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Top Secrets of Success for
Calorie Range


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Pick one focused objective and a great reward

I've picked one objective to focus on for a few weeks. After a while, it just ebcomes habit. I like to pair it with a great reward. First, I gave myself a great fitness reward every week that I hit 210 fitness minutes (a new workout shirt or shorts, a subscription to a fitness magazine). After sever...

- Submitted by RENEEMG77 7/23/2013 in Healthy Eating | 0 Comments
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Fire Up Your Metabolism

You can do this by: 1)recalculating your calorie needs and making sure you're eating enough 2) Start a strength training routine. Muscle burns 70% more calories than fat, so building muscles will torch serious calories 3)Increase your cardio intensity and/or time.

- Submitted by UCRGIRL_ 5/13/2010 in Breaking a Plateau | 4 Comments
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Online Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator

Based on SparkPeople's BMR article, (which needs pen & paper to tabulate), I created an online calculator you can use.

Just paste this address into your web browser.


- Submitted by MRSMAPLEVT 5/8/2010 in Weight Loss | 2 Comments
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Set a lower weight loss rate

If staying in calorie range is the most difficult part of your journey, try setting a lower weight-loss rate so you will have a higher calorie range. Adjusting your goal from 2 lb/week to 1 lb/week makes is so you can eat approximately 500 more calories per day!

- Submitted by JESJES 3/26/2010 in Getting Started | 1 Comment
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