook for 4 minutes and there you have it, perfectly cooked poached eggs! <br> <em>490</em> Sat, 25 Jun 2011 01:32:00 EST Litter Locker II - Cat Owner must have! I know this isn't healthy lifestyle related, but I have to give a good review to the Litter Locker contraption. It stores waste that you scoop from your cat box in a odor blocking way. It uses a system similar to the Diaper Genie with bags and a compartment that both help block the scent. I now have 1 less thing to stress about - because it makes keeping the litter box sanitary so much easier. <em>239</em> Fri, 24 Jun 2011 14:02:00 EST HANSEN'S flavored drink packets with TRUVIA I purchased Natural Iced Tea (very sweet like Southern sweet tea) and Fruit Punch. I also saw a Berry flavored option but did not buy it. These are the first drink packets that I have seen with Truvia. Very Good! The flavors help me get all my water servings in! Thu, 23 Jun 2011 11:51:00 EST Calling all Cookie Monsters! If you are a cookie monster like me, you must try Joseph's Sugar Free Bite-Size Cookies. Unlike other sugar free products, they do not make up for the lack of calories by boosting the fat. These were originally made for diabetics and they are AWSOME! My favs are Chocolate Chip and Pecan Walnut Brownie. You can actually get them on so the shipping is not too bad. You can have 8 bite size brownies for 95 cal and 5 gm of fat. 4 of the cookies for the same values. Yummmmmmmmmm.<br> <em... Wed, 22 Jun 2011 18:26:00 EST Healthy water for traveling to developing countries Steri-pen was the solution to getting enough drinking water while spending 3 weeks in South America. The pen (about the size of a small flashlight) kills 99.9% of bacterial, viruses and protozoa in water in moments. A small UV light sterilizes either a liter or .5 liter of water while you stir your glass or water bottle. Perfect solution while traveling when often the only safe thing to drink is soda or alcohol. A good way to get those 8 cups even while traveling.<br><br>Got mine from Ama... Wed, 22 Jun 2011 16:38:00 EST Art brushes make great makeup brushes! Attention ladies: instead of makeup brushes, go to the local craft store and buy some paint brushes instead! They work just as well, and sometimes better! Wed, 22 Jun 2011 12:04:00 EST Vitamuffins! Vitamuffins are high in fiber and protein and taste great. They are a delightful treat that won't veer you off-track. Tue, 21 Jun 2011 17:57:00 EST Snackwells Fudge Drizzled Popcorn These 130 calorie packs (3 points WW) are caramel popcorn drizzled with either white or reg fudge. I like them both. Most 100 packs leave me wanting more, but these meet my chocolate snack cravings needs for only 130 calories! Mon, 20 Jun 2011 13:26:00 EST Chocolate Lover's pay attention Gayle's Miracles Chocolate Truffles are amazing: 30 cal a truffle with 1 gm of fat. Delicious treat for those chocolate cravings without the guilt. Brace yourself for the shipping, but well worth it, especially the cappucino. <em>43</em> Fri, 17 Jun 2011 23:15:00 EST Fullbar (Cranberry/Almond) I love, love this bar! They are on sale at Walgreens this week so I picked up a box. It is very filling for 150 calories and 5 grams of protein. It does have 30 grams of carbs, but I was way under my carb budget anyway. I'm going back to buy more! Fri, 17 Jun 2011 10:03:00 EST COFFEE YOPLAIT VERY GOOD FLAVOR. <em>106</em> Thu, 16 Jun 2011 14:01:00 EST King Arthur GF pizza mix I tried some of their Gf all purpose flour recently and really like how the cream puffs tasted so thought I would try the pizza mix. For me it would make 4 pizza. It was way to thick for 2 and I felt I was just eating bread. I would give it a 6/10. Not like the real pizza dough. Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:03:00 EST Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp Bars Heavenly about sums it up. YUM. I bought the milk chocolate creme and Peanut butter creme..110 cal, 6 g fat, 14 carb 8/9 g sugar. Wonderful..hard to stop at one however. Wed, 15 Jun 2011 19:47:00 EST Covergirl ShadowBlast ... This product comes in six different mixtures of colours....but don't be fooled by the 'easiness' that is portrayed to get that perfect smoky eye..... It is a terrible product!!!! The concept is very good, as you don't even need a make up brush to apply, the texture of the shadow is far too creamy, immediately after your have put it on, you can feel the creases are going to end in disaster....and it does! By the end of the day all the colour shifts to the crease and looks a mess....DO NOT USE... Tue, 14 Jun 2011 12:16:00 EST No flush Niacin If you are one of those that can't resist the flush of the Niacin to lower the cholesterol then do this. From a pharmacist word. <br><br>Take aspirin (if you are not allegic to it) 30 minutes before the Niacin (any milligram), this will help the flush. You won't feel it, confirmed.<br><br>I have been doing this for the last 4 days. Also do this in the afternoon. <em>250</em> Mon, 13 Jun 2011 06:58:00 EST Free App for Insomnia sufferers Hey everyone, was having a bit of insomnia last night and tried this free phone app called Rainmaker. You can find it in the App store as Rainmaker of if you search for insomnia. It's a sound program that creates all different kinds of soothing rain. It really helped me get back to sleep last night. Sun, 12 Jun 2011 12:50:00 EST Extra Dessert Delights Gum I'm not really a Gum Chewer, but this gum is delicious!<br>They have great flavors too, like Mint chocolate chip, key lime pie, and strawberry shortcake. I always like something sweet after dinner and this gum does the trick. Sun, 12 Jun 2011 08:50:00 EST CHOCOLATE Cravings? I have a solution! I discovered a tea from STASH brand called "Chocolate Hazelnut". It's decaf, and it's delicious -- perfect for those after-dinner chocolate cravings that I so often get!! Thu, 9 Jun 2011 21:40:00 EST Water consumption help I highly recommend the new MIO water flavorings made by Kraft. They come in a very handy tiny bottle that's leakproof and safe to sling in a purse or pocket. <br><br>They have a good range of flavors to choose from and they all taste great. You just add as much as you like to your bottle of water to get your desired taste strength. <em>104</em> Sun, 5 Jun 2011 12:08:00 EST Stash Chocolate tea I love flavored hot tea in the winter, but decided to try some cold. I couldn't believe how great this was cold with a little sweetener added. I have also tried other hot teas cod. Fri, 3 Jun 2011 10:48:00 EST Post cocoa pebbles and fruity pebbles are GF Just found out two of their cereal are gluten free. YEA Thu, 2 Jun 2011 20:27:00 EST Snyder's Gluten Free Pretzels Our store finally had these pretzels and to me they were very good. I can't remember what the wheat ones taste like, but for being GF they are a winner. I made a cheese sauce and dipped them and it was a nice treat. Wed, 1 Jun 2011 06:34:00 EST Archer Farms Fruit Bars If you have a Target near you, I'd like to recommend the Archer Farms Fruit Bars. The Pomegranate Raspberry ones have only 65 calories each. There are other flavors, too like Peach Mango and Strawberry Banana - They're a little higher in calories - 110 cals each - which still isn't too bad for a snack. They're also low in sodium and fat and have 2g fiber. Fri, 27 May 2011 08:22:00 EST Supreme 90 This DVD program is awesome. It is an affordable version - it is a 90 day program that is based on muscle confusion. The nutritional program is based on Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet.<br><br>For $20 or if you get it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond with one of their coupons you can get it for $15. Thu, 26 May 2011 10:04:00 EST Fiber One Brownies These brownies are small but delicous!! 90 calories! Wed, 25 May 2011 20:21:00 EST Kroger Cowpals Instead of spending upwards of $4 on Laughing Cow brand spreadable cheese wedges, throw down less than $2 for the Kroger Cowpals Light Swiss Flavored Pasturized Cheese Spreadable Wedges. They're just 30 calories each with 1.5 grams of fat and are just as tasty as the brand name. Wed, 25 May 2011 10:24:00 EST Drug free headache relief I have found that Village Naturals Therapy Headache Relief Lotion works great when I have a mild headache, and often prevents a headache if I feel symptoms coming on. It has peppermint, chamomile, and lavender in it. I rub it on my forehead and the back of my neck. Just don't put it on after washing your face or showering, it stings if your pores are open! Mon, 23 May 2011 18:36:00 EST Good Earth White Tea, Vanilla Blend It tastes great, smells great, and doesn't need any added sweeteners. I buy it by the case from Amazon, but it is in stores, too. I drink it every morning, and I love it! Sun, 22 May 2011 13:59:00 EST Nike Plus Accessory for the Ipod. I have a nano and for Mother's day, received it as a gift. Still getting use to it, but I can see the fun in tracking with it and setting goals. It really motivated me. <em>41</em> Mon, 16 May 2011 21:53:00 EST Flavored Stevia Drops When I was visiting my sister in Dallas, she introduced me to Sweet Leaf's flavored liquid stevia drops, which can be added to water or anything else you want to jazz up a little. It comes in a wide variety of flavors like Vanilla Creme, Chocolate Raspberry, and even Root Beer! I've tried it in my water, iced tea and coffee -- delicious! Sun, 15 May 2011 14:20:00 EST Whole Foods Chicken Tortilla Soup You've got to try this soup. It is very tasty and very filling and every time I eat it I have to check the calories again. It's only 100 calories for a one cup serving. Yum. Fri, 13 May 2011 19:12:00 EST V8 Splash I don't drink regular V8 juice because I donlt like tomato juice. I get the diet V8 Splash. I had to get use to the taste, but it is good. Only 10 calories per 8 oz. It is full of fruits and veggies. Fri, 13 May 2011 09:36:00 EST Thomas's mini pretzel bagels I love mall pretzels! But they are definitely a no-no if I want to make this goal, so I found a decent alternative. These little pretzel bagels, while not the same in flavor, they are darn good! I heat mine up a few seconds in the microwave and dip it in honey mustard dip. They are also a great alternative to regular bread once in a while. They come unsalted, with the salt pack included, but I like them without it, and only .5 g of fat per bagel. I found them at Walmart. <em>43</em> Thu, 12 May 2011 08:30:00 EST Mio Liquid Water Enhancer I LOVE THESE!! 6 great flavors. They are: Sweet tea, Peach Tea, Strawberry Watermelon, Mango Peach, Fruit Punch and Berry Pomegrante. You can find them in most grocery stores. They cost about $3.99 each. I have figured out for me that they cost less per serving than the crystal light packets. Mio makes 24 servings. Crystal light you only get 10 packets in a box for about $2.50 a box. So, 24 verses 10-20. If you put half a packet in of crystal light at a time? So, you be the judge. ... Tue, 10 May 2011 11:54:00 EST Barbara's High Fiber Original Cereal I'm loving Barbara's High Fiber Original Cereal! I wanted a change from Kashi's twigs and pellets and Barbara's offers oats, twigs and flakes in a delcious low sodium, low fat, low sugar, high protein and high fiber cereal. It's crunchy, hearty and lightly sweet. I like to eat mine with berries and low fat Kefir. All natural Barbara's is worth a try. Yum!! Mon, 9 May 2011 13:30:00 EST Aloe Socks I have a problem with rough skin on my heels - came across aloe impregnated sleeping socks @ Walmart. After using them a few times, I have softer feet, and, as a bonus, no cold feet while I'm trying to sleep! Sun, 8 May 2011 08:39:00 EST Raisels These are the MOST delicious flavored raisins I have ever tasted! They come in several flavors - so far, I have tried the sour lemon and sour orange - DELICIOUS!!! Sat, 7 May 2011 07:24:00 EST Dinner from Trader Joe's Just had a wonderful, filling meal, that was 100% from Trader Joe's. I combined a third pkg of their frozen brown rice, with a half pkg. of their Chicken Asada and a half pkg. of their Julienne Sauté Vegetables. 287 calories and my plate was FULL! I also recently tried their Reduced Guilt Mac & Cheese (good, but a bit on the small side) and the Reduced Guilt bakes Ziti. Thought I'd be disappointed in the sauce for the Ziti but it was quite good. (I added more Parm. though!) So Good! Thanks TJ... Fri, 6 May 2011 18:11:00 EST Runtastic This Blackberry App tracks all types of exercise. GPS enabled, terrain, maps, calories burned, etc. VERY easy to use and free to boot! <em>244</em> LOVE it! Thu, 5 May 2011 19:50:00 EST Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp Bars Skinny Cow now offers new Milk Chocolate covered delicate wafers layered with milk chocolate creme. These are soooo delicious!!! There are 6 .77oz bars to a box. Cal:110, Total Fat 6g, Fiber 1g, Cholesterol 0g, Sod:40mg, Tot Carbs 14g, Protein 1g Wed, 4 May 2011 22:26:00 EST Jamba Juice Bars Jamba Sorbet Bars and Jamba Sorbet & Yogurt Bars are made with ripe, luscious, real fruit and are a good source of Vitamin C and fiber. Packing all the goodness of nature's bounty in a 70-90 calorie bar, frozen never tasted so good!<br><br>So tasty and low calories...perfect for when you WANT ice cream but know you dont NEED it!<br><br> Wed, 4 May 2011 10:56:00 EST Mac Apps- Drinkmorewater (£1.17) Drinkmorewater is useful because it gives visual representations of how much you're drinking, and is kept as a icon in your user dock during the day with the specific number. It also has a list of ways you can increase your water take during the day, although most of the suggestions are fairly obvious and may not help you that much. Wed, 4 May 2011 00:16:00 EST Animal Crackers I use an inexpensive snack. Animal Crackers. I get a bag at the Dollar Tree. There are only 60 calories in eight crackers. They give just a hint of sweetness. Mon, 2 May 2011 00:08:00 EST Larger-size Yoga Clothes at Lucy For women: Lucy stores (and has yoga clothes up to XL. No plus sizes, unfortunately, but it sure beats the idiotic catalogs that claim size 12 is extra large.<br> <em>198</em> Sat, 30 Apr 2011 10:32:00 EST Sugar-free Lifesavers With only 30 calories for 4 Lifesavers, these candies live up to their name! Absolutely perfect for when you want something sweet without exceeding your allotted calories. I find these to especially helpful when I get a sweet craving late at night! Thu, 28 Apr 2011 08:23:00 EST HealthNut Mac App Store Food Tracker (£6) Healthnut is a food tracker where you can add your own foods. Unlike the food tracker on sparkpeople you only have foods you have submitted in a tidy food registry and some the software has uploaded and its easy enough to add more. You know you will get the right calorific information everytime because you don't have hundreds of entries to choose from for every store brought food. Tue, 26 Apr 2011 02:12:00 EST Mac Apps I recently got an iMac and I downloaded the iProcrastinate app. It is good because it helps me stay focused and get through the day. It lets you keep a to do list with deadlines under different categories, for example I have Church, Household Chores and Sparkpeople and I am sent alerts when a task is due. It has been a good way to manage my bucketlist as well and set up smaller jobs within a big task. Mon, 25 Apr 2011 11:27:00 EST Dannon Yogurt's new, unethical packaging Dannon's plastic containers not only are not biodegradable, but now the company has added insult to injury. The new, rectangular shape for 6-ounce Light & Fit, used for some flavors in individual servings and the 4-packs, can't be stacked as can the round cups. This assures that the containers will not only remain intact in landfills forever, but they will take up far greater space than the round ones. Sat, 23 Apr 2011 19:07:00 EST Fullbar I felt I needed help! I've seen people after their stomach stapling, and it's been amazing! The Dr. won't let me have surgery, and I didn't really want to go that drastic anyway. I know it's really not so much what I eat but how much. I heard about Fullbar, and trying it. It seems to work! That gnawing is gone, the 3:00 cravings seem to be gone, and meal portions are back in control. Only time will tell. Anyone else tried Fullbar? Sat, 23 Apr 2011 16:47:00 EST Fiber Plus Antioxidant Chocolatey Peanut Bar Swear I was eating a candy bar! Sat, 23 Apr 2011 16:22:00 EST Quorn Quorn is my new favourite food! It is a low calorie protein source that tastes more like real meat than any other vegetarian meat substitute I've tried. Even my husband thought it was chicken when he tried it. It comes in strips, pieces, mince, sausage rolls, schnitzel, nuggets.... Sat, 23 Apr 2011 05:05:00 EST Hunts Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding Wanting a "NON-diet tasting" snack, I tried the Hunts Vanilla Sugar Free premade pudding. It lacked something, so I added a tiny bit of Vietnamese Cinnamon, and it reminded me of a rice pudding. And only 60 calories! <em>4</em> Fri, 22 Apr 2011 18:12:00 EST Great Value Storage Bags Double Zipper Closure 40 Press-to-Close Gallon Plastic Bags<br>10 9/16" x 10 3/4" Size Thu, 21 Apr 2011 14:23:00 EST Teenage vitamins <em>39</em> I purchased One-a-Day Teenage Vitamins for Her and One-A-Day Teenage Vitamins for Him for my two teenagers. I can't testify to whether these vitamins have an adequate balance of nutrients, but I will say that I will NOT purchase these again because of the amount of food coloring in them. The boy's vitamin is really saturated with dark blue food coloring, and the girls is hot pink. I am disappointed they chose to add so much dye to what are supposed to be healthy products. Wed, 20 Apr 2011 17:59:00 EST Never Be Without Clean Water! If you can't swallow the thought of drinking unfiltered water get yourself a Camelbak Groove STAT! I'm at a different work site every day; some have water coolers, some do not. I was spending lots of money on bottled water and lugging several bottles around with me just so I could make sure I'd have clean water on hand. Being able to get good water everywhere has made a huge difference, and I have no trouble exceeding my 8 cups a day! Now I just have to get one for my paycheck! Tue, 19 Apr 2011 18:26:00 EST Best Green tea ever I am a particular tea drinker, and plain green tea is usually too bitter for me to drink. My all time favorite tea is Stash brand Morrocan Mint Green tea, it's so good I don't need to add any sweetener or anything to it, but it takes really good with a packet of splenda too. Tue, 19 Apr 2011 14:06:00 EST Raw Crunch - unprocessed energy bar I have been looking for a bar to grab and go for breakfast or a snack that wasn't really a candy bar in disguise. If you like raw nuts and seeds, especially pumpkin seeds (I do), you'll like these. All have organic sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, flax seeds. Cashews or pecans, macadamia held together w honey and sea salt. My favorites are choc (little bits) or cranberry. Fills me up, tastes good! Find in Health Food stores<br> Tue, 19 Apr 2011 08:19:00 EST Zumba If you want an amazing workout; try Zumba. I consider it "Exercise in Disguise"! <br><br>I have sooo much fun doing Zumba that I forget that I'm exercising and burning up lots of calories! Mon, 18 Apr 2011 19:22:00 EST Tony Ferguson Programme Meal replacement, a shake for breakfast, a soup or munch bar for lunch, then an evening meal Sun, 17 Apr 2011 07:41:00 EST Perfect Portions Food Scale I wanted a digital scale that could weigh in ounces or grams. I have it in this one. It also will provide calories if you insert a food code (given in their booklet.) I am very pleased with this product. My only negative is the readout is somewhat hard-to-read - I definitely have to use my reading glasses! Sat, 16 Apr 2011 07:55:00 EST Talenti gelato e sorbetto I discovered Talenti gelato e sorbetto at my local grocery store. They have gelato there too, but I'm allergic to milk. I tried the Roman raspberry sorbetto. I like that it is not made with corn syrup. It's most unusual in that it keeps the seeds from the fruit right in the sorbet. Other brands I've tried don't do that. It has a very nice flavor, and other than the seeds, it's nice and creamy. Just the right treat to have after a hot workout! :) Fri, 15 Apr 2011 15:07:00 EST zipfizz healthy energy (drink) mix My husband and I were at Costco and they were giving out samples of this. It happened to be right after the doctors told me I needed to drink an electrolyte beverage to keep my blood pressure up.<br><br>zipfizz has only 10 calories and you add it to 16-20 oz of water. It is full of vitamins and minerals and comes in three flavors: pink lemonade, grape, and orange. Now I drink one everyday and my blood pressure seems to be better.<br><br>This is a tasty way to get your water each day! <em>... Fri, 15 Apr 2011 08:09:00 EST Fuze Slenderize - spark up your water 10 calories (make sure it says Slenderize) --- the first ingredient is water, the second is apple concentrate (but it doesn't taste like apple to me) and a variety of other natural flavors. I need a drink that doesn't go "flat" (like soda pop) when I travel and tastes good at room temperature. Flavored waters taste artificial (cuz they are) to me. I love Fuze - favs in order are tropical punch, cranberry, blueberry, and strawberry melon (milder). Thu, 14 Apr 2011 18:05:00 EST Spray Mop I'm loving my new Leifheit pico spray mop.<br>You load it with the cleaner of your choice and mop.<br>I did ALL of my hardwood floors today after the puppy came running in with muddy paws. In 10 minutes I was done; they are spotless. Thu, 14 Apr 2011 09:56:00 EST Blue Bunny No Sugar Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream I've always been a little leery of reduced fat ice cream because it just doesn't seem to have a good taste. This ice cream has made me a believer again. It is FULL of flavor and has nice big chunks of chocolate in it. While the consistency isn't quite the same as regular ice cream, it's still very good. I've found it you stir it up, it gets a little creamier. Definitely recommend! Wed, 13 Apr 2011 15:19:00 EST Nuts - Good news, Bad news Good news - Planters Nutrition Digestive Health Mix. Cranberries, Almonds, granola, pistachios & cherries. Tastes fresh and filling. Put 1/4 C in snack baggies and take on the go (limits temptation to keep eating. Bad news- Emerald Breakfast on the Go Nut & Granola. If they didn't tell me there were walnuts in there, I wouldn't have guessed! Artificial taste. Wed, 13 Apr 2011 10:50:00 EST My Own Tea Blend - Lemon Ginger decaf Green Tea I'm allergic to soy, and many teas contain soy. One that doesn't is Yogi, a brand out of Oregon. I especially love the flavor of their Lemon Ginger combined with the antioxidant benefits of their Green Tea. But you guessed it, I need to drink decaf tea. Fortunately, they make a decaf Green Tea that tastes great. So I brew a very large (40 oz) container with 2 lemon ginger and 1 green tea bag together. I've found this blend is wonderful hot or cold. <em>254</em> <em>274</em> Tue, 12 Apr 2011 19:29:00 EST Great Snack (or dessert) Just discovered Fruit Pearls. It's a frozen fruit snack and only 75 calories with no fat.<br>I am currently enjoying Banana Berry. Yummy! Tue, 12 Apr 2011 01:47:00 EST Hamilton Beach Single Serve blender This is a treat. I have a Vitamix, which I love but too much work for a single serving. I use this blender to whip up quick smoothies, chop nuts and general blending. Blades are tough enough to pulverize carrots mixed with orange juice.Yum! Mon, 11 Apr 2011 14:58:00 EST Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry Tea 100% natural, herbal, caffeine-free tea. <br><br>I really like the flavor of this tea -- it's good hot or cold, and is a great way for me to get some extra glasses of water in. It has a nice, strong, flavor -- a little bit tart, a little bit naturally sweet.<br><br>Sometimes I just put a bag in my bottle of cold water -- that's enough to flavor the water enough to help me drink it! Fri, 8 Apr 2011 14:43:00 EST spacebag This really works! Saved me allot of space in my linen closet. I purchased the size that is for 1 comforter and 4 pillows. I fit 2 queen sized comforters and since I did not need it for pillows, I added 2 twin sized comforters. It filled the bag,but it all fit. Then when it shrunk down, it all fit in my closet. Amazing! A great idea. <em>345</em> Thu, 7 Apr 2011 12:18:00 EST Oster My Blend Personal Blender I saw this in a magazine and knew I had to have it. The ad showed an orange one available at Walmart. I went online and found that Walmart had all kinds of colors online but only orange in store. I ended up finding the blue one at Target for $30. This thing is AMMMMMMMMAZING it includes a 20oz cup with a sport lid so once you blend, you just screw on that lid and go. I've seen other personal blenders before, but this one has so much style and works GREAT. Thu, 7 Apr 2011 11:20:00 EST Fruit of the Loom I have found that the FotL bras are the most comfortable that I can find! These have no tags to bother (printed on), have that t-shirt cotton feel.I am an odd size (34DD)and they fit! It doesn't ride up, curl or poke. I hate wearing a bra because they never seem to fit right. These do. I find them at Walmart for around $10. <br>If you are looking for a comfortable bra and not looking to spend a lot, try these. Thu, 7 Apr 2011 10:40:00 EST Silk Pure Coconutmilk* ~ Vanilla Silk Pure Coconut Milk* Vanilla<br>90 Calories per Serving = 1 Cup<br>50% More Calcium than Milk<br>Lactose-Free & Dairy-Free<br>45% Daily Value of Calcium<br>5 Grams of Fat<br>O mg of Cholesterol<br>Coconuts are one of nature's best sources of MCFA's (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) special fats that are more easily burned as energy than other fats. <br><br>Creamy and delicious. Great to drink or pour over oatmeal or cereal. Wed, 6 Apr 2011 20:15:00 EST MiO Liquid Water Enhancer Naturally flavored - Zero everything <em>224</em> Wed, 6 Apr 2011 12:08:00 EST Better Batter flour Better Batter makes the best gluten free pie crusts. I made a coconut cream pie recently and my husband was surprised I didn't make it gluten free. I told him it was. I have been making crust for 10 years and this was by far the best. A winner! Tue, 5 Apr 2011 12:30:00 EST Vegetable Juicing If you enjoy vegetable or fruit juice, but don't like the time involved from start to clean-up, you might be interested in the HealthMaster blender. It is a blender with power to make those juices or smoothies that you like. Clean up is easy a snap also. Easy to get those nutrients and fiber, even after a day of work. Sun, 3 Apr 2011 22:24:00 EST flavored mini wheats I tried the blueberry frosted and the chocolate mini wheats. I recently started eating the regular ones, never l iked them before but find now that they are not bad and very filling, good amount of fiber. The flavored ones have a very artificial and plastic flavor. I should not be surprised, but I thought I'd give them a shot. Would not recommend. Sun, 3 Apr 2011 18:56:00 EST Klondike 100 Calorie If you are an ice-cream-a-holic like I am, <em>76</em> <em>468</em> , but you can't control yourself with a carton of ice cream - try this product! It's yummy because it's normal ice cream - not "dietetic" and it's PORTION CONTROLLED! Perfect for me since I cannot manage to dish myself a "normal" portion of ice cream. With these delicious treats, I eat just one and voila - my ice cream fix is satisfied!! <em>244</em> Sun, 3 Apr 2011 07:17:00 EST Peanut Flour - Not just for baking Since TJ's discontinued their peanut flour, I have been on a quest and after a long and exhausting search, I had struck gold (or at least a light golden brown). I finally found what is the exact same nutritional make up and taste in a product which is available mailorder from Southern Grove Farms. The flour is made from partially defatted peanuts and although it can be used in baking (ie., cookies, cakes, pie crusts etc.), there are hundreds of other uses for this low fat high protein produ... Fri, 1 Apr 2011 22:28:00 EST Pink wafers Pink and whites are a brilliant sweet snack only 32 calories each and cheap as well only 38p for a packet of six yum! Fri, 1 Apr 2011 12:49:00 EST Shearer's reduced fat kettle cooked chips THese chips tase wonderful, have lots of potassium, no grease and fill you up. I cannot finish a serving like I used to eat (2 handfuls) Thu, 31 Mar 2011 20:16:00 EST Special K Cracker Chips This is a wonderful way to enjoy the taste of a chip with out all the fat and calories. I have tried both the sea salk and sour cream and onion. Wed, 30 Mar 2011 13:36:00 EST Traverse II Pants by SportHill Warm, semi-weatherproof, comfortable walking/running pants are not easy to find. After months of searching, these are everything I've been looking for. Regular price is $99.<br><br>Stretch material thick enough my butt doesn't flibbetty-flop back and forth, 30" inseam so no altering for us shorties, warm (0-40°) and windproof to 35mph. Depending on how they hold up they are probably well worth the price but, proving bargains can be found, Title 9 warehouse sale had them for $29. Wed, 30 Mar 2011 11:14:00 EST Fresh Express Chopped Turkey Chef Salad Everything comes in one package! The lettuce is in the bowl and the turkey, beef, cheese, croutons, and dressing are in the compartmentalized lid. Put the lid ingredients in the bowl, put the lid back on, and SHAKE!<br><br>Makes two servings @ 140 calories. I eat the whole thing (2 servings) as a meal. Tue, 29 Mar 2011 20:15:00 EST Babybel Light Cheese mini There are light cheese wedges available that are lower in calories and great served with crackers or veggies. But when you want a bit of real cheese without a lot of calories (50 calories per mini), this will do the trick! Tue, 29 Mar 2011 16:19:00 EST Buitoni Shrimp and Lobster Ravioli This tastes incredible! My ravioli had a big chunk of lobster in it. It has 500 calories/serving so I ate 1/3 of a serving and had it over a bed of spinach. I honestly would pay $20 for this at a restaraunt. It tastes amazing! You can find it in the freezer section for anywhere from $5-$8 for a serving for 2. Mon, 28 Mar 2011 20:37:00 EST Breyer"s Dark Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream This is the yummiest light ice cream I have ever had. With only 110 calories per half cup you can indulge with no guilt. Sun, 27 Mar 2011 07:56:00 EST Loreal Paris new products review- one sweep eye shadow and double extend eye illuminator One sweep eyeshadow and double extend eye illuminator are made to accent your eye color, and to be easy to apply.<br>I tried it for the first time today. The applicator makes it so you put all three colors on at once and the mascara has black on the one end, and bronze accentor on the other for my green/hazel eyes. Very cool and quite worth trying! Sat, 26 Mar 2011 13:03:00 EST Thomas' Mini Pretzel Bagals A relatively new product, these mini pretzel bagels are YUMMY and contain NO FAT, although they are quite high in carbohydrates. They are not sliced but it's worth the effort to make a slamming jamming sandwich! Sat, 26 Mar 2011 11:40:00 EST Costco camisole support At Costco, I found a great camisole with stretchy support called "Fat Free Dressing" ---several colors and styles available for $15.99 each. I lost a lot of belly fat, but I have rolls of saggy skin around my waist and on my abdomen. This disguises it nicely without feeling like I can't breathe. It's very comfortable & seems to run true to size. <br><br>(I purchased a similar one online for $14.99 +shipping, but didn't like it as well as this one.) <br><br>Click title for more info.....<br><... Sat, 26 Mar 2011 01:41:00 EST TRUE Orange, lemon and lime When I feel like snacking, I drink cold water with a "True Orange" packet instead. The flavor is great and 0 calories! Wed, 23 Mar 2011 14:45:00 EST Ciallo Bella raspberry sorbet This is such a nice creamy frozen fruit dessert -especially for those of us with allergies to milk, corn, soy -it has none of those things! The ingredients are raspberries, cane juice, water, pectin and natural flavor. That's it! 1/2 c is 120 calories. You get 2 grams of fiber and a gram of protein. Pretty nice!<br> Wed, 23 Mar 2011 10:46:00 EST Kangaroo 100% Whole Wheat Pockets (Pita bread with a big pouch) I would like to introduce you to the Kangaroo brand pocket bread! I've had both the multigrain (not 100% whole grain) and the 100% whole wheat. The company has a patented method to make pita bread that opens up to easily hold several ounces of whatever you like in your pita. I've put 3 ounces of chicken in and still have room for some veggies! Easily accommodates a scrambled egg or two with some veggies or meat. Mon, 21 Mar 2011 21:25:00 EST Garlic Cauliflower- YUM! Birds Eye Steam Fresh Specially Seasoned Garlic Cauliflower is SO good! I love it. 40 calories for a cupful. You just throw the whole bag into the microwave oven and let it cook on high for five minutes, let it rest for one, tear open where it says to and enjoy. If you like cauliflower, you'll love this! Mon, 21 Mar 2011 13:53:00 EST New WW Dark Chocolate Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Bar Hard to spell but easy to eat!! Yum. I'm not ordinarily a dark chocolate fan (altho I don't think it's as addictive) but this combo of choc and caramel swirl is great. Mon, 21 Mar 2011 08:39:00 EST "Real Food Has Curves" by Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough The subtitle is "How to Get Off Processed Food, Lose Weight and Love What You Eat." The authors' premise is that chemicals in our brain expect real food when we eat. When we eat processed and fake food, our brain prompts us to eat more in hopes of getting real food.<br>Lots of good information on buying oils, cheeses and using herbs and spices in place of salt and sugar. Easy, non-intimidating recipes as well. Sun, 20 Mar 2011 18:00:00 EST Just Dance 2 (Wii) Bought this for myself for Xmas and just tried. What fun!! That's the most fun "moving" I've had in a long time. I suggest you trythe first few times when no one is looking :) Sun, 20 Mar 2011 15:00:00 EST Gluten Free bisquick I tried this mix for pancakes yesterday and they weren't all that bad. I had to add a few more T of milk as it was way to thick. I also added a little splenda as I like a little sweeter pancake. By the time I added cinnamon and some pecans they were where I like them I will buy again. I had the cheesy biscuits using this mix and they were very good. Sun, 20 Mar 2011 08:59:00 EST Asics GT 2160 I needed new running shoes and after some research decided on the Asics GT 2160, Oh my Goodness are these some great shoes. I've walked for over an hour without getting sore feet. I would however recommend getting a 1/2 size larger as the shoes are a narrower fit. Sat, 19 Mar 2011 08:04:00 EST BEWARE PACKAGING INFO! My DW eats like I do & we usually don't change the brand of food because we've checked nutrition levels. Yesterday she went shopping & came home with a "New" bread, Sara Lee Whole Grain White, "& it wasn't nearly as expensive as the other whole grain breads". For lunch today we had homemade chicken vegetable soup, a (fat free) toasted cheese sandwich & raw veggies on the side. I thought, Wow, this bread is really smooth, I wondered what new technique they had discovered to process the bread. Wed, 16 Mar 2011 18:57:00 EST Under Armour Charged Cotton The new Charged Cotton shirts from UA are awesome...they wick sweat away amazingly like normal UA gear but don't have that weird appearance most of their clothing does. They look like plain cotton shirts and are so comfy! Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:40:00 EST Most Comfy Bra EVER!!!!! Spanx!!!!! Here it is. I went to Lord & Taylor determined to find a comfy bra and tried on the Spanx Bra. Not cheap $62. But worth every penny. Thicker, soft straps, front closure but you can get different styles. No hooks, stitching, tags to bother you. I need 2 more they only had black but they have them online. Tue, 15 Mar 2011 07:25:00 EST Fiber Plus Bars - chocolate, caramel, coconut So delicious and yet only 120 calories and 9 grams of fiber. Instead of Girl Scout Samoas as a treat, these are a great substitute! Mon, 14 Mar 2011 14:22:00 EST Fiber Plus Bars Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars in chocolate chip are awesome - they make a great afternoon snack to tide me over until dinner. And they taste more chocolate-y than the other fiber bars I've tried. It's like eating a Twix without the guilty conscience. Mon, 14 Mar 2011 12:20:00 EST Superior Nut Co. Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans Espresso Beans covered in dark chocolate. The amazing thing is that I HATE coffee but I LOVE these beans! The flavor is so intense, that just 5 beans (35 calories!) satisfies my taste buds when I need a little something as a snack! Expensive little buggers - but worth the price! Sun, 13 Mar 2011 15:59:00 EST ryka shoes (made for women only!) Ladies, if you have never tried on a ryka shoe, I would encourage you to do so! They are made with the woman in mind. I now own four pair: Radiant (for serious walking), Rocker (for day to day walking and toning), Aqua fit 3 (for jogging in the pool), and Studio D (for Zumba)<br><br> <em>68</em> Sun, 13 Mar 2011 08:04:00 EST Fat Free Promise Butter My husband and I have used Fat Free Promise Butter for years. It only has 5 calories per 2 tablespoons, and 0 fat. We use it on toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even in many recipes. Unfortunately, it doesn't do very well in pastries, cakes, cookies, etc. due to it's high water content. It gives us a little flavor, minus the calories/fat. We love it. Sat, 12 Mar 2011 20:20:00 EST Vitalicious Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Vitabrownies If you miss baked goods, these are delcious, satisfying, and healthy, without being miniature. Each has only 100 calories. You keep them in the freezer and then thaw in the microwave for about 20-25 seconds to eat. The chocolate pieces melt, making it taste rich and moist. Tons of vitamins, 6 g. of fiber, 3 g. of protein. It's a delicious, healthy snack that hits the spot when you miss your baked goods. They have a lot of great products that I am trying out. The vitatops are awesome too. Sat, 12 Mar 2011 19:46:00 EST Quaker Instant Oatmeal: Raisin, Date, Walnut -Addictive This honestly didn't sound good to me when I bought it, but boy was I wrong. This stuff is amazing. It's the best instant oatmeal flavor I have ever eaten, and I will never go back to buying an off brand or the other flavors again. I honestly think they put something addictive in this flavor of oatmeal. It is delicious, healthy, filling, hearty and you can make it after you get to work by running hot water through your coffee pot and just pouring it on top. Easy, cheap, healthy, satisfyin... Sat, 12 Mar 2011 19:41:00 EST The foot scrubber thingy as seen on TV I did NOT buy the foot scrubber AS SEEN ON TV ...BUT I found something similar at Bed, Bath and Beyond made by Earth Therapeutics and I LOVE it! It suction cups onto the shower floor and gives your feet a great massage. I squirt a bit of scented body wash on it and pamper my feet! Fri, 11 Mar 2011 08:23:00 EST Thomas Bagel Thins These are great!! Only 110 calories for a bagel!!! That's amazing in itself... but they are also delicious!! They come in several flavors also. I've used them for breakfast, of course, but also just made pizzas with them tonight... yum!!! Wed, 9 Mar 2011 03:00:00 EST Archer Farms (Target) High Protein Cinnamon Cereal Before I started counting calories, I ate cereal like crazy! One thing I learned - no matter what kind of cereal you get, you typically receive very little nutrition. However, I recently discovered Archer Farms High Protein Cinnamon cereal. It has 180 calories per 3/4 cup, yet 15 grams of protein! The most I have found in a cereal. And it's darn tasty. Wed, 9 Mar 2011 00:39:00 EST Annie's Chocolate and Vanilla Bunnies, Cereal OMG!! Great way to get your sweet tooth fix and eat healthy. Once serving is less than 200 Calories, and they're fulfilling.<br><br>Delish! <em>250</em> Tue, 8 Mar 2011 17:40:00 EST Corazonas Oatmeal Squares Ok you Costco shoppers these are in the protein bar section. 190 calories, 5 fiber, 6 protein. Come in chocolate chip and peanut butter. I have one either before my workouts on my way to the gym or after. They are filling and so tasty. Try them!!!! Tue, 8 Mar 2011 08:02:00 EST Hungry Girl Hungry Girl is a great website for reviews of products in the supermarkets, with an emphasis on low-cal, low-fat items. They also give you a heads-up on new food items in the marketplace. There's a newsletter every day. Tue, 8 Mar 2011 05:18:00 EST Best Low Carb Peanut Butters Try Justins (available at whole foods) or MarthaNatha. Both are low sugar (6 carbs/180 calories per serving) and are "no stir" options. Since i LOVE apples with peanut butter and i can fit it into my low carb plan on selected days. Both brands are a more expensive (~$5), but I don't mind skimping on Peanut Butter. And i can avoid all that hydrogentated stuff in the national brands. <em>476</em> Mon, 7 Mar 2011 00:59:00 EST Kozy Shack sugar free chocolate pudding I'm on a modified southbeach phase 2 regimen. I don't miss the sugary starchy foods too much any more, but evenings are always a struggle for me. These cute little snacks are yummy and super satisfying. At 60 calories a serving and a low carb count, i can have a treat and not blow my numbers for the day! Mon, 7 Mar 2011 00:51:00 EST Sports Bra Caution I am full figured and tried a Coobie (full figure). The straps were about 1/4" wide and cut right into my shoulders. I'm a 38DD and there was pretty much no support either. These bras may be great for slender girls, but us full figured ladies should try something else! Fri, 4 Mar 2011 12:52:00 EST Peanut Butter Replacement I love peanut butter, but hate the fat and calories. I have discovered PB2, regular and chocolate. 45 calories for 2 tbls vs. 190 calories!! Still 5 grams of protein, but 85% less fat/calories! It comes to your door powdered. You rehydrate with water. The peanuts are crushed and the fat/oils squeezed out. Put it in smoothies, mix it w/ jam for pbj, etc...Lots of recipes on the website!<BR>56 Thu, 3 Mar 2011 15:00:00 EST Microwave Egg Poacher I got an egg poacher for the microwave. I used it for the first time this morning. I put it in for 70 seconds but the package says 55-70. It was hard so I'll have to adjust it but it's great! <em>490</em> Thu, 3 Mar 2011 10:02:00 EST xpress redi set go Its red and black and seen in infomercials as a handy multi use counter top cooker Tue, 1 Mar 2011 19:45:00 EST MBT Rockers MBT: The original Rocker Technology shoe! I love this shoe. It's an incredible workout -- I'm woking muscles I seriously never knew I had. I am getting toned up fast!<br>I have never once felt in danger of falling but I do feel the need to hold myself in balance.<br>You stand straighter and your spine stays in alignment.<br> Mon, 28 Feb 2011 13:00:00 EST Compression Socks Rock!!! My feet and legs are often sore and swollen after exercise. I read about compression socks on Runner's World and gave them a try. I can't believe what a difference they make during and after exercise. My legs don't swell and feel less tired when I wear my socks. They are dorky looking but I feel great even after an eleven mile run. You can sleep in them or wear them to work if you do a lot of standing and walking. Fri, 25 Feb 2011 11:30:00 EST Soda Stream Rocks! I received a "Soda Stream" machine for Christmas, and it was the best gift EVER. It allow me to make my own sparkling water - with or with out natural flavorings. Before I received it, I spent tons of money on La Croix and other commercial soda waters. My results from the machine taste better, cost less, and doesn't require transporting/recycling of tons of bottles. I also have soda pop mixes, which are fun for parties. It's definitely improved my water consumption!<br><br> <em>91</em> Fri, 25 Feb 2011 09:26:00 EST