SparkPeople Staying Healthy Secrets Learn some of the secrets of success for Staying Healthy from SparkPeople members. SparkPeople Staying Healthy Secrets Why should I get a flu shot? Getting an annual flu vaccine is a safe, effective way to prevent the flu. The vaccine causes your body to develop antibodies to several strains of influenza virus. These antibodies help protect your body against infection.<br><br>Influenza, or the flu, is not just a simple cold. The following symptoms that often accompany the flu are more severe than the symptoms of the common cold:<br><br>a high fever<br>chills<br>body aches<br>a sore throat<br>a cough<br>fatigue<br><br>Getting an annual fl... Mon, 5 Dec 2016 07:08:00 EST A Healthy Brain Requires B Vitamins A Healthy Brain Requires B Vitamins<br><br>"Consuming whole foods, from peanut butter and salmon to whole grains and dark leafy greens, not only provides more antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals than processed foods, but are also excellent sources of B vitamins. A wide variety of whole foods is key to meeting all your B vitamin needs," explains Arday. "There is one exception: Even with a varied, healthy diet, some people may be deficient in vitamin B12."<br><br>Vegans and v... Sun, 4 Dec 2016 23:08:00 EST Plant based Lifestyle Learning more about going meatless before i make the switch to a plant based diet.<br><br>Based on fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes; and it excludes or minimizes meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products, and eggs, as well as highly refined foods like bleached flour, refined sugar, and oil.<br><br>A whole-food, plant-based diet is not vegan. Or raw. But recent research shows that it just might be the antidote to heart disease, cancer, and, yes, the last five pound... Sun, 4 Dec 2016 13:49:00 EST Vitamin D Prevents Infections and Slashes Cancer Risk Vitamin D Prevents Infections and Slashes Cancer Risk<br><br><br>Vitamin D has some pretty extraordinary achievements under its proverbial belt, not the least of which is disease prevention. Skin exposed to the sun produces this "sunshine vitamin," which helps prevent osteoporosis and promotes strong bones and teeth.<br><br>It's known to be advantageous and even crucial in several areas of your body, as a deficiency has been implicated in such problems as macular degeneration, lupus, bowel di... Sun, 4 Dec 2016 11:36:00 EST A Healthy Brain Requires B Vitamins The vitamins help reduce risk factors for inflammation, brain injury.<br><br>Folate, B12 and B6 (pyridoxine) are the nutrients that receive the most attention for improving brain health, due to their well-studied role in reducing homocysteine. Homocysteine is an amino acid that, in high levels, is linked to brain shrinkage, Alzheimer's disease, cognitive decline and coronary artery disease.<br><br>However, the remaining B vitamins-----thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic ... Sat, 3 Dec 2016 21:34:00 EST A lesson I learned: Healthy Living Requires Consistency What do I mean by using the word consistency? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, consistency is "agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole."<br><br>We are members of the SparkPeople community. I believe we all have goals of becoming healthier and staying healthy. To successfully achieve these goals, I believe we must have "agreement or harmony of three parts" of our life: sleep, exercise, and a healthy food plan. All are dependent on each other. <br><br>I h... Sat, 3 Dec 2016 15:21:00 EST Adult Asthma Linked To Higher Risk of Heart Disease and The Boozy Business Meal: Costly For Your Heart? Adult Asthma Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Disease:<br><br>People with late-onset asthma were 57% more likely to suffer a heart-related event than those without asthma. In contrast, people whose asthma began during childhood had similar rates of heart-related events as those without the lung disease.<br><br>The findings suggest but do not prove that asthma affects heart disease risk. Although the researchers were able to account for some factors that might bias the results, such as smoking... Fri, 2 Dec 2016 22:28:00 EST Vitamin K: The Key Vitamin to Use with Vitamin D to Help Reduce Osteoporosis by 25 Percent Vitamin K: The Key Vitamin to Use with Vitamin D to Help Reduce Osteoporosis by 25 Percent<br><br><br>You may be aware that vitamin D and calcium are a powerful duo for bone health, including the prevention of osteoporosis. One of the undisputed benefits of vitamin D is that it helps you ABSORB calcium – this link has been known for many decades.<br><br>But there is also evidence that vitamin K, and specifically vitamin K2, is another key player in your bone health, and may be just as crucial... Fri, 2 Dec 2016 12:41:00 EST Healthier Golden Years and Adult Asthma Linked to Heart Disease Healthier Golden Years For People With Long-Lived Parents?<br><br>If one or both of your parents lived to age 70 or beyond, you're less likely to have cardiovascular problems in late middle age and be less likely to die at an early age, a new study suggests.<br><br>Researchers recruited 186,000 non-adopted people between ages 55 to 73 who had at least one deceased parent. After a follow-up of at least eight years, they found that the older a participant's mother and father were at their deat... Thu, 1 Dec 2016 22:58:00 EST The importance of fiber! Fiber is an important part of a healthy balanced diet. It can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and some cancers, and can also improve digestive health.<br>However, many people don't get enough fiber. On average, most people in the United States get about 15g of fiber a day. You should aim for at least 25-30g a day.<br>For children it is recommended the average amount of dietary fiber per day should be:<br>2-5-year-olds: about 15g<br>5-11-year-olds: about 20g<br>11-16-year-old... Thu, 1 Dec 2016 18:12:00 EST Planning Ahead For Your Future Medical Care Only about a quarter of adult Americans have an advance directive, a document that helps guide your future care. The first step is to choose a health care proxy-----someone who will have the knowledge and strength to carry out your wishes regarding the health care you receive. Many people have heard of a living will. However, this document may not address the range of possible situations beyond whether you want to be resuscitated or receive artificial life support. The numerous possible d... Wed, 30 Nov 2016 22:57:00 EST Planning Ahead For Your Future Medical Care Living longer with heart failure:<br><br>We tend to think about these discussions as being appropriate for people who are either very old or who have an advanced stage of cancer. In fact, cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death. Yet over the past few decades, treatment advances have changed the arc of this disease. More people are surviving heart attacks, which means there are more people who eventually develop heart failure-----when the weakened heart can't pump enough bl... Tue, 29 Nov 2016 22:58:00 EST HOW TO DRINK MORE WATER I have finally discovered the secret to drinking more water. I had always struggled with drinking 8 glass a day. I felt like I was drowning in water and that I needed to keep chugging in order to make it work.<br><br>However, all that changed when I walked into a sporting goods store and saw the Camelbaks on sale. With my spill-proof, obnoxiously bright blue water bottle, I have found it easier to drink water all day. How? IT HAS A STRAW!<br><br>I have found it so much easier to drink more wa... Tue, 29 Nov 2016 21:56:00 EST Preventing Blood Clots & Planning Ahead For Your Future Medical Care Warfarin Alternatives<br><br>Non-Vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs) target a different part of the blood clotting process than warfarin does. They include apixaban (Eliquis), dabigatran (Pradasa), edoxaban (Savaysa), and rivaroxaban (Xarelto). These drugs prevent strokes just as well as warfarin but have far fewer interactions with drugs and foods and don't require blood tests or frequent dose adjustments. NOACs also cause half as much brain bleeding as warfarin.<br><br>But t... Mon, 28 Nov 2016 23:55:00 EST Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Depression, Pain, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Breast Cancer Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Depression, Pain, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Breast Cancer<br><br><br>Vitamin D research continues to impress upon us the importance of appropriate sun exposure as the ideal way to optimize your vitamin D levels.<br><br>Winter limits sun exposure for many up to six months of the year. During those times, your next best bet would be artificial UVB light, as UV ray exposure also appears to have health benefits above and beyond the production of vitamin D.<br>... Mon, 28 Nov 2016 13:09:00 EST 7 Signs You May Have a Vitamin D Deficiency 7 Signs You May Have a Vitamin D Deficiency<br><br>Vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common in the US, but many Americans mistakenly believe they aren't at risk because they consume vitamin-D-fortified foods (such as milk).<br><br>There are very few foods that actually have therapeutic levels of vitamin D naturally and even fortified foods do not contain enough vitamin D to support your health needs.<br><br>Despite its name, vitamin D is not a regular vitamin. It's actually a steroid hormone... Mon, 28 Nov 2016 12:36:00 EST Secret to Relieve Constipation and Detox Naturally Constipation is not exactly something I feel comfortable discussing in public, but I know the struggle can be very real and a real pain in the a..stronomical sense.<br><br>I have had really severe constipation ever since I was a child, super painful memories. I remember crying in the toilet so many times, and wondering if I am the strange one in the family. The tricks that my mom taught me were endless, eating fruits and vegetable all day, drinking lots of water, jumping around up and down ... Mon, 28 Nov 2016 11:25:00 EST Preventing Blood Clots Since the first of these Warfarin alternatives became available in 2010, they have been slowly replacing warfarin. In fact, most people newly diagnosed with atrial fibrillation now receive a NOAC instead of warfarin, says Dr. Ruff. But for longtime warfarin users, most doctors have taken an approach of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" to those who seem to be stable on the drug.<br><br>"This new finding suggests that we should be much more vigilant about making sure people who take warfarin... Sat, 26 Nov 2016 22:46:00 EST Preventing Blood Clots Is Warfarin still right for you?<br><br>Using warfarin effectively is challenging-----perhaps even more so than doctors have realized.<br><br>For more than 60 years, warfarin has been a mainstay for people with atrial fibrillation. Used properly, warfarin may prevent as many as 60% of strokes related to this common heart rhythm disorder each year. But warfarin is notoriously tricky to manage because blood levels have to be kept within a narrow range to avoid side effects such as unwanted bl... Fri, 25 Nov 2016 20:58:00 EST Ladies - are you too tired? Get to the bottom of it! For about a year, I did very little exercise because I felt very tired. I thought it was normal: I was 40, I work full time, and have a child. But then I would wake up at night quite often and had trouble going back to sleep, and my heart would start skipping beats more and more often during the day and night, sometimes waking me.<br><br>I get anxious very easily, and I had been diagnosed with depression before, so I knew what those felt like. This was not it... I was stressed, but in a way t... Fri, 25 Nov 2016 05:24:00 EST Magnesium: A Mineral You Might Be Missing Following a heart-healthy diet, like the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet, will help. That's because the DASH diet recommends eating eight to 10 daily servings of fruits and vegetables, which are naturally low in sodium and high in magnesium as well as potassium, another mineral that seems to help lower blood pressure. And chocolate lovers have a good reason to indulge on occasion: a 1-ounce square of dark chocolate (60%-70% cocoa solids) contains 50 mg of magnesium.<br><... Thu, 24 Nov 2016 21:30:00 EST Magnesium: A Mineral You Might Be Missing No Clear Benefits<br><br>The study, published in the August issue of Hypertension, revealed a very modest drop in blood pressure---about one to two millimeters of mercury (mm Hg)-----among people who took magnesium supplements for three months. The magnesium doses ranged from 240 to 940 milligrams (mg) and were taken by people both with and without high blood pressure, some of whom may also have been taking blood pressure medications. As a result, we can't really draw any firm conclusions a... Wed, 23 Nov 2016 22:32:00 EST Tips for Healthy Living Over the years I have found many ways to maintain a healthy living so here are all my Tips! Spark points here I come ;) - joking <br><br>*Change things slowly and one at a time. Took me 6 months to change family from white to whole wheat. Then it took me 2 years to get us off the sugar packed products. <br><br>*Change for your life not just until you drop a pound or two otherwise weight comes back when old habits come back.<br><br>*Don't cut out your favorite foods still include them in your ... Wed, 23 Nov 2016 15:04:00 EST Monitoring Your Heart Rhythm With A Smartphone: A Good Call? & Magnesium A Reassuring Rhythm<br><br>For the JAHA study, trained personnel helped participants use the phone-based devices correctly. In the real world, false positives-----reporting afib when it is not actually present-----might be more common. For example, a finger slip might create a blip that looks like afib, says Dr. King. On the plus side, both Kardio and the new app based on color changes had a very low rate of false negatives, meaning they rarely misclassified actual bouts of afib as a norma... Tue, 22 Nov 2016 23:16:00 EST Starting My Keto Life This is my current state of being: No Grains, No Potatoes, No Sugar<br><br>I started this on 09/15/16 and I was pretty excited and scared. I had already begun cutting back my carbs since I knew the program was coming up but I honestly did not expect the level of the word “NO” until my first meeting. <br>The first week we did not count carbs, we counted tsps. of sugar. We took the number of Carbs and divided that by 5 = tsps. of sugar. So let’s say for Breakfast you have a plain bagel and that... Tue, 22 Nov 2016 14:59:00 EST 4 Ways to Thrive During the Holidays! The holidays can be filled with joy and excitement, but can also be very stressful and hard to maintain commitment to your health and nutrition goals. These are three things that have helped me to not only stay sane, but also balanced during a crazy holiday season:<br><br>1. Decide which events on your calendar are truly important. There are family, work, school, kids events and more! It can get overwhelming, so try writing out a list of the Top 5 Most Important Things in Your Life. Then look... Tue, 22 Nov 2016 01:35:00 EST Monitoring Your Heart Rhythm With A Smartphone: A Good Call? A typical ECG uses 12 electrodes placed on the chest, arms, and legs to record the heart's electrical activity. But a simpler version, known as a single-lead ECG (like that used in the Kardia system), is sufficient to detect an irregular pulse, which raises the suspicion of afib. You can share the 30-second recordings with your cardiologist, which might help inform your treatment. People diagnosed with afib typically take anti-clotting drugs to lower their risk of stroke.<br><br>Lights, Ca... Mon, 21 Nov 2016 22:44:00 EST FODMAP diet for Irritable Bowel I have found that sticking fairly close to the allowed foods on the FODMAP diet for IBS sufferers has made a dramatic change in my health. I always thought IBS was cramps and diarrhea but reading an article here on SP made me realize that I have suffered from IBS my entire life (and I am now 68!) My symptoms have been bloating and constipation. I actually had hemorrhoids before my 8th birthday from straining to move my bowels. In eating out, some "foods to avoid" are pretty hard to accommodat... Mon, 21 Nov 2016 20:52:00 EST Know the Signs of B12 Deficiency and Top B12 Benefits Know the Signs of B12 Deficiency and Top B12 Benefits<br><br><br>Pregnant women were recently given new information in regard to optimizing their child's health: Make sure you're getting enough vitamin B12.<br><br>A recent study revealed that babies whose moms had a B12 deficiency during pregnancy may later have higher odds of developing type 2 diabetes, as well as other serious metabolic problems.1<br><br>If you've ever gotten "that tired feeling" and general lack of energy, you may not real... Mon, 21 Nov 2016 10:17:00 EST Monitoring Your Heart Rhythm With A Smartphone: A Good Call? An app that detects an irregular heart rhythm could be reassuring for people worried about afib.<br><br>Just over two years ago, the FDA approved the AliveCor Heart Monitor, which consists of a smartphone app plus a phone case with special sensors on the back. Touching the sensors with your fingers allows you to see a simple version of your heart's electrical activity on the phone screen. In the latest version, called Kardia, the sensors just need to be near (not necessarily on) your phone.... Sun, 20 Nov 2016 20:49:00 EST Doctor's Visits: Why Checkups Are Vital Doctor's Visits: Why Checkups Are Vital<br><br>Remember that old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure? It more than applies to the regular doctor's visit.<br><br><br><br>When you were little, your parents probably made sure you had an annual checkup with your doctor. But as you've grown older, you may have gotten out of this habit.<br><br>Health professionals stress that these regular exams are important to help identify risk factors and problems before they become ... Sun, 20 Nov 2016 10:35:00 EST Heart Disease and Brain Health: Looking At The Links Heart and Brain<br><br>More subtle injuries are caused by tiny blockages in the small vessels deep within the brain. These silent strokes are 10 to 20 times more common than overt strokes. The microscopic damage they leave behind also raises the risk that dementia will emerge at a later date.<br><br>Having blood vessels compromised by plaque buildup can also pave the way for Alzheimer's. The accumulation of deposits of a protein known as beta-amyloid-----the hallmark of the disease-----is ... Sat, 19 Nov 2016 21:31:00 EST Heart Disease and Brain Health: Looking At The Links Poor blood flow in the brain can chip away at thinking skills. Keeping your blood vessels healthy can help protect both your heart and your brain.<br><br>Just like in the rest of your body, advancing years can take a toll on your brain function. Much of this slowing down is predictable and can be chalked up to normal aging. However, when thinking skills become increasingly fuzzy and forgetfulness gets to be a way of life, an early form of dementia known as mild cognitive impairment may be ... Fri, 18 Nov 2016 23:54:00 EST Pancreatitis Causes, Symptoms and Prevention Pancreatitis Causes, Symptoms and Prevention<br><br>What is the pancreas, and what is its purpose in our body? Most people are familiar with the name, but may not be familiar about what this organ does. Essentially, your pancreas plays an important role in your digestive system by producing enzymes that help break down food in your intestines.<br><br>What Does the Pancreas Look Like?<br><br>Located right behind your stomach in the abdominal area, the pancreas is a gland that measures 6 to 10 ... Fri, 18 Nov 2016 13:26:00 EST 6 Ways to Boost Women's Health 6 Ways to Boost Women's Health<br><br>Women's health concerns are a little different from those of men. If you're a woman, these tips will soon have you feeling fit and energetic.<br><br>To look and feel your best at every age, it’s important to make smart lifestyle and health choices. Here are six simple things that women can do every day (or with regularity) to ensure good health:<br><br>Health Tip #1: Eat a healthy diet. “You want to eat as close to a natural foods diet as you can,” says D... Fri, 18 Nov 2016 13:06:00 EST Is Risk For Depression Heredity & Brain Training for Paralyzed People Participants with both a parent and a grandparent who developed major depression faced three times the normal risk for the illness, according to a report published online August 10, 2016 in the journal JAMA Psychiatry. The findings suggest that people with a family history of depression should be alert to symptoms of the illness and seek professional help for them. Depression is very treatable.<br><br>"Brain Training" Helps Paralyzed People Move Again<br><br>An exciting new treatment advanc... Thu, 17 Nov 2016 21:09:00 EST I've Doing it Right at Public Restrooms but Wrong at Home Yeah, you read that right. The way we go to the bathroom has been incorrect since the rise of the western civilization and the creation of the modern toilet.<br><br>So I was updating my Iphone when I ran across some of the things we have been doing wrong for most of our lives and going to the potty sitting with our feet planted on the floor is bad. I do this at home because I always thought it was the right way in which to do it. I go to public restrooms and squat all day long and my #2 seem ... Thu, 17 Nov 2016 16:30:00 EST Multivitamins: Should You Take One? Multivitamins: Should You Take One?<br><br>Food is the best source of most nutrients, but a multivitamin can help provide what your diet doesn't. Find out what to look for in a daily multivitamin.<br><br><br>Our bodies need many different vitamins and minerals to function properly.<br><br>Vitamins and minerals also offer us protection against a host of ailments, including heart disease and some cancers, such as colon and cervical cancer.<br><br>The good news is that we can get most of the vit... Thu, 17 Nov 2016 12:01:00 EST Low Body Weight & Old Age Is Risk For Depression Hereditary? Low Body Weight Increases AD Risk In Older Age<br><br>A study conducted by researchers at MGH and Brigham and Women's Hospital suggests that older adults with a low body mass index (BMI) may be at increased risk for Alzheimer's Disease (AD). The scientists looked at the medical histories and the results of physical exams, brain imaging, and genetic testing in 280 healthy adults ranging in age from 62 to 90. According to study results published August 3, 2016 in the Journal of Alzheimer's Di... Wed, 16 Nov 2016 21:29:00 EST No Salt!! As If I Could So I am a person who should use less salt that the law allows. I should actually be using a 4th of the salt that the law allows. I am shaking my head and giggling to myself but it is so true. It is also no way shape for form a laughable moment. I know this in my heart of hearts to be true by the mind can't see to follow the guidelines. <br><br>One could say that I am marginal coo coo and they would be 150% correct! There are moments when I know I need to seek clarity and guidance outside of m... Wed, 16 Nov 2016 13:49:00 EST The health benefits of owning a pet Men will often choose a dog over his best friend. And kittens and cat videos rule the Internet. Why are both of these things true? Because pets greatly improve our mood and provide a sense of comfort and connection. Despite hairballs and pet "accidents" we cherish our furry family members and they are good for our health.<br><br>Numerous studies over the years have confirmed that pet owners enjoy a wealth of health benefits, including lower levels of stress, better cardiovascular health, an e... Wed, 16 Nov 2016 05:39:00 EST Sleep Apnea Increases Risk For Depression And Cognitive Decline Memory Maximizers<br><br>The scientists found that, even in participants whose brain scans showed early signs of AD, those who had worked or continued to work in jobs requiring significant person-to-person interactions in real time were the most likely to preserve cognitive functions, such as memory and problem-solving. Jobs with social interaction outranked other challenging jobs that did not involve social interaction, such as occupations involving complex data or complicated machinery. E... Tue, 15 Nov 2016 22:17:00 EST Eat, drink, do- keep it balanced I'm not really good at writing so please bear with me. I went to the store one day and wanted something to drink. I saw a sign which said keep in balance what you eat, drink and do. I agree with my whole heart. <br>Eat only when your stomach is hungry, not when you are mouth hungry or mentally hungry and no mindless eatting at all.<br> Drink 8 cups of water a day because (for me, I think and feel an article I read was correct when it said) our muscles, expecially our heart muscle (the most ... Tue, 15 Nov 2016 21:22:00 EST Sleep Apnea Increases Risk For Depression And Cognitive Decline Treatments for OSA<br><br>Treatment for OSA usually involves adherence to healthy lifestyle strategies and the use of devices designed to increase oxygen delivery to the brain. These include the continuous positive airflow pressure device (CPAP, which delivers a constant flow of air into breathing passages through a mask covering the nose and mouth) and dental devices designed to reposition the lower jaw or tongue in order to open the airway during sleep.<br><br>What You Should Know<br><br>A... Mon, 14 Nov 2016 21:49:00 EST Sleep Apnea Increases Risk For Depression And Cognitive Decline Brain Damage<br><br>It is not yet known precisely how OSA causes cognitive impairment; however, scientists have identified a number of potentially damaging brain changes associated with the disorder. <br><br>A paper published in the August 2016 issue of the Journal of Sleep Research suggests significant alterations in two brain chemicals-----the neurotransmitters gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which helps slow brain activity and promote feelings of calm, and glutamate, which acts to boost br... Sun, 13 Nov 2016 22:25:00 EST 5 tips for a nice smile <br><br><br><br>5 Tips for a Nice Smile<br>By Joanne Barker, Reviewed by Michael Friedman, DDS on March 22, 2015<br>With selfies and instant photo sharing, a camera-ready smile is great to have. You don't need to be a celebrity to know how to flash a glowing grin, though. Follow these steps to get pictures you'll be happy to send to your friends.<br><br>No. 1: Be natural.<br><br>When it's picture time, smile gently. That way, your face looks relaxed. Your mouth opens slightly, and your lower ... Sun, 13 Nov 2016 21:10:00 EST The Health Benefits of Water The Health Benefits of Water<br>We all need water to survive, but how exactly does it help?<br><br><br>Exercise is not Optional: Your Life Depends on It!<br><br>The body loses water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, which is why it's important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that contain water.<br><br>Most people who are in good physical health get enough fluids by drinking water and other beverages when they're thirsty, and also by drinking a beverage at mealtime.<... Sun, 13 Nov 2016 11:04:00 EST Sleep Apnea Increases Risk For Depression And Cognitive Decline There are a number of lifestyle strategies that may help lower a person's risk for the sleep disorder or help to reduce its symptoms. These strategies include:<br><br>Controlling allergies to reduce inflammation that interferes with breathing.<br><br>Using a saline nasal spray or breathing strips (external nasal dilators) to clear nasal passages and make breathing easier.<br><br>Adjusting your sleep position. Symptoms of OSA are associated with sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your side ... Sat, 12 Nov 2016 11:05:00 EST Sleep Apnea Increases Risk For Depression And Cognitive Decline Although vulnerability to OSA may be related to factors beyond the individual's control, there are a number of lifestyle strategies that may help lower a person's risk for the sleep disorder or help to reduce its symptoms. These strategies include:<br><br>Weight Loss. Excess weight is associated with a higher incidence of OSA, as is a larger neck size, since this may indicate the presence of fatty tissue that can narrow the airway. Men with neck circumferences of 17 inches or more, and wom... Fri, 11 Nov 2016 22:24:00 EST Sleep Apnea Increases Risk For Depression And Cognitive Decline The disorder can damage brain cells and lead to mood and memory troubles, but lifestyle changes and treatment can cure it.<br><br>As many as 25 million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a sleep disorder that represents a major danger to the brain. OSA heightens risk for potentially brain-damaging physical conditions, such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. In addition, people with the sleep disorder-----the vast majority of whom remain undiagnose... Thu, 10 Nov 2016 22:16:00 EST Good Habits to Keep You and Others Healthy A flu vaccine is the first and most important step in protecting against the flu. Follow these additional tips to stay healthy and keep others healthy this flu season:<br><br><br>Wash your hands frequently during the flu season. You may use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rinse (alcohol rinses are available at all pharmacies and should contain at least 60 percent alcohol). Remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds.<br><br>Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Viruses are often spr... Wed, 9 Nov 2016 22:17:00 EST Making The Most Of Close Relationships Count the Benefits<br><br>The benefits of supportive relationships are many and varied. Research published online January 14, 2016 in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that individuals who had greater levels of social support enjoyed better mental health and that negative social relationships were associated with poorer physical health.<br><br>The study adds to evidence from previous research that spending time with a network of caring friends and relatives can result in... Wed, 9 Nov 2016 12:08:00 EST Making The Most Of Close Relationships Optimizing Relationships<br><br>*****Share your feelings. Asking for advice and discussing issues that trouble you with your loved ones can help you process your emotions, lower your stress levels, and give others a chance to offer their support and reassurance.<br><br>*****Accept others as they are. Don't be judgmental. Remember that learning about other points of view can broaden your perspectives. Be patient with others' foibles.<br><br>*****Expect changes. Nothing remains the same ov... Tue, 8 Nov 2016 21:40:00 EST Making The Most Of Close Relationships Loved ones provide a safe haven from the larger world that is linked to better health.<br><br>As you gather with family and friends around the Thanksgiving table, there's one thing you might be especially grateful for: the loving relationships that provide an essential source of support and guidance, and contribute to a happy and rewarding life.<br><br>"The bonds with close friends and family help provide a home base from which individuals can go out into the world with confidence and return... Mon, 7 Nov 2016 23:28:00 EST Change your mind. A quote I appreciate from the Nutritional Almanac, <br><br>"Everything that feeds the body, also feeds the brain. Our brain influences our behavior." <br><br>Why not try a little mind over matter (MOM)? <br>Your MOM is like a muscle. It becomes stronger with use. Change a thought to positive with a little help from your MOM. A neat quote I found on Pinterest,<br><br>"It is the voice that we whisper to ourselves that is the most powerful." <br><br>I used to gripe to myself about things... Mon, 7 Nov 2016 10:46:00 EST How To Age-Proof Your Brain 5. Stay Socially Engaged.<br><br>Avoiding isolation and participating in social activities keeps the brain stimulated and responsive to changing circumstances. People who are socially active are significantly more likely to maintain a youthful brain.<br><br>Signs Of Age<br><br>There are many possible brain changes that are related to aging, although not all may occur in every individual. Changes in functioning that begin most commonly in middle age may include slowing of the ability to acq... Sun, 6 Nov 2016 21:47:00 EST How To Age-Proof Your Brain 2. Maintain A Healthy Weight.<br><br>Excess weight speeds brain aging. A study published July 27, 2016 in Neurobiology of Aging found strong evidence that being overweight or obese in midlife and later can make the brain as much as 10 years older. Using brain scans to measure brain volume, researchers found a significant reduction in white matter-----brain tissue respondible for helping communication among brain cells-----in the brains of study participants who were obese or overweight com... Sat, 5 Nov 2016 16:58:00 EST How To Age-Proof Your Brain Age-Proofing<br><br>Brain aging varies from individual to individual, and depends in part upon genetic determinants over which we have no control. However, in addition to getting regular exercise (experts recommend 30 minutes or more of moderate to intense exercise at least five days a week), recent studies have identified a number of other strategies that individuals can use that appear to slow age-related brain changes. Taking these steps might be especially helpful in bolstering your bra... Fri, 4 Nov 2016 22:53:00 EST Finding Minutes to Make Health Matter I often feel pressed for time. I know I have to work out but I get so lazy that I remain in a sitting position listen to or watching Netflix. I know that I am not alone in my being so lazy.... If so, I am not alone. <br><br>Lack of time can be detrimental to my overall physical, emotional and spiritual health. When pressed for time, I tend to exercise less, eat foods for convenience rather than nutritional value, have less time to interact with my family and friends, and spend little, if any... Fri, 4 Nov 2016 14:41:00 EST How To Age-Proof Your Brain A healthy lifestyle can help delay or prevent many of the negative effects of aging on brain function and structure.<br><br>When it comes to brain aging, it's best not to take age-related cognitive decline sitting down. In fact, recent research suggests that swapping a sedentary lifestyle for one that includes regular moderate-to-vigorous exercise may be one of the best ways to slow brain aging among older adults.<br><br>In a study published May 17, 2016 in Neurology, researchers asked 900 o... Thu, 3 Nov 2016 22:29:00 EST The importance of exercise as you get older Physical activity and exercise can help you stay healthy, energetic and independent as you get older.<br><br>Many adults aged 65 and over spend, on average, 10 hours or more each day sitting or lying down, making them the most sedentary age group.<br><br>They're paying a high price for their inactivity, with higher rates of falls, obesity, heart disease and early death compared with the general population.<br><br>As you get older, it becomes even more important to remain active if you want to... Thu, 3 Nov 2016 22:25:00 EST Drinking Loose Leaf Tea I am an emotional eater and a bored eater and an everything eater. When you sit in front of a computer working all day its so easy to pop treats and sweets in your mouth all day. So I have switched to tea. I drink loose leaf oolong or green tea. Way healthier then treats. It gets the physical hand motion in of hand to mouth but putting in water has to be better then putting in chocolates all day long. It also is a reminder to get up from my desk and take a break from my work to go fill ... Thu, 3 Nov 2016 10:08:00 EST The Importance of Laughter I am a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine. <br><br>I have dealt with pain, chronic illness, anxiety, and as a result bouts of depression for half of my life. Being stubborn and determined, helped get me a long way, but having a sense of humor has been vital in my ability to keep a positive outlook. I’m certainly not afraid to laugh at myself or my situation. <br><br>I remember one time in particular I was with my mom at a busy flea market. I was out of my wheelchair, I had dit... Thu, 3 Nov 2016 09:31:00 EST Use SparkPoints as Your Daily Planner I get so many comments from SparkFriends about how I get so many points! So, I figure after being here for over 6 years now and Maintaining for 5 and a half, I would pay it forward and tell you about this Secret of My Success!<br><br>When I started, I was clueless. I self-educated right here on SparkPeople. (Click the Learn Tab and find the answer to the questions you have!) Then I bought into the tracking concepts as I am such a Nerd! I started the day on the START tab, from the top of the p... Tue, 1 Nov 2016 11:32:00 EST Movement reduces stress and balances out everything else It's easy. Days I do not move are not as awesome. Days I move I always feel better band make better choices in both food and relationships. <br><br>Get up out of your desk and take the stairs.<br>Park farther away. <br>Grab a partner and go for a walk instead of sitting in the cafeteria for an hour. <br>Come into work and use the gym and hour early.<br>Wake up 30 minutes earlier and do some activity at home. <br>Try a pilates class. <br>Close your door and do a mat workout in your office.<br>... Thu, 27 Oct 2016 11:09:00 EST Plant-Based and Healthy and Fish Oil and The Heart Plant-Based and Healthy<br><br>Plant-based diets are gaining steam.<br><br>But are they healthy?<br><br>Researchers looked at the risk of type 2 diabetes in 160,000 women and 40,000 men who were tracked for up to 28 years. Among the results:<br><br>*****Healthy Plant-Based Diet. Those who ate more healthy plant foods (whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, oils) and fewer unhealthy plant foods (fruit juices, sugary drinks, refined grains, white potatoes, sweets, desserts) and fewer ... Wed, 26 Oct 2016 21:22:00 EST Dodging Diabetes & Plant-Based and Healthy Want to keep your prediabetes from dropping its "pre"? In 2002, the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) showed that weight loss and exercise could help. Duke University researchers wanted to see if exercise alone is almost as good. <br><br>The scientists randomly assigned 237 sedentary adults aged 45 to 75 with prediabetes to:<br><br>*****Diet + low-dose moderate exercise: a low-calorie, lower-fat diet plus exercise equal to brisk walking for 8-1/2 miles per week,<br><br>*****Low-dose moder... Tue, 25 Oct 2016 22:51:00 EST How Aluminum in Vaccines Affects Your Health How Aluminum in Vaccines Affects Your Health<br><br><br>Dr. Suzanne Humphries, author of "Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History,"1 is a nephrologist who has committed the latter part of her medical career to exposing the oft-hidden facts about vaccines, their history, and what makes them potentially dangerous.<br><br>Aluminum (pronounced and spelled "aluminium" in Europe) is a known neurotoxin, and scientific evidence shows that it can play a significant role in n... Tue, 25 Oct 2016 11:20:00 EST Colorectal Cancer On The Decline....But Still Dangerous What Else May (Or May Not) Matter<br><br>*****Smoking. "It's very clear that smoking is a cause of colorectal cancer, and the decline in smoking here is one factor that's contributing to our decline," says Harvard's Walter Willett. "Smoking has gone up in many East Asian countries and in China, in particular, now that people can afford it."<br><br>*****Alcohol. "Its a risk factor,, but the risk only goes up when you get beyond two drinks a day," says Willett.<br><br>*****Folic Acid. "The ... Mon, 24 Oct 2016 23:34:00 EST Hawthorn Berry for Your Heart Hawthorn Berry for Your Heart<br><br><br>A dense bush bearing tiny red berries, hawthorn bushes are common in wooded areas and fence rows across the U.S. and throughout the world. Many parts of the hawthorn (with the botanical name Crataegus), including its berries and flowers, have been used by traditional healers for centuries.<br><br>Resembling tiny sweet cherries, hawthorn berry "haws" have been used to make wine, jelly and flavored brandy for years, but not many people are aware of the i... Mon, 24 Oct 2016 11:20:00 EST Colorectal Cancer On The Decline....But Still Dangerous Consider Aspirin:<br><br>"A series of randomized clinical trials has confirmed that taking aspirin for 10 years or more is associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer," says Harvard's Andrew Chan.<br><br>"The evidence is so persuasive that the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force now recommends taking low-dose aspirin for the prevention of colorectal cancer as well as heart disease in people with cardiovascular risk factors."<br><br>That advice is for people aged 50 to 59 who have at lea... Sun, 23 Oct 2016 22:25:00 EST Watch out for the Germs... Well that time of year will be here before you know it.. The dreaded cold and flu season.. I am on Infusions and I have not one ounce of Immune System to help me fight off a cold or flu.. I am already stocked up on Tissues and ready but I turn to my Hubby for help with this.. I am also allergic to evergreens as pines.. and now they are already and have a lot of the Christmas things out.. Grocery Stores filled up with the small trees in pots and I have noticed that some of the items that are l... Sun, 23 Oct 2016 15:11:00 EST Colorectal Cancer On The Decline....But Still Dangerous Get Your Vitamin D:<br><br>"We see a very consistent relationship between lower blood levels of vitamin D and higher colorectal cancer risk," says Willett.<br><br>The large VITAL trial is now testing whether a high dose (2,000 IU a day) of vitamin D can lower the risk of colorectal cancer. "If there's a benefit, the results will be definitive," notes Willett. "But if we don't see something, it may be because the trial didn't last long enough or because too many people in the placebo group ... Sat, 22 Oct 2016 20:26:00 EST Colorectal Cancer On The Decline....But Still Dangerous And giving people calcium carbonate (1,000 mg a day) eliminated the increase in nitrosamines that they excreted when they were fed six ounces a day of cooked ham for four days.<br><br>"Dairy products have also been related to lower risk, likely through the calcium pathway," adds Willett.<br><br>What has befuddled scientists are the results of two large clinical trials that gave calcium (1,200 mg a day) to people who had already had a precancerous colon polyp removed. Both studies were led by... Fri, 21 Oct 2016 22:17:00 EST Colorectal Cancer On The Decline....But Still Dangerous Cut Back On Meat:<br><br>But nitrosamines can still form inside the body. "If you're consuming amines and amides from meats, and then you get naturally occurring nitrates from water or vegetables, nitrosamines can form in the gut," explains Cross.<br><br>"So with red meat, nitrosamines are formed only inside the body, but with processed meats, they can form both outside---during meat processing---and inside."<br><br>Is processed poultry like turkey bacon or chicken sausage safe? It's not cl... Thu, 20 Oct 2016 23:14:00 EST Colorectal Cancer On The Decline....But Still Dangerous Keep A Lid On Insulin<br><br>"In Japan, obesity has hardly gone up, especially in women," says Willett. "The rates are still around 5 percent, compared to 40 percent here." (He's counting only obese, not overweight, women.)<br><br>That may be because it's not excess weight, but high blood insulin levels---a sign that your cells are resistant to insulin---that matters most. (How do you know if you're insulin resistant? If your doctor says you have the metabolic syndrome, you probably are.)... Wed, 19 Oct 2016 22:06:00 EST Colorectal Cancer On The Decline....But Still Dangerous "We don't recommend screening after 85," Owens added. "The risks associated with screening go up with age." And because colorectal cancer takes about 10 years to develop, screening has a smaller payoff in people over 85.<br><br>Which screening test is best? A colonoscopy is the gold standard.<br><br>"It's best because you can see the whole colon," says Harvard's Walter Willett, "I had a colleague who would still be alive if he had gotten one at age 50."<br><br>But the task force recommend... Tue, 18 Oct 2016 23:21:00 EST Colorectal Cancer On The Decline....But Still Dangerous "Back in the '60s, there were roughly ten-fold differences in colorectal cancer rates across countries. Yet those huge differences pretty much disappeared when people migrated from low-incidence countries like Japan to high-incidence countries like the U.S."<br><br>Now it's a different story.<br><br>"U.S. colorectal cancer incidence and mortality are down by about half what they were in the '60s,: says Willett.<br><br>"At the same time, in East Asian countries, colorectal cancer rates are sk... Mon, 17 Oct 2016 22:57:00 EST Colorectal Cancer On The Decline....But Still Dangerous "This is good news," says Gilbert Welch, professor of medicine at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine. Colorectal cancer death rates in people aged 50 and older are half what they were in 1975. "There's nothing ambiguous about it," adds Welch. "This disease is clearly on the decline."<br><br>That said, colorectal cancer is still the third leading cause of cancer death in men (after lung and prostate) and in women (after lung and breast).<br><br>A Success Story:<br><br>"My father died of ... Sun, 16 Oct 2016 21:39:00 EST The Healing Power of Light The Healing Power of Light<br><br>By now you’re probably aware of the importance of vitamin D. Ideally, it’s best to get it from the sun, because sunlight provides a number of other benefits as well, over and beyond vitamin D synthesis, that you simply cannot get from food or a supplement.<br><br>Alexander Wunsch is a German physician of holistic medicine and photobiology. He’s also the CEO of Medical Light Consulting in Heidelberg, Germany. He believes, like I do, that the sun is a great hea... Sun, 16 Oct 2016 10:56:00 EST Why the Sun Is Necessary for Optimal Health Why the Sun Is Necessary for Optimal Health<br><br><br>How is it that sunlight, once regarded as a divine power in some cultures, has come to be classified as a Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO)? This is a question posed by photobiologist Dr. Alexander Wunsch, CEO of Medical Light Consulting in Heidelberg, Germany.<br><br>It's a fundamental one because it shows the dichotomy between sunlight in ancient and modern cultures. Once revered as a healing power, today sunligh... Sun, 16 Oct 2016 10:38:00 EST Diet Sabotage: Why it Happens and How to Handle It Those who you least expect could sabotage your healthy lifestyle efforts. . . your spouse, friends, family. So why is this? <br><br>Competition: many friends or family may be feeling like you’re “upping them” or they’re not as successful as you if you are having healthy lifestyle success. <br><br>Feeling inadequate: Your success with adopting a healthy lifestyle may cause others to feel insecure because it may cause them to question their own bad health habits and feel badly about them... Sat, 15 Oct 2016 10:54:00 EST The Healing Power of Light The Healing Power of Light<br><br><br>By now you’re probably aware of the importance of vitamin D. Ideally, it’s best to get it from the sun, because sunlight provides a number of other benefits as well, over and beyond vitamin D synthesis, that you simply cannot get from food or a supplement.<br><br>Alexander Wunsch is a German physician of holistic medicine and photobiology. He’s also the CEO of Medical Light Consulting in Heidelberg, Germany. He believes, like I do, that the sun is a great... Sat, 15 Oct 2016 10:40:00 EST Why the Sun Is Necessary for Optimal Health Why the Sun Is Necessary for Optimal Health<br><br><br>How is it that sunlight, once regarded as a divine power in some cultures, has come to be classified as a Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO)? This is a question posed by photobiologist Dr. Alexander Wunsch, CEO of Medical Light Consulting in Heidelberg, Germany.<br><br>It's a fundamental one because it shows the dichotomy between sunlight in ancient and modern cultures. Once revered as a healing power, today sunligh... Sat, 15 Oct 2016 10:17:00 EST 5 Tips To Stay Motivated And Continue Exercising Through Autumn As the weather changes and it gets chilly, it’s very tempting to stay inside, to skip the gym, and curl up on the sofa with a book and a movie. But whether you are a trail runner or a weight lifter, exercising daily is doubly important in the colder months. People tend to put on weight this time of year because they are eating more comforting foods and moving less – a lot less. Here are 5 tips to ensure your workout motivation meter stays on high throughout the year.<br><br>1. Change your rou... Fri, 14 Oct 2016 22:56:00 EST First Ever Study Reveals Amounts of Food Dyes in Brand Name Foods First Ever Study Reveals Amounts of Food Dyes in Brand Name Foods<br><br>Spotting foods with artificial colors is not as straightforward as it may seem, and although such additives are listed on food labels, the actual amounts used in common foods are not.<br><br>If your child eats a bowl of packaged macaroni and cheese or breakfast cereal, for instance, is he or she ingesting more than 30 milligrams (mg) of dye? This is the amount that has been found to cause behavioral issues in some childr... Fri, 14 Oct 2016 13:08:00 EST Weekend Tips to Staying on Track Go into the weekend with a healthy mindset: Go into the weekend thinking you are going to stay on track, you’re more likely to actually stick with your plan that way!<br><br>Plan ahead: Go over your weekend plans and think about them in advance. Don’t go STARVING to that party! If you’re going away, do a little food prepping of healthy snacks to bring with you. This is when my Shakeology is handy. I will be sure to drink it before going to the event so it will help curb any cravings!<br><br> ... Fri, 14 Oct 2016 12:30:00 EST Winter Is a Great Time for Living Room Workouts Are the winter months bringing you workout blues? Do icy roads and bitter temps make you dread the trip to the gym? Is your gym closed during the only hours you are available to exercise?<br><br>Maybe you’re just bored with the same old routine and need something new to inspire you—to shake things up a bit. You’re certainly not alone! This is the time of year when winter doldrums can strike even the most die-hard fitness enthusiast.<br><br>If you’re not a winter sports buff, maybe the best wa... Thu, 13 Oct 2016 20:59:00 EST Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body 1. Keep your mind limber. In addition to the fact that staying mentally active is emotionally rewarding, studies have shown that there is a correlation between mentally challenging activities and a decreased risk of Alzheimer's. Never stop learning, even if you feel like you’re “past your prime.”[1] There are some simple ways you can exercise your mind. For example, you can try taking a different route to work, or brush your teeth with the hand you don't normally use.[2] <br>Read more, and c... Thu, 13 Oct 2016 08:24:00 EST Sugar Hides Under Many Different Names on Food Labels Sugar Hides Under Many Different Names on Food Labels<br><br><br>Your body gets all the sugar it needs from natural sources in fruits and vegetables. When combined with additional fiber, vitamins and minerals, natural sugar is processed slightly differently than added refined white sugar or the myriad of other names the industry is using to disguise sugar in your food.<br><br>Avoiding foods laced with sugar is easier said than done, unless you have switched to a diet of almost exclusively who... Wed, 12 Oct 2016 12:14:00 EST No Option Loose Weight.. When you go to the Doctor and they say.. Your joints hurt cause they have too much strain on the joints or you get in the floor and under a table and can't get out.. You know it is your health and your under a table asking why..? I was to heavy.. That is why.. Yes I am sure that if it was now.. I would have been on Youtube.. I tried all kinds of things and there is not a Miracle l pill or drink that can help you.. I found Spark People.. and what do you know It does work.. You have to do it a... Tue, 11 Oct 2016 19:04:00 EST I'm Taking 1st Place for a Few Minutes at Least So I'm a super woman, every woman and all things to almost everyone in my life.... Almost everyone I said. There are times when even I, the most loving, responsible and agreeable person can be short tempered, selfish and irresponsible as well. <br><br>In those times, I feel dark and lost and hopeless but I want to eliminate those feelings and make them well meaning for those I love and myself. So just for a few minutes daily, I am going to committ to taking 1st place in my life so that I can ... Tue, 11 Oct 2016 13:08:00 EST Best-Selling Toothpaste Contains Hazardous Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical Best-Selling Toothpaste Contains Hazardous Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical<br><br><br>Some of the most obvious ones include soaps and antibacterial wipes, but you can also find it in cutting boards, toys, clothing, household furnishings, pet food dispensers, and much more.<br><br>Despite the pervasive use of this chemical, troubling questions linger about its potentially harmful effects, especially for children.<br><br>Research has shown that triclosan can alter hormone regulation and may inter... Tue, 11 Oct 2016 10:54:00 EST Making It a Habit to Sleep Successfully When I was a kid, I could sleep soundly through the night with no interruptions except to use the bathroom. Then I started working a crazy 4am til noon or beyond. It's easier to say that is the shift that I will be working and actually work to get the sleep I need to be efficient at work. So now I am finding it most difficult to sleep through the night. This is my admission to myself. <br><br>While I am now working part time nights again, I am trying to find ways to sneak in sleep just as I w... Mon, 10 Oct 2016 13:21:00 EST Honey May Be a Natural Way to Beat Bacteria Honey May Be a Natural Way to Beat Bacteria<br><br><br>If you’ve ever heard of Manuka honey (scientific name Leptospermum scoparium), perhaps you’re already aware that it’s been used for millennia as a remedy for inflammation and bacterial infections.<br><br>A new study at the University of Southampton in the U.K. recently reported that the honey from Down Under may be useful for decreasing the risk of infections and helping to prevent pathogenic bacterial colonies known as biofilm from devel... Mon, 10 Oct 2016 12:21:00 EST A Healthy Digestive System Diarrhea From Antibiotics:<br><br>Are some antibiotics more likely to cause diarrhea than others?<br><br>Yes. Amoxicillin plus clavulanate (Augmentin and generic) is the biggest culprit. It causes diarrhea in up to one-quarter of the people who take it, compared with 15 to 20 percent with cefixime (Suprax); 5 to 10 percent with ampicillin; 5 to 9 percent with amoxicillin; and 1 to 8 percent with other antibiotics. The friendly bacteria in yogurt or probiotic pills may help ward off diarrh... Sun, 9 Oct 2016 22:43:00 EST My biggest Secret of all I have decided that losing a lot of weight is not in the cards for me and I have came to terms with that. I am not going to concentrate so much on that but to start a healthier life style. I am going to have that cookie, and enjoy it and learn to have just one. I have been using food as a crutch, when ever things get a little touch, I go to food, every time I am bored, I go to food, every time there is anything that is not going absolutely my way, I go to food. I have tried doing crafts,... Sun, 9 Oct 2016 14:43:00 EST A Healthy Digestive System Eating Around Ulcers:<br><br>Foods and beverages that should be avoided if you have a duodenal ulcer....<br><br>The usual advice is to avoid foods containing substances that are capable of increasing stomach acid, such as caffeine and alcohol, as well as known stomach irritants, such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. However, it is now known that well over 90 percent of duodenal ulcers are caused by a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori. A two-week course of certain antibiotics and a... Sat, 8 Oct 2016 22:41:00 EST A Healthy Digestive System Artificial Sugar And Belly Pain:<br><br>Is there anything in sugar-free foods that could cause stomach cramps?<br><br>Yes. Such foods are often sweetened with substances called sugar alcohols, which can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea. Those sweeteners appear on labels with such names as erythritol, lactitol, maltitol, sorbitol, and xylitol. If you're sensitive to sugar alcohols, as little as 10 to 15 grams---the typical amount in one to two servings of sweetened food---can trigger gastr... Fri, 7 Oct 2016 23:33:00 EST A Healthy Digestive System The three most common causes of stomach-lining inflammation are: <br><br>***Increased secretion of stomach acid, stimulated by coffee, tea, alcohol, or cigarettes.<br><br>***Direct irritation by a food such as hot peppers or by a medication, particularly a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil and generic), or naproxen (Aleve and generic).<br><br>***Erosion of the stomach's mucus barrier, most often caused by prolonged use of NSAIDSs.<br><br>You may be... Thu, 6 Oct 2016 22:52:00 EST Clary Sage Oil May Be Pricey, but Its Benefits Are Priceless Clary Sage Oil May Be Pricey, but Its Benefits Are Priceless<br><br>A close relative of the common garden sage, the clary sage is a perennial herb that grows from May to September.<br><br>When converted into an essential oil, clary sage provides outstanding benefits for your eyes, nervous system, digestion and kidneys. Although it doesn’t come cheap, it’s still worth using due to its many positive health effects.<br><br>What Is Clary Sage Oil?<br><br>Clary sage oil is extracted from the clary... Thu, 6 Oct 2016 10:47:00 EST A Healthy Digestive System Do.....<br><br>Consider probiotics:<br><br>Probiotic supplements are made of good-for-you microbes and companies market them as easy ways to promote gut health. But they're not regulated by the FDA like drugs, so it can be hard to know what's in these supplements and whether they do what they promise. If you suffer from GI issues, you may want to consider brands that have undergone testing and have been shown to be effective, such as Align and Florastor. Check with your pharmacist or docto... Wed, 5 Oct 2016 21:31:00 EST California Considers Adding Cancer Warning to Aspartame California Considers Adding Cancer Warning to Aspartame<br><br><br>While the sale of soda, and notably diet soda, has continued to plummet over the past 30 years,1 artificial sweeteners are also found in over 6,000 different processed food products.2 It appears sales of soda products have reached an all-time low in response to consumers’ demand for healthier alternatives.<br><br>Sales figures demonstrate bottled water is poised to overtake soda as the largest beverage category.3 The switch fr... Wed, 5 Oct 2016 11:25:00 EST My Pet Keeps Me Healthy! If you read any of my blog posts you've seen my dog Pippa pop up in there a couple of times. She is still a puppy at ten months old, and she has done wonders for me.<br><br>1. She keeps me physically active<br>2. She gives me comfort when I'm anxious or in pain<br>3. She helps me talk to people<br><br>First, I will tell you how I came to get Pippa: I have always had dogs. In fact, at one time I had 4 who where mostly rescues and close in age. Three years ago we lost our oldest she was 5 lb... Wed, 5 Oct 2016 07:23:00 EST A Healthy Digestive System Why a healthy digestive system can help you feel happier and stay well for good.............<br><br>If your first reaction to the word bacteria is eww!, it's time to reconsider. Once known as microscopic mischief-makers responsible for a variety of illnesses, like food poisoning and strep throat, certain bugs have started to show their good side. Or more precisely, experts have discovered that there are beneficial strains of bacteria living in your body, and these critters can help with a v... Tue, 4 Oct 2016 21:16:00 EST How Do You Know if You Have A Cold or the Flu? Tis the season for colds and flu. How do you know if you have a cold or the flu? Both are caused by a viral infection. Some of the symptoms are the same. But here’s a handy check list that may help, and ways to take care of yourself.<br><br>Colds: rarely have a fever, rarely a headache, can have slight aches and pains, mild fatigue/weakness, nasal congestion, usually sneezing, runny nose, sore throat common (from post nasal drip among other things), mild to moderate cough, complications... Tue, 4 Oct 2016 07:40:00 EST How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Change Your Life How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Change Your Life<br><br><br>Vinegar is said to have been discovered around 5000 BC, when unattended grape juice turned into wine and then vinegar. Originally used as a food preservative, vinegar’s medicinal uses soon came to light.<br><br>Hippocrates used vinegar to manage wounds, while medical practitioners in the 1700s used it to treat everything from poison ivy and croup to stomach aches. Vinegar was even used to treat diabetes.1<br><br>Vinegar, which means “sou... Sun, 2 Oct 2016 10:37:00 EST Make Monthly Short Term Goals <img src=""><br><br>One of the most important things to keep me on track, motivated, and focused is to have a meaningful journal that I write my Longer Term Goal, Medium Term Goals, and Short Term Goals. <br><br>I have bought a special journal for this. For me it feels more personal and meaningful when I write it down instead of typing it down. I have special pens that bought for this because this is a special m... Sat, 1 Oct 2016 16:05:00 EST The Health Issue No One Talks About Kieley Parker, 30, went through a big life change. <br><br>When Kieley first became ill, even asking for help seemed like more than she could manage. But she gathered her courage and told her other she was struggling. Right away, her mom was supportive. She scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist for Kieley and drove her there.<br><br>Kieley, a typically bubbly person, was immediately diagnosed with depression, brought on by her move and all the other transitions in her life. The ps... Fri, 30 Sep 2016 22:07:00 EST The Health Issue No One Talks About Tonja Myles, 51, has had multiple depressive episodes.<br><br>Tonja was not dealt an easy hand. She experienced years of childhood trauma and at the age of 18, she was hospitalized for depression and a suicide attempt. She started taking an antidepressant but soon stopped because she felt ashamed. <br><br>"Some people in the faith community frown upon it because they think you should just pray and ask God, and He will heal you from depression," says Tonja, who is an ordained minister. "I p... Thu, 29 Sep 2016 22:46:00 EST Place Ice on this point 2 times a day and see what happens to your body <br>Place Ice on This Point 2 Times a Day and See What Happens to Your Body!<br><br>Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the concept that energy (chi or qi) flows through and around the body along pathways called meridians. Stimulating the various pressure points along these meridians can help to restore proper circulation of life-energy, known in China as “qi” or in the English-speaking world as “chi”, returning the body to a state of balance and well-being. This release allows energy t... Thu, 29 Sep 2016 16:33:00 EST NO SUGAR FOR ME! Sugar is our NEMESIS, don't let it defeat you in obtaining your goal, for health and weight loss. All sugars in all ingredients listed on any product you may want to try. I myself stay away from processed food, and choose just the whole foods, and nuts and seeds and whatever would be a healthy choice to continue my journey. <br>I finally found the best ever to help me with my food choices, and that is LCHF (low carb high fat) keep in my mind, this is good pure fat, butter, avocado, etc. I j... Thu, 29 Sep 2016 14:26:00 EST What I Have Learned What to eat if you don't already have a plan:<br>Turn on the meal plans and use the food substitution lists. On the website, just click on the suggested food line and a list of 15-20 alternative foods for that category will pop up. You then can pick a food you like. It outlines portions and gives you all your nutrients in a realistic and doable range. When I discovered this, I started to lose weight.<br><br>When to give up:<br>SLOW weight loss is so much better than NO weight loss and infini... Thu, 29 Sep 2016 13:57:00 EST The Health Issue No One Talks About Barb Patrick, 46, experienced postpartum depression. <br><br>Barb, who now runs a quilting business in Newtown, CT, worried she couldn't take care of her newborn and 20-month-old toddler, so she called her ob-gyn office. At first, they didn't offer any helpful solutions, says Barb. After five sleepless nights, she called the office again and the on-call nurse midwife answered. "She changed my life. She said, 'Oh, honey, you have postpartum. come in, and we'll take care of it.'" The midw... Wed, 28 Sep 2016 21:45:00 EST Clean eating/ exercise There really is no secret, just make a plan, have short and long term goals. Celebrate even itsy bitsy successes. <br><br>Figure out why there was a disappointment and vow never, ever to repeat. But don't get discourage either. You will make mistakes, you will get tired, you will have disappointments. Go to sleep wake up, it's a new day. New adventures, new progress. <br><br>Go get the support you need, where ever and when ever. Ask for help when you need it. <br><br>Get away from thos... Wed, 28 Sep 2016 12:28:00 EST The Health Issue No One Talks About One answer could be that some women are incorrectly given antidepressants after brief evaluations with primary care physicians even if they're not experiencing clinical depression. (Most prescriptions are written by doctors who do not specialize in mental health care.)<br><br>Others who may need medication are never diagnosed because they don't discuss their feelings due to fear of prejudice or lack of access to medical care. And, some women who could benefit from antidepressants may be sel... Tue, 27 Sep 2016 22:21:00 EST Seasonal Affective Disorder – Tis the Season As many as 20% of people in the US suffer from S.A.D. Could you have it? This is the time of year when it sets in – days are shorter, meaning less sunlight and the mood takes a dip.<br><br>Here are some symptoms/signs that could mean you have S.A.D.:<br><br>Feelings of sadness and hopelessness, losing interest in things you enjoyed which last more than 2 weeks, that is a sign of depression. But if you experience these symptoms only during Fall and Winter, and it disappears once the days g... Tue, 27 Sep 2016 08:54:00 EST The Health Issue No One Talks About Kieley Parker never imagined she would need an antidepressant. "I always win those stupid sunshine and happiest person awards. People see me as an incredibly joyful person," she says.<br><br>But in fall 2014, Kieley left her job as a third-grade teacher and moved to Tulsa, OK with her fiance'. Starting over in a new city was an enormous transition. "I couldn't feel joy or even negative emotions like sadness. I couldn't eat---I lost 25 pounds," Kieley recalls. "I was just anxious, which ... Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:14:00 EST 7 tips for staying healthy during the cold and flu season Back to school and back to germs. This is the time cold and flu season begins to ramp up. Although the flu usually isn't in full force until after the first of the year, now is the time to start preparing. Do you know all the things you should do to keep you and your children as cold- and flu-free as possible? <br><br>1. Cough or sneeze into your elbow.<br><br>2. Wash hands often, especially after blowing your nose or coughing. Proper washing consists of using warm water and soap, and scrubbi... Mon, 26 Sep 2016 20:54:00 EST Never Enough Thyme Never Enough Thyme<br><br><br>Closely related to mint and oregano, thyme is an evergreen herb that's had scores of uses over millennia, stemming most often from adding zest to foods and as an ancient medicinal.<br><br>Traditional therapies often involved thyme in different forms to relieve chest congestion and coughs. Greeks and Romans consumed it both as an antidote for poison and to prevent the plague.<br><br>In the Middle Ages, people placed thyme under pillows to inhibit nightmares and in... Mon, 26 Sep 2016 11:54:00 EST How to Control Your Cravings... How to Control Your Cravings and Get Organized for Weight Loss Success<br><br> By Elizabeth Lowry<br> <img src=""><br>Once you’ve made the decision to lose weight, the “where to start” part can seem more overwhelming than the resolve to begin in the first place. How do you change your eating habits in a healthy way? Cut back your calories? Purge certain food groups from your pantry? Go on a fad diet? Join a support... Mon, 26 Sep 2016 09:53:00 EST Stress: It DOESN’T Do a Body Good! Stress. It can be our undoing even if we follow a healthy lifestyle – eating healthy foods and exercising. Stress causes an inflammatory response in the body, and chronic inflammation is responsible for many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. The inflammatory process builds up over time, so, obviously it is important to control it as much as possible.<br><br>The fact is, stress is a normal part of life. Our body’s response to stress (fast heart bea... Mon, 26 Sep 2016 08:24:00 EST Breast Cancer Breakthroughs The latest information to help women stay healthier longer:<br><br>What's New: Tests can see if chemo is needed. Two tests are now available that can identify women who may be able to skip chemotherapy after surgery because of a low risk of recurrence.<br><br>Take Action: Discuss the odds of your cancer returning with your physician, and whether you're eligible for a test like Oncotype DX or MammaPrint (both are typically conducted via a blood or saliva sample).<br><br>What's New: Radiati... Sun, 25 Sep 2016 22:36:00 EST Still Sparkle While Going Through Depression The desire to reduce stress is a common goal for most people. We are so entrenched in our routines, habits, and ways of doing things we rarely stop and consider new ways of dealing with the stresses of daily living. Well, I have a few ideas that may help you in this area. I call it simplifying your style.<br><br>By simplifying your style, you are setting up how you are going to respond to stress creating events in advance. In other words, you are making a decision based on your desire to redu... Fri, 23 Sep 2016 18:50:00 EST Accountability Is Key I have been on this weight loss journey for the past fifteen months and I have lost one hundred and ten pounds so far. One of the determining factors that has helped me stay on the right track is having someone to be accountable to and someone to be accountable for. For the past year I have helped to coach 25 women and we have lost a total of 1012 pounds. I created a Facebook page where we would post our food selection , workouts and words of hope and encouragement every day. We would al... Fri, 23 Sep 2016 14:05:00 EST What Causes High Cholesterol? What Causes High Cholesterol?<br>Learn Which Risk Factors You Can Control<br> <img src=""><br>Elevated cholesterol levels aren't caused by a high-cholesterol diet alone. The fact is, a combination of factors affect your cholesterol levels. There are two main categories of risks that contribute to high cholesterol—those that you can't change (uncontrollable risks), and those that you can (controllable risks).<br><br>... Fri, 23 Sep 2016 08:36:00 EST Manage Multiple Medications to Prevent Harmful Interactions Ask your pharmacist<br><br>It's best to use one pharmacy for all prescription medications. The better your pharmacist knows you and your medications, the less likely you are to make a mistake.<br><br>Pharmacists should ask if you have any questions about a prescription. Take advantage of this opportunity and ask about:<br><br>***How much, how often, and how long the drug should be taken<br><br>***Possible side effects<br><br>***Drug/food/alcohol interactions that may occur<br><br>***Whether... Thu, 22 Sep 2016 21:29:00 EST Manage Multiple Medications to Prevent Harmful Interactions Don't forget to include supplements (like vitamins), inhalers, eye and ear drops, laxatives, pain patches, and herbal products.<br><br>Once he or she reviews everything you are taking, your physician may stop some medications, recommend alternatives, reduce the dosage, or change the time at which some drugs are taken.<br><br>If a new medication is prescribed, ask what it's for, how long it will take to work, and if there are any side effects.<br><br>Follow a schedule<br><br>Dr. Reidenberg sug... Wed, 21 Sep 2016 21:53:00 EST Manage Multiple Medications to Prevent Harmful Interactions Mistakes are common; avoiding them requires planning among your doctors, your pharmacist, and you.<br><br>For a variety of reasons, as many as half of middle-aged and older women do not comply with their physician's orders when taking prescription drugs.<br><br>The result can be adverse drug events (ADEs), which account for 700,000 emergency room visits and 120,000 hospitalizations a year. The problem is compounded when patients take more than one medication, which is more common among older... Tue, 20 Sep 2016 22:48:00 EST Yoga Does a Body Great The Eastern practice of yoga has become a modern-day symbol of peace, serenity and well-being in the West. More than 20 million Americans practice yoga, according to the 2012 Yoga in America study, with practitioners spending more than $10 billion a year on yoga-related products and classes.<br><br>The mind-body practice is frequently touted for its ability to reduce stress and boost well-being, but it also offers wide-ranging physical health benefits that rival other forms of exercise. While... Tue, 20 Sep 2016 13:50:00 EST Rheumatoid arthritis vs osteoarthritis Half of all American senior citizens have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis. The two most common forms are RA--rheumatoid arthritis and OA--osteoarthritis. <br><br>What are the differences between OA and RA?<br><br>OA is caused when the cartilage that pads the bones in your joints wears away. This allows the bones to rub against each other and is the most common form of arthritis in adults. RA is an autoimmune disease, meaning your body is attacking itself. This can happen in mult... Tue, 20 Sep 2016 07:18:00 EST Natural Treatments for Sinus Infections What causes sinus infections? Membranes line the bones around the nose, eyes and cheeks. The membranes produce mucous. The purpose of that is to warm and moisten the air we breathe in. It also helps filter out germs. If the sinus cavities can’t drain properly, the mucous stagnates and an infection can happen.<br><br>There are many identified culprits in causing chronic sinus infections:<br><br>Excessive dairy consumption<br>Environmental allergies<br>Tobacco and pollution irritation<br>F... Mon, 19 Sep 2016 08:12:00 EST 5 Tiny Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Over time, these simple changes can make a big difference in how you look and feel .<br>By Emma Haak<br><br><br>Add an Extra Egg at Breakfast<br>Eating more protein could bump up your post-meal calorie burn, suggests research in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. In a small study, researchers had 10 healthy, normal-weight women between 19 and 22 years old eat a high-protein diet one day and a high-complex-carb diet another, to compare how each diet affected their metabolism. (The first diet contained 30 percent protein and 30 percent complex carbs. The second... Sun, 18 Sep 2016 15:25:00 EST Eating and exercise: 5 tips to maxi Eating and exercise: 5 tips to maximize your workouts<br> <img src=""><br><br>Knowing when and what to eat can make a difference in your workouts. Understand the connection between eating and exercise.<br>By Mayo Clinic Staff<br><br>Eating and exercise go hand in hand. When and what you eat can be important to how you feel when you exercise, whether it's a casual workout or training for a competition. Consider these... Sun, 18 Sep 2016 10:35:00 EST The Longer You’re Overweight, the Greater Your Risk of Cancer The Longer You’re Overweight, the Greater Your Risk of Cancer<br><br><br>According to recent research, the longer a woman is overweight, the more likely she is to develop breast, endometrial, colon or kidney cancer.1 Obesity is indeed a known risk factor for cancer, so this finding in and of itself is not surprising.<br><br>Worldwide, obesity is responsible for an estimated 500,000 cancer cases each year,2 and according to the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), excess body weigh... Sat, 17 Sep 2016 09:23:00 EST What You Can Do To Prevent A Stroke The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association issued guidelines for stroke prevention in women. Here are the top 10 risk factors to address:<br><br>7. Smoking. The more cigarettes you smoke, the higher your risk of stroke.<br><br>8. Migraine. Migraines are associated with stroke in women under age 45. Smoking and oral contraceptives further increase the risk.<br><br>9. Atrial fibrillation (AF). Having AF, an irregular heart rhythm can increase the risk of stroke up to... Fri, 16 Sep 2016 21:37:00 EST Relax into the Journey I struggle with several health issues that can keep me from doing so many things that I love. Multiple Sclerosis, migraines, and arthritis are paramount. I used to stress about how much or how little I could do. Stress did not help my journey at all. In fact, it likely kept me from success. Stress hormones increase hunger and that is never a good thing when one is desiring to lose weight. Stress also cause muscle tension that increases symptoms of all the medical issues I already live w... Fri, 16 Sep 2016 15:46:00 EST The Science is Practically Screaming... Don't Make This Trendy Fat Mistake The Science is Practically Screaming... Don't Make This Trendy Fat Mistake<br><br><br>The science is loud and clear: the correct balance of fatty acids is essential if you want to be the healthiest you can be.<br><br>There are actually two problems related to how these fats are being consumed by most Westerners today:<br><br>Most people are consuming far too many omega-6 fats compared to omega-3 fats. <br><br>The ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats is 1:1, but the typical Western diet is b... Fri, 16 Sep 2016 10:22:00 EST The ease of removing a "secondary cataract" If you have had cataract surgery it is not uncommon for your vision to become cloudy many years later resulting in the diagnosis of "secondary cataract." This is not a true cataract since another cataract cannot occur after cataract surgery. In a cataract operation, the cloudy lens is replaced with a clear, artificial lens. However, in some cases, a hazy membrane can form just behind the intraocular lens implant.<br><br>During a cataract operation, the surgeon will carefully remove the cata... Fri, 16 Sep 2016 08:21:00 EST What You Can Do To Prevent A Stroke The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association issued guidelines for stroke prevention in women. Here are the top 10 risk factors to address:<br><br>1. Hypertension. The higher your blood pressure, the higher your risk of stroke. The relationship is so strong that lowering blood pressure to normal is one of the most effective strategies for preventing stroke. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and medications may all help normalize blood pressure.<br><br>2. Diet. Diets t... Thu, 15 Sep 2016 22:30:00 EST With the Coming of Fall, Will Your Physical Activity Hit the Wall? As the weather gets cooler, and the days get shorter, how will you maintain your level of activity? It is so easy to come up with excuses – too cold out, too dark out, I’m tired. But it is so important to keep our bodies in good shape, no matter the season. Let’s face it, physical activity just helps us find our happy place, too when we get those endorphins pumping. Enjoy the sunny days and wonderful temperatures Fall has to over. Here’s some ideas:<br><br>Ride you bike. OF course yo... Thu, 15 Sep 2016 12:24:00 EST The Benefits of Sleep Therapy Over Drugs The Benefits of Sleep Therapy Over Drugs<br><br><br>Lack of sleep is detrimental to your health, and in the case of chronic insomnia, it can even be deadly. People with chronic insomnia have a three times greater risk of death from all causes compared to those who sleep normally.1<br><br>Sleep is also intricately tied to important hormone levels, including melatonin, production of which is disturbed by lack of sleep. This is extremely problematic, as melatonin inhibits the proliferation of a ... Thu, 15 Sep 2016 09:09:00 EST Best Herbs to Help With Insomnia Best Herbs to Help With Insomnia<br><br><br>Nearly 60 million Americans struggle with insomnia. Doctors are still not sure how to treat this disorder that may have devastating effects on your daily routines.1<br><br>Chronic lack of quality sleep has been associated with reduced memory and learning, increased risk of dementia and type 2 diabetes and an increased risk of accidents. Losing just one night of sleep may impair your physical and mental status comparable to having a blood alcohol lev... Thu, 15 Sep 2016 08:44:00 EST What You Can Do To Prevent A Stroke Simple steps can have a major impact on reducing your risk.<br><br>Do you plan to start exercising to lose those 20 extra pounds? Have you resolved to get a handle on your blood pressure, high cholesterol, or smoking?<br><br>Start now!!! Taking control of these modifiable risk factors will lower your risk for stroke.<br><br>"Risk factor modification is essential for stroke prevention. And, while it's great to treat any risk factor, it's best to treat them all. We don't want you to take me... Wed, 14 Sep 2016 19:45:00 EST Water, Water, Water I can't really claim this as a secret, everyone knows you should drink plenty of water, but it is often easier said than done. I only drink water and it makes a huge difference. I used to drink a lot of carbonated beverages and dropped them when I started getting healthy. Now I can't remember why I couldn't live without them. When I try some now it's to sweet and I cringe at the extra calories. You can't beat water, it keeps you hydrated for zero calories. It also has more health effects... Wed, 14 Sep 2016 11:08:00 EST Change your MIND, Find your JOY - Not a Diet, but a Lifestyle I started to see success when I realized that this was a lifestyle change, not a diet. <br><br>If you have the "diet" mindset, everything is temporary... you do this for a while, then you can stop. But that's only a temporary fix. You have to change your lifestyle. You have to switch gears in your head. You have to realize that you are worthy of being healthy, of being happy.<br><br>I started Whole 30 on September 1, 2016. In these 30 days I am freeing my body of refined sugars, grains, proc... Tue, 13 Sep 2016 11:31:00 EST What’s the Real Cause of Heart Attacks? What’s the Real Cause of Heart Attacks?<br><br><br>"What Causes Heart Attacks," Fall 2007), I presented the case that the spectrum of heart disease, which includes angina, unstable angina, and myocardial infarction (heart attack), is better understood from the perspective of events happening in the myocardium (heart) as opposed to events happening in the coronary arteries (the arteries that supply the heart).<br><br>As we all know, the conventional view holds that the central event of heart d... Mon, 12 Sep 2016 10:46:00 EST The Top 5 Facts Women Need To Know About Heart Attacks Top 5 Facts:<br><br>5. Problems in pregnancy raise the risk of a future heart attack.<br><br>Multiple conditions increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, including auto-immune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. But women are also uniquely affected by certain problems that occur during pregnancy---preeclampsia in particular, but gestational diabetes and pregnancy-induced hypertension, as well. Preeclampsia doubles the risk of a heart attack or stroke between five and fif... Sat, 10 Sep 2016 18:59:00 EST What you need to know about cholesterol Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found in all cells of the body. We actually need cholesterol to function. There are different types of cholesterol, some food, some bad. <br><br>HDL is the "good " cholesterol and occurs naturally in our bodies. It helps move cholesterol out of the bloodstream. H-happy!<br><br>LDL is the "lousy" cholesterol and comes mostly from the food we eat. This cholesterol can build up in the walls of our blood vessels. L-lousy!<br><br>Triglycerides are another ... Sat, 10 Sep 2016 07:08:00 EST The Top 5 Facts Women Need To Know About Heart Attacks Women are more likely than men to have "atypical" symptoms. These often include:<br><br>4. Poor lifestyle choices are responsible for the lion's share of heart attacks. <br><br>Risk factors you can change to lower your risk include smoking, physical inactivity, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. An estimated 70 percent of women between the ages of 50 and 79 have at least one of these risk factors.<br><br>According to the American Heart Association, a wom... Fri, 9 Sep 2016 21:47:00 EST Sticking to a Healthy Lifestyle I am not what you would call a consistent person especially when it comes to working out. But let me tell you when I am on a working out kick I do till I fall out because soon enough I get off the beaten path. The path to which my success therein lies... So I know I don’t have to be an expert to figure out that consistency is pretty essential or the KEY to successfully change my life, health, and weight. But it’s also pretty clear that building a consistent routine of regular exercise and hea... Fri, 9 Sep 2016 17:45:00 EST Allergic to UV rays? Have you ever broken out with mysterious rashes several minutes or even hours after having exposed to bright sunlight? You may actually be sensitive to UV rays! Even if you're wearing clothing the UV rays can pass through and you may erupt in bright red splotches.<br><br>It has a name! Polymorphous light eruption, also known as polymorphic light eruption, is an itchy rash caused by sun exposure in people who have developed a sensitivity to sunlight (photosensitivity). The rash usually appea... Fri, 9 Sep 2016 06:49:00 EST Have More Confidence, Look and Feel 10 lbs. Lighter <br><br>I copied this from a recent post by SP member KELLIEBEAN. She thinks she may have seen it on but she's not sure. <br><br>I teach yoga <em>414</em> and find myself saying similar things over and over but never as clearly as this.<br><br><br>Align Your Spine: Sit up Straight <br><br>Freeze! Before you move, notice how you are sitting: are your shoulders slumped over? Is your back curled? Are your shoulders hiked up toward your ears? <br><br>Take a minute right now t... Thu, 8 Sep 2016 23:07:00 EST The Top 5 Facts Women Need To Know About Heart Attacks 1. Women do not always have the "typical" symptoms of a heart attack. <br><br>A heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle stops. Although women can experience the classic symptom---severe, clutching pain in the chest---they are more likely than men to have "atypical" symptoms. These often include:<br><br>***Uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, or a feeling of fullness in the center of the chest that may last a few minutes, or disappear and return<br><br>***Pain or discomfort i... Thu, 8 Sep 2016 22:44:00 EST 11 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies 11 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies<br><br><br>If you eat a balanced, whole-food diet like the one described in my nutrition plan, you’re probably getting adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function.<br><br>If not (and this applies to the majority of the U.S. population), there’s a good chance you may be lacking important nutrients.<br><br>Even if you do eat well, how and where your food was grown can also influence your nutritional intake. Soil quality, storage... Thu, 8 Sep 2016 10:52:00 EST What Lack of Sleep Does to Your Brain What Lack of Sleep Does to Your Brain<br><br><br>Science may still be discovering the mechanisms behind why sleep is so important to your health, but you have probably experienced waking up after a poor night's sleep, feeling cranky, over-tired and mentally foggy.<br><br>This is only a small fraction of the mental and physical health issues you may suffer from sleep deprivation.<br><br>Sleep is one of the important pillars of good health; equally important as healthy foods, pure water and exe... Thu, 8 Sep 2016 09:35:00 EST The Top 5 Facts Women Need To Know About Heart Attacks Heart disease kills more women every year than diseases perceived as more threatening, such as breast and lung cancers.<br><br>When it comes to the fear factor, breast cancer has a clear edge. Most women are terrified of the disease---and rightly so, since it kills 41,000 U.S. women every year. Lung cancer---another feared disease---claims more than 70,000 women every year. Yet heart disease kills 292,000 women a year, which makes the likelihood of dying from heart disease far greater than... Wed, 7 Sep 2016 22:22:00 EST My secret to success is to exercise daily, eat right and sleep peacefully! I typically walk in the evening and always after a meal and at least 2 hours prior to bedtime.<br>I do a set aside deliberate walk everyday. When the weather is crumby, I dance. Prior to exercising I do light stretches to help loosen up. While I am dancing/walking a pay attention to my arms/legs and core. I focus on my breath as I tighten my core muscles. After my exercise is complete I stretch all the muscles I used.<br>Dancing for me is the best way to lose inches, and also heart healthy ... Wed, 7 Sep 2016 18:05:00 EST Keep It Simple and Forgive Myself The most important thing about any weight loss or exercise program for me has to be simplicity. If it makes life too hard I won't keep it up. I try not to worry about scales and regimes. <br><br>I have come to realise that I don't have to punish myself for anything. Just letting go of the self-blame has helped a lot. It's all a natural progression. Not feeling bad because of overweight, or desperation to lose it, allows me to make the decision that this is what I want, not what I have to do. ... Wed, 7 Sep 2016 10:53:00 EST What You Need to Know About Vitamin K2, D and Calcium What You Need to Know About Vitamin K2, D and Calcium<br><br>Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin most well known for the important role it plays in blood clotting. However, many do not realize that there are different kinds of vitamin K, and they are completely different.<br><br>The health benefits of vitamin K2 go far beyond blood clotting, which is done by vitamin K1, and vitamin K2 also works synergistically with a number of other nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D.<br><br>Dr. Kate ... Wed, 7 Sep 2016 09:05:00 EST Get into gardening! Gardening is a great way to get exercise! According to the University of Virginia, gardening rates up there with other moderate to strenuous forms of exercise, like walking and bicycling. It all depends on what gardening task you are doing and for how long. Like any other form of exercise, you have to be active for at least 30 minutes for there to be a benefit.<br><br>Gardening is great because you are also working all the major muscle groups: legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders, neck, back and ... Wed, 7 Sep 2016 08:37:00 EST Tips for Staying Slim Through Summer BBQ Season When the weather is fab and the days are long, the thing to do is this: fire up the grill, round up your family and friends, and feast. Everybody loves a barbecue. But if you’re trying to watch your weight, big food spreads may actually induce stress—and that’s a problem. Fortunately, we’ve got fixes.<br><br>So you can enjoy the delicious spread—without letting the grazing get out of hand—it’s helpful to follow a few simple rules for smart eating at summer barbecues.<br><br>1. Contribute some... Tue, 6 Sep 2016 20:20:00 EST A Few Ways to Get More Calcium Well I am a huge milk drinker but especially with cookies. This comes from my childhood. I didn't really eat alot of the healthy stuff. Nah, no tomatoes, veggies or much fruit. My menu was white bread, a small piece of chicken, a bite or two of nana, a plate filled with sweet corn and possibly grapes. Water and salads and even protein never really entered my mind. I never ate a lot but these days trying to get the ying and yang of nutrition on a daily basis is mind blowing. <br><br>Calcium is... Tue, 6 Sep 2016 16:05:00 EST A Few Ways to Get More Calcium Well I am a huge milk drinker but especially with cookies. This comes from my childhood. I didn't really eat alot of the healthy stuff. Nah, no tomatoes, veggies or much fruit. My menu was white bread, a small piece of chicken, a bite or two of nana, a plate filled with sweet corn and possibly grapes. Water and salads and even protein never really entered my mind. I never ate a lot but these days trying to get the ying and yang of nutrition on a daily basis is mind blowing. <br><br>Calcium is... Tue, 6 Sep 2016 16:05:00 EST Water Fluoridation Linked to Diabetes and Low IQ Water Fluoridation Linked to Diabetes and Low IQ<br>.<br><br>This debate was 12 years in the making; it's taken that long to find someone willing to debate Connett and defend the controversial practice of water fluoridation. It's a pressing issue in the U.S. as well as in New Zealand, one of the few countries in the world where water fluoridation is still practiced.<br><br>At present, only about 52 percent of New Zealand's population receives fluoridated water, but proposed legislation could ... Tue, 6 Sep 2016 11:16:00 EST Beet Juice, Measuring Artery Stiffness In The Brain, and Alzheimer's Disease New method to measure artery stiffness in the brain can help with stroke prevention: The technique magnetically "labeled" the blood in arteries without the use of an external agent. "Few methods are available for estimating the stiffness of arteries in the brain, which is more relevant to neurological disorders," says senior author Danny J.J. Wang, Ph.D. The MRI method is also able to generate a map of the stiffness of different arteries in the brain, and therefore provide more detailed in... Mon, 5 Sep 2016 22:12:00 EST Staying healthy as the seasons change What’s the secret to staying healthy throughout the year? The secret lies in our ability to be flexible and willing to change…just like the seasons.<br><br>Different seasons mean different weather, wardrobes, different seasonal fruits available and even different sports to play. It also means that as the days grow shorter or longer, and as the weather gets warmer or colder, we need to stay flexible and adjust our eating habits, exercise routines and lifestyles so we can remain healthy year r... Mon, 5 Sep 2016 20:56:00 EST Five minute hand exercise This 5 minute hand exercise will boost your energy and balance emotions.<br><br>Do you know about the Jin Shin Jyustu? It is an ancient Japanese art and philosophy as well as powerful alternative health practice that can help you find and maintain balance in your physical and emotional well-being. It is a form of touch therapy that can relieve pain and harmonize the vital energy of the whole body. It involves gentle application of hands on the body in circulation pathways in a consistent, seq... Mon, 5 Sep 2016 16:36:00 EST The Remarkable Health Benefits of Broccoli, and How to Maximize Its Cancer-Fighting Potential The Remarkable Health Benefits of Broccoli, and How to Maximize Its Cancer-Fighting Potential<br><br><br>Vegetables offer a wide range of health benefits, but some seem to have greater potential to ward off disease than others. Broccoli falls into this category, having been widely studied for its many health effects.<br><br>Research shows this cruciferous veggie (in the same family as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and more) may reduce your risk for many common diseases, including but... Mon, 5 Sep 2016 10:00:00 EST Beet Juice, Measuring Artery Stiffness In The Brain, and Alzheimer's Disease Beet Juice boosts muscle power in heart-failure patients. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that drinking concentrated beet juice increases muscle power in patients with heart failure. Heart failure often causes overall muscle weakness, which makes it difficult for patients to perform regular activities of daily living, like rising from chairs, carrying groceries, or climbing stairs. In the study, patients on standard heart-failure medications w... Sun, 4 Sep 2016 21:29:00 EST Plan and prepare I can't describe how much better I do with the plan when I plan my meals ahead of time and package them for quick grabbing. Even for cooking main meals, if I have time, cooking goes much smoother if I pre- chop the veggies (usually the day I come home from the grocery store). I use my ninja for quick chopping. I try to plan for the entire week and "automate" my breakfasts and lunches. That way, I'm not spending a lot on groceries trying to eat something different every day. I generally eat th... Sun, 4 Sep 2016 19:29:00 EST Habits Trump Motivation Motivation comes and goes...but habits are there day in and day out. Make sure you are building healthy, daily habits that keep you on track...regardless of your circumstances or motivation. Examples: <br><br>*Never miss a Monday<br>*Eat a healthy breakfast<br>*Use the last 10 minutes of the day to set yourself up for success tomorrow (lay out your clothes, pack your lunch, etc<br>*Use the first 10 minutes of the day to drink a glass of water, build your faith (praying, memorizing scripture... Sun, 4 Sep 2016 12:50:00 EST Magnesium, Anxiety and Biologic Drugs Anxiety: Recently, I have become preoccupied with worries, even about the smallest things. Sometimes I feel so upset my heart pounds and my palms sweat. Is this normal?<br><br>Unless you have reasonable and specific reasons for your concerns (a traumatic event, money troubles, discord with family and/or friends, etc.) you should confer with your doctor as soon as possible. An accurate diagnosis would require more information, but what you describe sounds like an anxiety or panic disorder,... Sat, 3 Sep 2016 21:46:00 EST Drink ItWorks Greens Every morning So I have started using It Works products about 4 months ago and love them. I use the Wraps, their confianza which is for stress, greens chews, thermofit, fat fighters and my favorite Greens. The greens are amazing. I drink it every day first thing in the morning after my coffee :) This stuff is amazing. I feel more energized and get my daily filling of fruits and veggies. I also relaly like the thermofit but the greens are my favorite! I can tell if I miss a day of taking these as I feel slu... Sat, 3 Sep 2016 21:36:00 EST Three Body Types My body type is between athletic to smooshy. I don't mind too much until it is time to put on something slimming. <br><br>So how exactly do you best take care of yourself? These quick tips work for everyone, no matter what your body shape is (or what you hope it becomes):<br><br>1. Eat real food 90% of the time. This means whole, unprocessed food that is as close to its natural state as possible. A healthy amount of real food can do wonders for your body.<br><br>2. Lift heavy things 2-3 times... Sat, 3 Sep 2016 16:25:00 EST Don't deprive yourself Treat yourself in moderation so that the cravings don't continue - you can even replace the craving with a healthier substitute. Check how many calories you've consumed for the day and allow yourself to eat if the requirement isn't met. When your body begins to starve cravings intensify which is why it's important to fuel up. <br>I've found that if you try and starve yourself all day you just end up twice as hungry and eat twice as much, with less convenient timing. <br>If you don't sit down ... Sat, 3 Sep 2016 12:03:00 EST Magnesium, Anxiety and Biologic Drugs Magnesium is about as critical as a nutrient can be, with roles played in hundreds of chemical processes in the body. It serves in nerve, muscle, and bone function, protein synthesis, energy production, and blood pressure, to name only a few. After age 50, women need approximately 320 milligrams (mg) and men 420 mg every day. Unfortunately, our ability to fully absorb dietary magnesium decreases as we age. Also, medications such as antibiotics, diuretics, proton pump inhibitors, and osteo... Fri, 2 Sep 2016 21:43:00 EST Questions To Ask At Your Next Doctor's Visit Food Intolerance---Or Allergy?<br><br>Severe reactions to something you've eaten may be a sign of a food intolerance or even an allergy. Here's how to tell the difference and what to do about it.<br><br>Food Intolerance<br><br>The body may lack a specific enzyme needed to properly digest a specific ingredient in certain foods. Examples are lactose in dairy and gluten in wheat. Common symptoms include:<br><br>*****Nausea<br><br>*****Ga<BR>s, cramps, or bloating<br><br>*****Stomach pain<br><... Thu, 1 Sep 2016 22:01:00 EST Getting to a Healthy State of Mind.... Getting healthy isn't just about dropping those unwanted love handles or pounds. It means gaining confidence in yourself (myself), and moving through life with a poise and purpose you never knew you possessed. Even though I look in the mirror and I see that I lost a bite of weight, I can't help some times feel self conscious that people are eyeing me curiously? I know I need to get over myself but according to psychologists, healthy living involves five key elements: Getting proper nutrition ... Thu, 1 Sep 2016 15:47:00 EST The wonders of micronutrients Our poor health and growing waistlines can be traced back to the hidden crisis of a micronutrient deficiency. More than 90 percent of all Americans are deficient in at least one of these health-promoting vitamins and minerals and don't even know it.<br><br>Micronutrients is a term for vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids that our bodies need every day to stay healthy. Much of these items have been stripped away from the processed foods we consume, are lacking in the alcohol and c... Thu, 1 Sep 2016 08:06:00 EST Questions To Ask At Your Next Doctor's Visit See your doctor if you have any of these sometimes serious symptoms!<br><br>1. Cracked Lips: Cold weather or a cold can cause your lips to get dry, but sometimes cracked lips are a sign of a vitamin B12 deficiency that could lead to anemia.<br><br>2. Swollen ankles: It could just be hot weather---but if the swelling is part of other symptoms such as shortness of breath it could be a sign of congestive heart failure. And swelling in one leg can even signal DVT.<br><br>3. Bloated abdomen:... Wed, 31 Aug 2016 22:17:00 EST What Happens to Your Body When You're Sleep Deprived? What Happens to Your Body When You're Sleep Deprived?<br><br><br>According to the documentary, Sleepless in America, coproduced by the National Geographic Channel, 40 percent of Americans are sleep deprived. Many get less than five hours of sleep per night. Percentage-wise, adolescents are among the most sleep deprived.<br><br>The consequences are dire, not just for the individual who isn’t getting enough rest, but for those around them as well. While most people don’t give lack of sleep much... Wed, 31 Aug 2016 10:51:00 EST What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Trans Fat? What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Trans Fat?<br><br><br>There are a number of dietary links between dementia and heart disease. Excessive sugar/processed fructose, grains, and trans fat consumption are three factors that promote both.<br><br>Not surprisingly, recent research1 has pointed out that heart disease also increases your odds of developing Alzheimer's disease, which is a serious and deadly form of dementia.<br><br>According to the authors, vascular damage may predispose your bra... Wed, 31 Aug 2016 10:08:00 EST Questions To Ask At Your Next Doctor's Visit Speak Up! Questions To Ask At Your Next Doctor's Visit............<br><br>*****Also, inquire about what happens if you do not follow their medical lead. "For instance, ask what happens if you don't take the new medication. What are the potential downsides? Always know both sides of any prescription or procedure," says Dr. Sarkisian. "There is no medication or procedure that is risk-free, and it is easy to forget that sometimes the best course of action is watchful waiting."<br><br>*****A... Tue, 30 Aug 2016 21:58:00 EST Body Composition Index better than BMI BMI measurements are NOT the best way to determine our health. BMI is simply a ratio of scale weight to our height, so a body builder can have the same BMI as a couch potato of the same height and weight. Body Compositions Index tells us how much our fat weighs, our bone weighs, and how much muscle we have. <br><br>More and more Americans are weighing in as obese, creating a health crisis in the country. When it comes to your body, eight critical numbers can save your life:<br><br>1. Weig... Tue, 30 Aug 2016 05:49:00 EST Questions To Ask At Your Next Doctor's Visit Speak Up!!!!! Questions to ask at your next doctor's visit:<br><br>Patients get an average of 18 minutes with their doctor during a regular visit, according to research from the University of Washington. That is not much time, so make every second count.<br><br>The first step is to adjust your mindset regarding the typical doctor-patient dynamic, says Catherine Sarkisian, MD, a geriatric medicine specialist with the UCLA Medical Center. "The pendulum has swing away from doctors telling pat... Mon, 29 Aug 2016 22:13:00 EST Do it every day! My secret is to take the steps I need to take for a better health EVERY DAY. I remind myself that I cannot catch up if I skip exercise today. I also cannot do better tomorrow if I overeat today. <br>Well, I can, but TODAY and right NOW is the chance to build a better lifestyle. <br><br>Steps that I take daily are: doing yoga to keep my muscles flexible and to ease the aches and pains that I am dealing with... using my food plan which means eating at set times, set amounts of food... exercis... Mon, 29 Aug 2016 16:23:00 EST End of the crankys SLEEP!!!<br>It really is true...being cranky can be caused by lack of sleep. I definitely notice when I haven't gotten enough, and can have some monster days! Being cranky with my family upsets me more, then I am stressed and cannot sleep. I have had weeks of insomnia at a time, which isn't good for anyone.<br><br>The hardest part is getting into a sleep routine. Only do relaxing things before bed - I tend to read, knit, or do some yoga. Then turn off the light. If after about 30min you find ... Mon, 29 Aug 2016 13:35:00 EST Fermented Foods: How to ‘Culture’ Your Way to Optimal Health Fermented Foods: How to ‘Culture’ Your Way to Optimal Health<br><br><br>There is an abundance of nutritional therapies that can help you get to new levels of health. I've been advocating them for decades now, but there is one that I've found to have phenomenal benefits in your overall wellness: the introduction of fermented foods to your diet.<br><br>I'm so excited to share with you today the radically positive changes fermented or cultured foods can provide your body: how they can "heal and ... Mon, 29 Aug 2016 12:55:00 EST What Happens Inside Your Stomach When You Eat Instant Noodles? What Happens Inside Your Stomach When You Eat Instant Noodles?<br><br><br>Instant noodles are a popular go-to lunch or dinner for those who are strapped for time (or cash), like college students. While you probably don't consider them a health food, you may think they're not that bad, or, at least, not as bad as eating a burger and fries or a fast-food burrito.<br><br>In a first-of-its-kind experiment, however, Dr. Braden Kuo of Massachusetts General Hospital may make you reconsider your love... Mon, 29 Aug 2016 11:39:00 EST Meditate On This Learn To Meditate<br><br>You can reap benefits by meditating for only 15 to 30 minutes, however, consistency is key. "Just as you won't benefit much from exercising only once a week or whenever you feel like it, a regular meditation practice will yield greater health benefits," says Dr. Abbott.<br><br>How do you meditate? It can be as easy as sitting quietly in a chair or comfortably on the floor, free of distractions, with closed eyes and focusing only on your breathing---counting each bre... Sun, 28 Aug 2016 22:55:00 EST Your Practical Guide to Omega-3 Benefits and Supplementation Your Practical Guide to Omega-3 Benefits and Supplementation<br><br><br> I have emphasized that omega-3 fats are essential to your overall health. And I am not alone – other health experts stress the same, and decades of research have been devoted to discovering the many health benefits of omega-3. <br><br>Omega-3 comes from both animal and plant sources. The primary animal sources are krill oil and fish oil. The primary plant sources are flaxseed, chia and hemp. They have become a multibilli... Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:40:00 EST Meditate On This 1. Reduce Anxiety and Depression. A study in JAMA Internal Medicine reviewed 47 clinical trials involving more that 3,500 people who meditated for eight weeks and found that meditation improved symptoms of anxiety, depression, and physical pain. A likely reason: It lowers gray-matter density in the amygdala, a brain area known to play an important role in anxiety and stress.<br><br>2. Make Smarter Decisions. A 15-minute meditation can encourage people to make more rational decisions by ... Sat, 27 Aug 2016 21:29:00 EST Another Perk for Drinking Coffee Another Perk for Drinking Coffee<br><br>Nearly 60 percent of Americans drink coffee, and for many the habit is a daily one.1 Coffee drinking has long been viewed as more of a vice or a crutch to get a quick energy boost to power through the day, but this view is now changing as the health benefits of coffee continue to be revealed.<br><br>This is good news for those of you who sip on a cup of joe in the morning, as it turns out this may be a quite healthy way to start your day.<br><br>However... Sat, 27 Aug 2016 13:05:00 EST Meditate On This Meditate on this: A mindfulness practice promotes better health. Research shows meditation can heal brain and body.<br><br>Your mind can be a powerful healer. A mindful meditation practice-----focusing your attention on being more aware of the present moment in a quiet environment-----can help alleviate stress, improve thinking and memory, and according to some research, lower your risk of serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. For seniors, it can be one of the easiest... Fri, 26 Aug 2016 22:24:00 EST 9 Health & Fitness Fallacies 9 Health & Fitness Fallacies We Fell for 10 Years Ago<br><br>By: Melissa Rudy, SparkPeople Blogger <br>8/25/2016 <br> <img src=""><br>A lot can change in a decade. Just 10 years ago, we were convinced the Ab Rocket was the secret to six-pack abs,that tank-top-ready arms were just a Shake Weight away, walking a mile in Sketchers Shape Ups was preferred to walking in boots and that the Nintendo WII was the answer to c... Fri, 26 Aug 2016 05:52:00 EST Stick and Stay Losing weight seems like a simple enough concept, but when it comes to following through and making it actually happen it starts to show its true colors. I had the problem of being able to start a diet or exercise routine but not being to stick with it long enough to actually see any real results. That was, until I started AdcoCare. It wasn't about the products themselves, it was about the fact that the plan included showed me how to actually eat and exercise on a daily basis. I was finally a... Thu, 25 Aug 2016 02:18:00 EST What do you really want..? Yes all of do Procrastinating and we say we want to be healthy and make all kinds of promises to ourselves but what do you want to do..? Promises we break when we choose the wrong foods to eat and then exercise yes being healthy go hand in hand.. Sitting on a couch and then eating in front of the TV is really a no no cause I bet just like I did you will pick and snack and before long you are staring at a empty bag.. You will thank me later when you can do and get fed up with not getting the a... Wed, 24 Aug 2016 20:02:00 EST Do we need to take our vitamins? Mothers used to tell their children to "take your vitamines" in order to stay healthy, but how many people popped a vitamin, grabbed a cup of coffee, and headed out the door? Do we need to take a vitamin?<br>Multivitamin/mineral pills are the most commonly used supplements in the United States. A multi can be a good way to make up for nutritional shortfalls. But many people expect too much from their multivitamins. they do NOT take the place of a healthy diet.<br>In 2012, two clinical tria... Wed, 24 Aug 2016 07:12:00 EST Tobacco products kill Have you seeen the ads on TV of people slowly dying from tobacco use? Even if you quit years ago, some of the damage has been done forever. <br>Tobacco product usage is a leading cause of death, illness and impoverishment<br><br>The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing around 6 million people a year. More than 5 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while more than 600 000 are the result of non-smokers being exp... Tue, 23 Aug 2016 07:10:00 EST Flying and Staying Healthy 1. Carry an empty water bottle through security.<br><br>The chances of reliable, frequent beverage service aren't high these days, unless you're lucky enough to fly business class. Yet getting and staying hydrated before and during your flight is the best way to protect yourself against getting sick. That's because lack of humidity in the pressurized cabin dries out mucous membranes, making it harder for your system to flush out germs.<br><br>What to do: Although you can't bring liquids throu... Tue, 23 Aug 2016 06:21:00 EST The Act Of Better Balance *****Medicine Ball Tosses. Catching and tossing a weighted medicine ball can improve balance, says a new study. Researchers had older adults age 67 to 72 stand and catch and throw a medicine ball weighing either two or four pounds. The subjects completed three sets of 40 repetitions for a total of about 20 to 25 minutes. The throwing and catching motion activates two reactions in the brain related to balance and falling, say the researchers. You can mimic the same routine by simply playi... Mon, 22 Aug 2016 22:24:00 EST The suprising benefits of fiber Most people think of fiber as just a way of "keeping them regular" but fiber has many health benefits! Most Americans don't get anywhere near enough of it but it's one of the most important foods in our diet. <br><br>Probiotics are the good bacteria in our gut. These probiotics are found in fermented foods and help improve digestive health. Prebiotics are the essential fibers that help those probiotics flourish inside your intestines. Prebiotics are found in fiber-rich foods, like fruits an... Mon, 22 Aug 2016 10:34:00 EST Be Here Now Tending to my body, mind and spirit and staying present in the moment in the most mindful ways is my secret to success. Keeping in mind that "Where attention goes, energy flows" and "When we know better, we do better" Maya Angelo<br>I see each day as a fresh opportunity to be more mindful, aware and kind. I believe it is up to me to define what my age mean and never tell my age. <br> <img src=""><br>-Fueling my body... Mon, 22 Aug 2016 06:55:00 EST The Act Of Better Balance You should address specific medical and drug-related conditions that can make you more susceptible to falls, but for long-term protection, you need to improve muscle strength and balancing skills. "Strength and balance training not only lowers your fall risk, but is good for your physical and mental health, and can increase your confidence to become more active," says Dr. Schickedanz.<br><br>Five Ways To Better Balance<br><br>Here are five ways to strengthen those vital muscle groups and imp... Sun, 21 Aug 2016 21:23:00 EST The importance of sleep Many of us don't realize the importance of a good sleep, but our bodies heal during the sleep phase and getting enough good sleep is vital to good health.<br>Sleep problems, including snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep deprivation, and restless legs syndrome, are common. Good sleep is necessary for optimal health and can affect hormone levels, mood and weight.<br> Getting a good night's sleep won't grant you immunity from disease. But study after study has found a link between insufficient... Sun, 21 Aug 2016 07:43:00 EST Water: Gulp It Up Eight glasses of water every day? I hate to say this but I just recently became a fan of water. I mean couldn't stand the taste of faucet water. The taste was kinda chloride tasting which people who lived in surrounding areas seemed to love it! I would take sips <em>91</em> But never really had 10 ounces everyday. I world rather drink milk soda or coffee than have water.! So want to talk about cups and cups…and cups. Even knowing about the many benefits of meeting my daily quota—increa... Sat, 20 Aug 2016 21:44:00 EST The Act Of Better Balance Falling is the most frequent cause of injury among older adults, but improving your balance offers protection.<br><br>One-third of older adults fall each year and that number continues to rise. A new study found that over a recent 12-year period, the rate of self-reported falls among seniors has climbed almost 30 percent.<br><br>Some common factors related to falls include dizziness from cardio-vascular and psychiatric medications, impaired vision from eye diseases like glaucoma, joint stiffn... Sat, 20 Aug 2016 20:58:00 EST A Little Help From Your Friends Expect The Best. Many relationships take time to mature. Others never fully develop. You need to be patient and trust that your efforts will eventually flourish.<br><br>"While we wait for change, fear and frustrations can push us back into the critical and demanding behavior associated with loneliness," says Dr. Cacioppo.<br><br>This is why you need to always focus on the act of reaching out, which can help keep you on track.<br><br>What You Can Do<br><br>Strategies for building lasting re... Fri, 19 Aug 2016 22:34:00 EST Statins and heart damage! Many of us in our middle age have been prescribed statin drugs to lower our cholesterol numbers, but although they do reduce the numbers, they do NOT prevent damage to our heart and vessels. The majority of people who use statin cholesterol-lowering drugs are doing so because they believe lowering their cholesterol will prevent heart attacks and strokes. How many of these people do you think would continue to take them if they knew these very same drugs have been linked to decreased heart mu... Fri, 19 Aug 2016 08:25:00 EST A Little Help From Your Friends One way to avoid the effects of loneliness, is to follow what Dr. Cacioppo calls EASE, an acronym that stands for Extend Yourself, Action Plan, Selection, and Expect the Best. Together they can ensure your relationships are based on your personality and comfort levels. Here is how it works:<br><br>Extend Yourself. People are often withdrawn because they feel safe in their own space. To establish new relationships, you have to begin small and stay in a secure environment at first.<br><br>"... Thu, 18 Aug 2016 21:48:00 EST 8 Things You Need to Know About Belly Bloat 8 Things You Need to Know About Belly Bloat<br><br> By Robin Donovan, Health Writer<br> <img src=""><br>Maybe you ate the wrong thing or, on a gotta-get-healthier kick, you ate too much of the right thing (think fiber). All you know is that the inevitable discomfort has ensued and your pants feel a little tighter than they did this morning. What exactly causes belly bloat, and how can we prevent it?<br> <br>What is... Thu, 18 Aug 2016 08:20:00 EST A Little Help From Your Friends How can you avoid loneliness? Engaging with more people on a regular basis is the simplest way, but it is not always so easy. The types of relationships you foster can determine if they will inspire the regular interaction you need. <br><br>There are three core dimensions to healthy relationships, according to research from John Cacioppo, PhD, of the University of Chicago, a leading expert on the science of loneliness. Each one fulfills a specific need for lasting connections. They are:<br... Wed, 17 Aug 2016 22:45:00 EST What Happens to Your Body When You’re Dehydrated What Happens to Your Body When You’re Dehydrated<br>|<br><br>Dehydration is not a simple health issue. Anyone can run out of liquids in their body due to various reasons, so it is important that you always hydrate yourself with water. Read on to learn more about symptoms of dehydration and how to prevent it.<br><br>What Is Dehydration?<br><br>Water makes up at least two-thirds of the human body. It plays a large part in your normal functions, such as lubricating your joints and eyes, keeping ... Wed, 17 Aug 2016 11:13:00 EST A Little Help From Your Friends Regular interactions lower the health risks linked to loneliness and social isolation.<br><br>Everyone goes through bouts of loneliness and isolation, but older adults are most vulnerable.<br><br>"Decline in mobility can keep seniors more socially isolated, and a general lack of interest in building and continuing friendships can make them more cutoff from regular human contact." says Gary Small, MD, director of the UCLA Longevity Center.<br><br>Prolonged loneliness and isolation can have ser... Tue, 16 Aug 2016 21:47:00 EST a common "secret"... we all know it... Consistency.... yup... there I said it. I know you have heard it over and over before, but it is the key for success, not just here either. You cannot be gungho fired up for three days and off kilter the next 4, back on for a day, and fall off a week. Small steps, done with intent... everyday. Take it slow and easy.... ramp it up slowly... evenly... yup, you will still have wild off the charts days, and those we won't talk about days... If you stay steady and consistent you will win in the en... Tue, 16 Aug 2016 10:56:00 EST Stomach Cancer Defense & Red Meat and the Pancreas Stomach Cancer Defense<br><br>Worldwide, stomach cancer kills more people than any cancers other than lung and liver. U.S. stomach cancer rates have plummeted in the last 85 years, but five-year survival rates are still only around 30%. According to a new update by the American Institute for Cancer Research, here's how to lower your risk:<br><br>***Avoid processed meats. That includes any meat that's been preserved by smoking, curing, or salting, or with additives like nitrites. Some exam... Mon, 15 Aug 2016 22:00:00 EST Reducing your risk for macular degeneration The most common cause of blindness in adults over the age of 60 years is age related macular degeneration (AMD). It causes damage to the macula, a small spot near the center of the retina and the part of the eye needed for sharp, central vision, which lets us see objects that are straight ahead. The exact cause of macular degeneration isn't known, but the condition develops as the eye ages. There is no cure for this terrible condition but there are several steps one can take to prevent it fr... Mon, 15 Aug 2016 19:44:00 EST Ginger May Benefit Patients with Asthma Ginger May Benefit Patients with Asthma<br><br><br>Ginger has been used medicinally for centuries and in the U.S. is perhaps most known for its ability to soothe nausea and stomach upset.<br><br>It is without a doubt the best remedy I know of for nausea. You don't need much just a piece the size of your fingernail minced very finely and swallowed. It is phenomenally effective.<br><br>But now new research suggests this natural root may provide help for much more, including for arthritis pain,... Mon, 15 Aug 2016 11:39:00 EST Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight? Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?<br><br><br>If you don't drink enough water, you can easily become dehydrated. Many actually mistake their thirst for hunger, and this is one of the basic premises behind the idea that drinking water may alleviate hunger and help you lose weight.<br><br>Many studies support this idea though, so it's not just pure hype. Most recently, researchers found that adults who were chronically under-hydrated had higher body mass index (BMI) and were more lik... Mon, 15 Aug 2016 10:27:00 EST Dance(for better health), Migraines(risk of heart disease) Falls(BP Drugs) Migraines Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Disease In Women: <br><br>Compared with women who had no history of migraine, those who did were about 40% more likely to have a heart attack and 60% more likely to have a stroke during the study period. Researchers accounted for age, high blood pressure, hormone use, and other factors that might skew the results. Earlier studies have also shown a higher risk of stroke among women who get migraines. But experts haven't discovered any clear mechanism... Sun, 14 Aug 2016 21:24:00 EST Why You May Be Better Off Ignoring Conventional Cholesterol and Low-Fat Diet Guidelines Why You May Be Better Off Ignoring Conventional Cholesterol and Low-Fat Diet Guidelines<br><br>The idea that saturated fat is bad for your heart and should be avoided to prevent heart disease is misguided to say the least.<br><br>There’s no telling how many people have been harmed by this dangerous advice, as scientific evidence shows that a lack of healthy fat actually increases your cardiovascular health risks, but the number is likely significant.<br><br>Adding insult to injury, cholestero... Sun, 14 Aug 2016 11:21:00 EST Why You May Be Better Off Ignoring Conventional Cholesterol and Low-Fat Diet Guidelines Why You May Be Better Off Ignoring Conventional Cholesterol and Low-Fat Diet Guidelines<br><br>The idea that saturated fat is bad for your heart and should be avoided to prevent heart disease is misguided to say the least.<br><br>There’s no telling how many people have been harmed by this dangerous advice, as scientific evidence shows that a lack of healthy fat actually increases your cardiovascular health risks, but the number is likely significant.<br><br>Adding insult to injury, cholestero... Sun, 14 Aug 2016 11:21:00 EST Dance(for better health), Migraines(risk of heart disease) Falls(BP Drugs) Dance Your Way to Better Heart Health?<br><br>A regular whirl on the dance floor may lower your odds of dying from heart disease, a new study suggests.<br><br>The study included 48,000 people in the United Kingdom who answered questions about their dancing and walking habits over the past month. All were 40 years and older with no history of heart disease and agreed to be linked to the National Death Registry.<br><br>After an average follow-up of nearly 10 years, researchers found that moder... Sat, 13 Aug 2016 22:20:00 EST How to beat insomnia It's normal to have occasional nights where you have trouble falling asleep or you wake up during the night, and women have more insomnia than men. Instead of fretting because "I have to get up in a few hours," there are ways to beat insomnia. Getting the right amount of sleep is vital, but just as important is the quality of your sleep. We all need 8-9 hours each night but the average woman aged 30-60 sleeps only six hours and forty-one minutes during the workweek. Here are a few tips to g... Sat, 13 Aug 2016 19:28:00 EST Can You Use Honey to Stay Young? Can You Use Honey to Stay Young?<br><br>Adding a dollop of honey to your daily diet may help to fight your aging process, according to researchers from the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand.<br><br>The researchers fed 2-month-old rats a diet containing 10 percent honey, 8 percent sucrose, or no sugar at all for 12 months. They were tested every three months to measure their anxiety and spatial memory.<br><br>Honey-fed rats seemed to hold up better to the effects of aging. Specifi... Sat, 13 Aug 2016 09:40:00 EST Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Who Has An Inherited Risk? Decision making in the family:<br><br>In that scenario, if you have a negative result showing that you do not carry the problem mutation, you can feel relatively reassured that you are not at increased risk for developing the disease. Nor do you need to worry about passing the trait to your offspring. However, Dr. Ho cautions, anyone with a strong family history of HCM should get checked out by a cardiologist, regardless of the results of a genetic screening, if a heart murmur or other unex... Fri, 12 Aug 2016 22:36:00 EST Hourly reminder app A plight of the office worker is poor health due to the sedentary nature of the job. However there are ways to minimize the adverse health risks associated with with this type of work. Many experts suggest occasionally taking breaks and getting up to walk around. This promotes circulation and keeps the muscles from getting too sore. Some of us though are not ones to count the minutes until the next time we can take a minute to walk around. We get wrapped up in our work and forget to get up. T... Fri, 12 Aug 2016 18:35:00 EST The Surprising Secrets to a Long Life The Surprising Secrets to a Long Life<br><br><br>Many have studied the reasons for longevity. Why do some people live longer than others? Is it genetics? Is it culture, or perhaps lifestyle?<br><br>James Smith, a health economist at the RAND Corporation, delved into the prevailing mystery of why some groups of people live longer than others. What he found you might find surprising. I certainly did. The number one social factor that correlated with long life was not geographic region or health... Fri, 12 Aug 2016 11:29:00 EST Cholesterol Myths You Need to Stop Believin Cholesterol Myths You Need to Stop Believing<br><br>In a survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vast majority of Americans (76 percent) said they had had their cholesterol level checked at least once in the previous five years.1<br><br>Despite the commonality of the cholesterol test, many are seriously misled about what the results of the test mean. Many people aren't even receiving a useful cholesterol test at all.<br><br>A total cholesterol test, ... Fri, 12 Aug 2016 10:21:00 EST Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Who Has An Inherited Risk? The Detective Work<br><br>The genetic risk for HCM is passed from one generation to the next by way of dominant-acting mutations in genes governing the structure of the heart muscle. That means that first-degree relatives (parents, siblings, and children) of an affected person have a 50% chance of having inherited the same mutation. Before genetic testing became widely available, doctors had only this information to help guide families. Now, it's possible to determine if a family member is... Thu, 11 Aug 2016 23:12:00 EST Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Who Has An Inherited Risk? Genetic testing can help doctors guide care for families with a history of heart disease.<br><br>Having a family member with heart disease---especially when it shows up at a young age---is a warning sign that you too may be at risk. The more common maladies such as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease are influenced by an array of different genes and compounded by lifestyle choices and environmental factors. However, certain relatively rare conditions stem from only one or a few ... Wed, 10 Aug 2016 22:52:00 EST Gut Reaction: How Bacteria In The Belly May Affect The Heart. Avoiding Blockages<br><br>The investigators then tested a molecule that blocks the production of TMA, which they gave to mice prone to atherosclerosis, thanks to their genes and a high-fat diet. The molecule, called DMB, occurs naturally in olive oil and red wine. The mice that got DMB in their water had healthier, clearer arteries than those that didn't.<br><br>Earlier this year, Chinese researchers described a different but related approach to preventing blood vessel injury in atheroscler... Tue, 9 Aug 2016 16:39:00 EST Gut Reaction: How Bacteria In The Belly May Affect The Heart. A better understanding of the gut microbiome may herald novel ways to prevent artery-clogging plaque.<br><br>The trillions of bacteria dwelling deep inside your digestive tract play a key role in your health. Collectively known as the gut microbiota, these microbes not only assist with digestion, but also make certain vitamins, break down toxins, and train your immune system. Over the past decade, scientists have uncovered compelling connections between different types of gut microbes and t... Mon, 8 Aug 2016 21:25:00 EST Hi My Name Is...... Hello my name is Dee and I reside in the western suburbs of Chicago and I have a problem. Like you, I love food. Especially my favorites. Which are steak, baked potatoes, french fries and really good good burgers. I guess you can say my taste are American. I don't really do foods except that AND top fav is Soul Food!! Yummy! I can eat some greens, sweet potatoes, sweet potato pies, baked chicken, occassionally fried chicken, black-eyed peas, honey ham and turkey stuffing. <br><br>As you can s... Mon, 8 Aug 2016 19:29:00 EST Fraudulent GMO “Labeling” Bill Fraudulent GMO “Labeling” Bill <br><br> Here’s How It Happened<br> <br><br>By Max Goldberg • Originally Published on<br><br>On late Friday afternoon, President Obama signed the sham Stabenow-Roberts GMO-Labeling bill (S. 764) which will allow, among many other things, companies to use QR codes instead of clear GMO labels on a food product’s packaging.<br><br>This bill is so discriminatory and so poorly written that it potentially violates several amendments of the Constit... Mon, 8 Aug 2016 00:36:00 EST Is Your Heart Healthy Enough For Surgery? If you've been diagnosed with any form of heart disease, your cardiologist is in the best position to assess your risk during any type of surgery. But what if you haven't been diagnosed with heart disease, but have some risk factors, such as high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol? Low-risk procedures put very little strain on the heart and the risk of complications is minimal. But if you need a hip replacement, your orthopedic surgeon may refer you directly to a cardiologist or to you... Sun, 7 Aug 2016 22:27:00 EST Is Your Heart Healthy Enough For Surgery? Clearance isn't a factor in emergency or urgent surgeries, which need to be done within 24 hours. But getting clearance is routine for what doctors refer to as elective surgeries. These include procedures such as a hip or knee replacement that can be scheduled within a much longer window. (The surgery itself isn't always a choice, but to some extent, you can elect when to have it.) Clearance also makes sense for many cancer-related surgeries, which are time-sensitive but somewhat flexible... Sat, 6 Aug 2016 21:32:00 EST Many Symptoms Suggest Sluggish Thyroid -- Do You Have Any of These? Many Symptoms Suggest Sluggish Thyroid -- Do You Have Any of These?<br><br><br>Most people realize that their thyroid is important for controlling their metabolism and body weight.<br><br>But did you know that depression, heart disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menopausal symptoms, muscle and joint pains, irritable bowel syndrome, or autoimmune disease could actually indicate a problem with your thyroid?<br><br>The classic signs of a sluggish thyroid gland i... Sat, 6 Aug 2016 12:11:00 EST Six "Grow Younger" Nutrients I Take Every Day Six "Grow Younger" Nutrients I Take Every Day<br><br><br>Nutritionists have long been interested in the dynamics of telomere length in the body, and how telomeres figure in to human health and life expectancy. Telomeres were first discovered in 1973 by Alexey Olovnikov.<br><br>He found that the tiny units of DNA at the very end of each chromosome—the telomere—shorten with time because they cannot replicate completely each time the cell divides and they may be the most powerful biological cloc... Sat, 6 Aug 2016 10:25:00 EST Are you at risk for diabetes? Hundreds of millions are at risk. Diabetes is now one of the top ten killers in the word and the number of deaths grow every day.<br><br>Diabetes occurs in three main forms. In type 1 diabetes the pancreas stops producing insulin, and sugar, instead of being used as energy, builds up in the blood. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes but it can be controlled with insulin injections. In type 2 diabetes, the body produces insulin but uses it ineffectively. This form can be controlled and ... Fri, 5 Aug 2016 20:53:00 EST Is Your Heart Healthy Enough For Surgery? If you're at risk for heart disease, you may need additional testing before a hip replacement or other major surgery.<br><br>All surgery, even minor procedures like cataract removal, involves a certain amount of stress. People facing surgery might experience emotional stress related to their illness or condition, often coupled with concerns about their recovery.<br><br>Some of the most common non-cardiac surgeries done in older people, such as a hip replacement or gallbladder removal, can al... Fri, 5 Aug 2016 14:48:00 EST Acceptance and Appreciation I am a subscriber of a few magazines dedicated to running and health. Like many people, I used to marvel at the times the people in these magazines used to achieve in their half-marathons, full marathons, ultra marathons, triathlons, etc. I also used to envy their fine chiselled body and wished that my body could look like theirs - which it didn't despite the fact that I exercise 6 times a week and watched, most of the time, the food that went into my body.<br><br>As I grew older, I became ... Fri, 5 Aug 2016 06:25:00 EST Prescription Drug & Supplement Use On The Rise Among Seniors Known as dual antiplatelet therapy, the combo helps prevent the platelets in blood from clumping together, which lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. Both drugs also increase the risk of bleeding, which can be serious. But research shows that for most people who are candidates for this therapy, the benefits outweigh the harms, says Dr. Gagne.<br><br>Combine With Care<br><br>The most common potentially adverse interaction between two prescription drugs was with the blood pressure drug... Thu, 4 Aug 2016 14:41:00 EST Sleep Till It's Time to Wake Up Getting in sync with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm, is one of the most important strategies for sleeping better. If you keep a regular sleep-wake schedule you’ll feel much more refreshed and energized than if you sleep the same number of hours at different times, even if you only alter your sleep schedule by an hour or two.<br><br>Try to go to sleep and get up at the same time every day. This helps set your body’s internal clock and optimize the quality of yo... Thu, 4 Aug 2016 09:35:00 EST Prescription Drug & Supplement Use On The Rise Among Seniors New findings suggest that one in six older adults is at risk for drug interactions. Should you be concerned?<br><br>Earlier this year, a study that examined the pill-taking habits of older Americans suggested that seniors are taking more prescription drugs and dietary supplements than in years past. Not surprisingly, most of these pills are used to treat or prevent cardiovascular disease, the nation's leading killer.<br><br>The report found that more than a third of adults ages 62 to 85 tak... Wed, 3 Aug 2016 22:13:00 EST What’s in Your Green Tea? What’s in Your Green Tea?<br><br><br>Green tea, prized for many generations in China, Japan and even Britain, has made a name for itself in the US, where many now drink it daily due to its many associated health benefits.<br><br>However, while green tea is recognized as an abundant source of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a catechin polyphenol, and other antioxidants, not all green teas are created equal.<br><br>If you're drinking green tea hoping to increase your antioxidant levels, you ... Wed, 3 Aug 2016 11:51:00 EST Ask How= success One of my goals is to become healthier is to do at least 10 minutes of exercise daily not including housework, general steps, volunteering 80 hours and rearranging doctor appoints, etc.<br><br>I ask myself how can I get 10 minutes of just going for a walk. I love to walk outside but due to health problems cannot tolerate, heat, humidity or cold weather. How do I get my outside walk. The television and barometer are my best tools. I need to know when the humidity is going into the tropical zon... Wed, 3 Aug 2016 01:52:00 EST Hormones and Your Heart Hormone Therapy In Men<br><br>Deficient data:<br>Testosterone therapy is approved only for men who have low testosterone because of disorders of the testicles, pituitary gland, or brain that cause a condition called hypogonadism. It is not approved for treating age-related drops in the hormone. But a loophole in the FDA regulations allows drug marketers to urge men to talk to their doctors if they have "possible signs" of testosterone deficiency, including feeling tired. Prescriptions for ... Tue, 2 Aug 2016 21:11:00 EST Intermittent Fasting & Health Constantly adding food to my body throughout the day was causing more harm than good. I'm not a cow; I don't need to graze.<br><br>Remembering back to childhood...there was no such things as "snacks" between meals. Just 3-square meals a day. Home-cooked. Basic foods.<br><br>So, for the past 7 weeks, I've eaten 2 meals within 8 hrs & fasted approx 16 or so hrs. My weight is DOWN 9 lbs for the first time in several years! <br><br>Exercise has been daily walking. -- Veggies are a bigger focus!<b... Tue, 2 Aug 2016 14:57:00 EST The Cholesterol Myth That Is Harming Your Health The Cholesterol Myth That Is Harming Your Health<br><br><br>Cholesterol could easily be described as the smoking gun of the last two decades. It's been responsible for demonizing entire categories of foods (like eggs and saturated fats) and blamed for just about every case of heart disease in the last 20 years.<br><br>Yet when I first opened my medical practice in the mid-80s, cholesterol, and the fear that yours was too high was rarely talked about. Somewhere along the way however, cholester... Tue, 2 Aug 2016 13:10:00 EST Raising Your Vitamin D Level to 40 ng/ml May Slash Your Cancer Risk by 67 Percent Raising Your Vitamin D Level to 40 ng/ml May Slash Your Cancer Risk by 67 Percent<br><br><br>Have you checked your vitamin D status lately? Ideally, you want to maintain a vitamin D level of 40 to 60 ng/ml year-round. Based on mounting research, 40 ng/ml appears to be the "magic" number at which a whole host of health benefits are reaped.<br><br>Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a variety of illnesses,1 including heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, type 1 and type ... Tue, 2 Aug 2016 12:17:00 EST one day at a time Just take one day at a time .Go slow if you must but try to keep moving everything you do helps.<br>Also try to remember calories in calories out . <br><br> Don't deprive yourself of something you want to eat it is ok to have a treat once and a while . Just watch the portion control, read labels and beware of what is on your plate.<br><br> Listen to your body if you are to tired one day to do any exercise then let it be a rest day , no since to doing to much and being worn out for the res... Tue, 2 Aug 2016 11:54:00 EST Have you scheduled your colonoscopy? It was my 50th birthday birthday present from my physician, the pink order slip that sent me scheduling my first colonoscopy. I understood the need of regular colorectal screening, it is one of the most powerful weapons against colorectal cancer. Excluding skin cancers, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the United States.<br><br>I had no relatives with colorectal cancers, but if you have a relative who was diagnosed with colon cancer at the ... Tue, 2 Aug 2016 05:56:00 EST Hormones and Your Heart Hormone Therapy In Men<br><br>Although the term "Male Menopause" was coined decades ago, the term didn't really enter the popular lexicon until the 1990s. There are parallels to menopause in women, including the fact that research to treat its symptoms has produced mixed findings. Some studies suggest cardiovascular benefits, while others show harm.<br><br>"In men, the issue is even more contentious, in part because the data are so limited," says Dr. Shalender Bhasin, an endocrinologist at H... Mon, 1 Aug 2016 22:12:00 EST counting my exchanges and journaling and measuring my foods <br>I am counting exchanges and journaling and measuring my food,. fifteen hundred calories plan thru TOPS <em>250</em> <br><br>Today I will start to exercise. I have been losing the last few weeks. If I can do this so can you. One baby step at time makes for a success plan. It is a lifestyle change. <br><br> You have to continue to plan and take action. You will be thrilled with the end results. <br><br> Now to plan a reward for when I hit my goal. I am thinking a cruise. <br><br> I... Mon, 1 Aug 2016 09:59:00 EST Rosehip Oil: Skin Rejuvenation in a Bottle Rosehip Oil: Skin Rejuvenation in a Bottle<br><br>Rosehip oil has been making a name in the cosmetics industry because of its phenomenal benefits for the skin. Supermodels and actors even swear by its skin rejuvenating and clarifying effects. But what exactly is rosehip oil and where does it come from? Keep reading this article to find out.<br>What Is Rosehip Oil?<br><br>Rosehip oil, sometimes called rose hip seed oil, can be obtained from wild rose (Rose moschata, Rosa rubignosa, or Rosa can... Mon, 1 Aug 2016 09:53:00 EST Hormones and Your Heart Over the past decade, reviews of older studies, along with some new ones, helped clarify the issue and gave rise to the so-called timing hypothesis: it's possible that using hormone therapy during the first few years of menopause might help prevent heart disease. But using hormones later---beyond about the age of 60---increases the risk.<br><br>Harvard professor Dr. JoAnn Manson, one of the lead investigators on the WHI, recommends trying lifestyle modifications for at least three months af... Sun, 31 Jul 2016 21:35:00 EST Ice Heat Away One simple solution to being uncomfortably warm when it's super hot is to put an ice pack in between you and your chair, in the center of your back, and lean back. <br><br>Wrap it, so that you can use it for a long period of time. Otherwise, it will bother your nerves, and may even cause nerve damage. Remember summer clothes are light, so you need to use a towel. <br><br>If you want, you can put an ice pack on your neck too! For both places, twenty minutes is the doctor recommended amount of ... Sun, 31 Jul 2016 20:21:00 EST 45 minutes walk First thing in the morning I get up, of course, then feed the dogs, have a cup of tea and then go for a 45 minute walk. Then come home have a shower and head to work. I feel that the walk is a great start to my day and clears my mind and body after being in bed for 7-8 hours.<br><br>I love it first the morning, it is still dark when I leave but starts to get light, with the birds waking up and the sun rising, I consider it a great start to every day. Some morning there are Kangaroos over t... Sun, 31 Jul 2016 16:17:00 EST Hormones and Your Heart Age-related drops in sex hormone levels sometimes cause undesirable symptoms. But is hormone therapy safe for the heart?<br><br>A decline in sex hormones is a natural part of growing older. Still, it's only natural to want to feel robust, mentally sharp, and healthy as we age. So it's no surprise that hormone therapy---which has been touted by drug companies as a way to restore youthful vigor, first for women and more recently for men---has generated so much interest.<br><br>But hormone th... Sat, 30 Jul 2016 22:09:00 EST Work Out With Yard Work Work Out with Yard Work<br>Your Yard & Your Body Will Thank You!<br><br> By Liz Noelcke, Staff Writer<br> <img src=""><br>Ask anyone who has spread mulch in their yard, and they’ll tell you that yard work is quite the workout! Whether hauling mulch, spreading soil, raking leaves, or pulling weeds, you’re guaranteed to break a sweat. That's because gardening works all your major muscle groups. Even something as simp... Sat, 30 Jul 2016 09:28:00 EST Tackling Sleep Apnea, Beer Belly, & Testosterone "But a big new study called the Testosterone Trials, which was published this year, provides some hope that older men with low testosterone levels and specific complaints that may be related to testosterone deficiency may benefit from hormone replacement," says Anawalt.<br><br>Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and other institutions recruited 790 men aged 65 or older who had consistently low blood levels of testosterone (below 275 nanograms per deciliter). The men, who reporte... Fri, 29 Jul 2016 21:23:00 EST Never Give Up I just keep it very simple by just Eating healthy and being active and enjoying life. I use to workout every single day for over an hour and it burned me out. I ended up getting sick and ended up in the hospital with Asthma. I was pushing myself too much. Running myself down and my body was paying the price. Doctors said I had to change and start taking it easy and taking care of myself. So I talk it over with my hubby and he gave me great advice. All he said was honey you are beautiful and I... Fri, 29 Jul 2016 15:45:00 EST Astaxanthin: The Most Powerful Nutrient Ever Discovered for Eye Health Astaxanthin: The Most Powerful Nutrient Ever Discovered for Eye Health<br><br><br>Scientists long ago discovered that a class of naturally-occurring pigments called carotenoids held powerful antioxidant properties that are crucial for your health. But only recently has one particular carotenoid jumped to the forefront in terms of its status as a "super nutrient," becoming the focus of a large and growing number of peer-reviewed scientific publications.<br><br>This carotenoid is called astaxan... Fri, 29 Jul 2016 11:38:00 EST Vitamin K2 Deficiency Is a Significant Cause of Cardiovascular Disease Vitamin K2 Deficiency Is a Significant Cause of Cardiovascular Disease<br><br><br>Your body is a complex organism, dependent upon the interactions and interrelationships of organs, enzymes, vitamins and hormones. Anytime you take a nutritional supplement, especially at high doses, you affect the balance of others.<br><br>For instance, if you take a zinc supplement, you must be wary of a copper imbalance in your body. These two nutrients balance each other, meaning you may suffer from either z... Fri, 29 Jul 2016 10:42:00 EST Healthy Diet and Moderate Exercise You know the funny thing is that we all read stories on the news or watch reality shows like "The Biggest Loser" or even know friends or family that have taken drastic measures to diet and lose weight. We think, "Wow, these people have got their game on because they've lost 50 pounds in 3 months!"<br>But this is simply not healthy. Drastic measures are sometimes necessary for medical reasons, but otherwise they tend to over-stress the body and then people go right back to their former selves.... Fri, 29 Jul 2016 06:52:00 EST Tackling Sleep Apnea, Beer Belly, & Testosterone Testosterone typically declines slowly and steadily after about age 30, just as complaints about energy level, libido, sexual performance, and muscle weakness pick up.<br><br>Despite the controversy over testosterone, there's still huge interest in it, says Bradley Anawalt, an endocrinologist at the University of Washington.<br><br>"It's the elixir of youth du jour for men right now," says Anawalt. "We see patients all the time asking about testosterone."<br><br>Some have low hormone levels ... Thu, 28 Jul 2016 23:22:00 EST The Surprising Health Benefits of Unripe Banana, Papaya and Mango The Surprising Health Benefits of Unripe Banana, Papaya and Mango<br><br><br>Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? If not, your health may suffer in more ways than one. A common sign your diet is lacking in fiber is constipation and irregular bowel movements, but that's really just the tip of the iceberg.<br><br>Fiber-rich foods like vegetables promote optimal gut health by nourishing beneficial gut bacteria. Certain fruits are also high in fiber, including underripe bananas, papayas and... Thu, 28 Jul 2016 12:29:00 EST How to avoid burnout It can be very hard caring for family, job, aged parents, and woman inevitably put themselves last. The risks of burnout are real, then come tears, anger, resentment. It all still has to be done, we cannot run away, but there are a few things you can do to minimalize the risk of burnout. <br><br>Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant dema... Thu, 28 Jul 2016 08:40:00 EST Tackling Sleep Apnea, Beer Belly, & Testosterone As weight loss progresses, people typically begin to lose equal amounts of subcutaneous and visceral fat.<br><br>An exception may be people in their late 70s or early 80s, says Jensen. "We think that fat cells only live about three to seven years," he explains. "After that, we need new ones to replace the old ones that die."<br><br>But older people may run out of some of the precursor cells in their subcutaneous fat, notes Jensen.<br><br>"So they lose some of their subcutaneous fat depot an... Wed, 27 Jul 2016 22:08:00 EST Tips for bicycle safety More and more people are enjoying the pleasures of bicycle riding, both for the health benefits, and for the sheer joy of being out on two wheels. It can be dangerous to mix bicycles with traffic but many steps can be taken to protect yourself as much as possible. 200 pounds versus 6000 is a given loss, so here are some bicycling tips:<br><br>PAY ATTENTION<br>First of all, pay 100-percent attention, just as you would while driving. Use your senses—often you can hear an engine in advance of ... Wed, 27 Jul 2016 07:34:00 EST Tackling Sleep Apnea, Beer Belly, & Testosterone "Another advantage of visceral fat is that it's got a lot of immune cells and responds very vigorously to injury," notes Jensen. "Visceral fat can actually wrap itself around abdominal organs that are damaged during hunting or fighting and ward off infections, increasing the chances of surviving."<br><br>But few men today need to move quickly to survive. And few suffer life-threatening abdominal injuries from hunting or fighting.<br><br>In lean men, visceral fat is useful. It efficiently r... Tue, 26 Jul 2016 23:29:00 EST Eat an Energizing Breakfast Whether it be for weight loss, weight Maintenance, depression, anxiety, or all manner of ailments - Eating a Healthy, Energizing Breakfast cemented with Good Carbs and Protein - Starting my day off with an Energizing Breakfast has made such a difference in each of my days. I skipped breakfast for over 35 years - I have made it my #1 goal and stuck to it for 3 months so far - and it has been life changing. Those Breakfasts set the tone for my entire day. <br>For the Typical Monday-Friday - ... Tue, 26 Jul 2016 14:06:00 EST Top Tips to Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh Longer Top Tips to Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh Longer<br><br><br>It's happened before. You brought home too many fresh carrots, cucumbers and fancy mesclun lettuce, didn't get to them as quickly as you thought you would and they spoiled. Rubbery carrots, slimy cucumbers and rusty lettuce can definitely make you lose your sense of humor.<br><br>The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) says Americans dispose of 19 percent of the vegetables and around 14 percent of the fruits they buy due to spoi... Tue, 26 Jul 2016 09:58:00 EST Tackling Sleep Apnea It's probably not news that men are twice as likely as women to have not seen a doctor for at least two years. So it's no surprise that of the 15 leading causes of death in the United States, only one---Alzheimer's Disease---claims more women than men.<br><br>Endangered Males<br><br>Beginning in the womb, males are more likely than females to die at every age.<br><br>Among the diseases more common in men:<br><br>***heart disease<br><br>***lung cancer (men smoke more)<br><br>***bladder cancer... Mon, 25 Jul 2016 23:33:00 EST It really is a lifestyle I saw Dr Oz talking about his "Day Off Diet," and I thought I didn't need a full day off, just an occasional meal off like the weekly dinner with my dad that's a little higher in calories and fat than a single meal should be for me, and the occasional meal out with my girlfriends which usually involves my favorite Mexican foods. Then it hit me...those "occasional meals" are how normal, healthy people do it. I don't have to plan for an overeating day, I just have to make adjustments for spec... Mon, 25 Jul 2016 21:38:00 EST The Back Nine. <br>THE BACK NINE <br> <img src=""><br> <br> <br>AND THEN IT IS WINTER <br> <br>You know ... Time has a way of moving quickly and catching you unaware of the passing years. It seems just yesterday that I was young, just married and embarking on my new life with my mate. Yet in a way, it seems like eons ago, and I wonder where all the years went. I know that I lived them all. I have glimpses of how it was back then... Mon, 25 Jul 2016 14:52:00 EST Health benefits of having close friends The value of friendship is something that few people take time to really appreciate. When you need a friend, you realize just how important it is to have a strong relationship to another person. value of friendship, good friends Everyone values friendships, but it's especially important when you are a teenager and a young adult, and good friendships last through adulthood. A special friendship provides someone to talk to and hang out with, laughter, advice and so much more.<br><br>Friends ha... Mon, 25 Jul 2016 04:44:00 EST Tackling Sleep Apnea If a doctor suspects that you have sleep apnea, you'll probably spend a night at a sleep clinic, where you'll be attached to electrodes and sensors that record your sleep as well as the frequency of any apnea episodes.<br><br>The gold standard treatment is a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. You wear a mask over your nose while you sleep, and the machine supplies pressurized air to keep your throat open.<br><br>"Those who use it regularly have the greatest likelihood of eli... Sun, 24 Jul 2016 23:08:00 EST Diabete, Sleep & Life Control Insomnia was the original reason I joined SparkPeople. I have to admit it was the wisest decision I've made toward obtaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. However, I soon discovered there were many Teams I could join to help with various other health issues I was also dealing with at the time.<br><br>I recommend that you check your blood sugar every day before or after each meal and record the results on a chart. Also, add the amount of insulin or whatever was used. It helps to visualize... Sun, 24 Jul 2016 17:53:00 EST Become a Morning Person: Become a Morning Person: 8 Tips from a Former Night Owl<br><br> <br>By: Stepfanie Romine, SparkPeople Blogger <br> <img src=""><br>I spent most of my early and mid 20s working the second shift at newspapers. I loved working as a copy editor, and I loved the hours, too. My shifts began at 4 p.m. and ended at midnight, which meant I could stay up late, sleep until noon, and still have time to run errands and go to the... Sun, 24 Jul 2016 11:50:00 EST Tackling Sleep Apnea "Obesity plays a big role in the development of apnea," says Chervin. Extra weight can mean more fat deposits in the soft tissue that surrounds the throat, which can obstruct breathing.<br><br>Among 690 randomly selected middle-aged Wisconsin residents, those whose weight increased by 10 percent or more over a four-year period were six times as likely to develop moderate-to-severe sleep apnea as those who didn't gain weight.<br><br>While putting on pounds can make apnea worse, shedding them ... Sat, 23 Jul 2016 22:48:00 EST Hydrate while eating! Whether the weather forecast has you dreading sweat-soaked tees or looking forward to pitchers of lemonade, staying adequately hydrated has to top your list of priorities this season.<br><br>These eight foods, in peak season during summer months, are either rich in necessary electrolytes like magnesium and potassium, or boast high water content to help you do just that. Even better—most are low in calories. So stock your picnic basket with these healthy eats if you want to keep that beach bod... Sat, 23 Jul 2016 10:17:00 EST Tackling Sleep Apnea On the night Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died last February, his CPAP machine was on the nightstand next to his bed. It wasn't plugged in.<br><br>Scalia was one of an estimated 25 million Americans with obstructive sleep apnea. Most don't know they have it.<br><br>People with sleep apnea stop breathing for 10 seconds or more at a time, as many as 300 or 400 times a night. Each bout usually ends with a snort, as breathing begins again.<br><br>What causes it? In obstructive apnea, ... Fri, 22 Jul 2016 22:54:00 EST What are some of the best food sources of vitamin D? What are some of the best food sources of vitamin D? <br><br><br><br>The conversation about which foods contain vitamin D can be a bit challenging because the WHFoods list for vitamin D is quite short. Furthermore, one of the best dietary sources of vitamin D (milk) is only vitamin D-rich because of fortification that occurs at the time of processing. (While whole milk from grass-fed cows with plenty of tim... Fri, 22 Jul 2016 01:34:00 EST Hot Flash In The Pan? Beyond The WHI<br><br>Q: The Women's Health Initiative aside, what can women do to lower their risk of disease?<br><br>A: We know from a number of studies that about 80 percent of heart attacks and strokes and up to 90 percent of cases of type 2 diabetes may be preventable by lifestyle modifications. But only about 5 percent of the population has adopted all of those practices.<br><br>Q: Like what?<br><br>A: Moderate-to-vigorous exercise at least 30 minutes a day, not smoking, maintainin... Thu, 21 Jul 2016 20:38:00 EST 10 Ways Growing an Organic Garden Can Help Your Health and Budget 10 Ways Growing an Organic Garden Can Help Your Health and Budget<br><br>Get the nutrition you need & enjoy tastier food<br>Many studies have shown that organically grown food has more minerals and nutrients than food grown with synthetic pesticides. And there’s a good reason why many chefs use organic foods in their recipes -- they taste better.<br>Save money<br>Growing your own food can help cut the cost of your grocery bill.<br>Protect future generations<br>The average child receives four ... Thu, 21 Jul 2016 12:37:00 EST Are You an Active Couch Potato? Are You an Active Couch Potato?<br>Taking Steps to Stay Healthy Despite a Sedentary Lifestyle<br><br> By Ellen G. Goldman<br> <img src=""><br>My life has always been full of movement. As a fitness coach and former owner of a personal training business, I know the importance of being active throughout the day and have never been concerned about my activity level. Even with many of my working hours spent at a desk, I... Thu, 21 Jul 2016 11:50:00 EST Hot Flash In The Pan? Vaginal Atrophy<br><br>Q: What else should women know about menopause?<br><br>A: Low doses of vaginal estrogen are safe and effective to prevent vaginal dryness and discomfort with sexual activity---or what's now called genitourinary syndrome of menopause. It occurs in at least 45 percent of women.<br><br>This syndrome, which we used to call vaginal atrophy, is progressive. Unlike the hot flashes and the night sweats, which tend to get better within a decade after menopause, vaginal altro... Wed, 20 Jul 2016 23:28:00 EST The Cost of Multitasking: 6 Health Risks You Should Know The Cost of Multitasking: 6 Health Risks You Should Know<br>7 Tips for Changing Your Juggling Ways<br><br> By Ellen G. Goldman<br> <img src=""><br>Wet laundry that's been sitting in the washing machine for three days. A blog post riddled with spelling errors. An annoyed boss who is still waiting on the report that you were supposed to complete by day's end. What do all of these unfortunate scenarios have in common?... Wed, 20 Jul 2016 11:25:00 EST Hot Flash In The Pan? Q: Why do women go the bio-identical hormone route?<br><br>A: They're being misled by unsubstantiated claims of greater safety and effectiveness. Since the WHI, many physicians are no longer up to date on prescribing FDA-approved hormones or won't prescribe them at all. To fill that void, women are turning to alternative remedies including compounding pharmacies.<br><br>Q: Why do women think that compounded hormones are safer?<br><br>A: They often don't receive a package insert telling... Tue, 19 Jul 2016 23:30:00 EST cycling for health <img src="">I love riding bikes. I love building bikes. And it all costs me nearly nothing. For example, I built a recumbent bike 10 years ago for less than $4. Just sawed some old junkers apart and welded them back together in the recumbent configuration. Cost: my time and some welding rods and a can of paint. I have rode that bike over 11,000 miles. I just explained the building because it added the incenti... Tue, 19 Jul 2016 20:11:00 EST What Is Matcha Green Tea Good For? What Is Matcha Green Tea Good For?<br><br><br>One of the most in-demand drinks on the planet, green tea is outrageously good for you. You may have heard about its benefits, such as increased ability to lose weight and combat heart disease.<br><br>The interest lately is so hot that an exodus from the coffee camp to a mass of matcha groupies has made matcha “the drink” of choice during New York Fashion Week for the past few years.1<br><br>The trend is gaining ground for several reasons. One is ... Mon, 18 Jul 2016 10:11:00 EST What Is Matcha Green Tea Good For? What Is Matcha Green Tea Good For?<br><br><br>One of the most in-demand drinks on the planet, green tea is outrageously good for you. You may have heard about its benefits, such as increased ability to lose weight and combat heart disease.<br><br>The interest lately is so hot that an exodus from the coffee camp to a mass of matcha groupies has made matcha “the drink” of choice during New York Fashion Week for the past few years.1<br><br>The trend is gaining ground for several reasons. One is ... Mon, 18 Jul 2016 10:11:00 EST Here's Why You Should Celebrate Sweat Here’s Why You Should Celebrate Sweat<br>A Little Perspiration Does the Body Good<br><br> By Melissa Rudy, Health & Fitness Journalist<br> <img src=""><br>Regardless of weight or fitness level, we all sweat (although some more than others). For many, it's welcomed as physical proof of exertion. Whether you prefer running, spinning or hot yoga, there's just something exhilarating about finishing a grueling, sweaty w... Mon, 18 Jul 2016 09:55:00 EST Healthy While Traveling 1. Pack your own snacks. Ironically for someone who travels as much as I do, I dislike actually having to get on a plane to do so. Besides my claustrophobia and fear of flying, I’ve become increasingly less patient in dealing with layovers, flight delays and expensive airport food. I refuse to spend $10 on a veggie and hummus sandwich or $6 on a miniature cup of fresh fruit. No thanks, not happening. So, I pack my snacks ahead of time. Yes, it takes a little bit of planning but the rewards ar... Mon, 18 Jul 2016 07:49:00 EST Hot Flash In The Pan? Menopause<br><br>Q: Have the WHI results led doctors to stop treating symptoms of menopause with hormones?<br><br>A: The use of hormone therapy has declined by about 80 percent since the WHI, but the trials' results have been misunderstood. The hormone therapy trials were designed to answer a specific question: What is the balance of benefits and risks of hormone therapy when used to prevent heart disease and other chronic diseases?<br><br>The balance was not favorable for the average wom... Sun, 17 Jul 2016 22:25:00 EST Maintain a Good Healthy Diet Now that we have came so far and maybe your starting out Spark People is all about learning a healthy way of eating and incorporating exercise into each day... Change is hard... especially for those with a weakness for salty or sugary snacks... But it is not impossible... once you know all of the options that can actually help get your health in shape you will see that it is not so bad... and the changes you make now can help undo years of unhealthy eating.... and a better check up at th... Sun, 17 Jul 2016 19:42:00 EST Hot Flash In The Pan? Q: Should women eat less fat?<br><br>A: This study suggests that there may be benefits for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and for women who have an increased risk of breast cancer. But overall, I don't think there's strong evidence yet that all women should be going on a low-fat diet.<br><br>Q: Why not?<br><br>A: It could be that what mattered wasn't less fat, but a reduction in red meat or an increase in fruits and vegetables, or even a small amount of weight loss. I... Sat, 16 Jul 2016 21:41:00 EST