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I can still hear my mother saying that to me 50 years ago! But I've learned that concentrating on good posture- engaging your core muscles- actually helps burn a few extra calories and boosts metabolism. It's such an easy way to exercise as you go through your daily activities. Suck it in! emoticon

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  • i still have to remind myself to do that when i go for my walks. - by SWEETMOMMY41
    I have to keep reminding myself to do "suck it in" when I go go for my walks! Makes you feel like you are doubling up on your exercise! emoticon - by HEALTHYJOY2
    My mother use to say that all the time. She also said that her mother use to hit them in the middle of their backs to remind them to stand up straight. - by PFARRAR65
  • I always got the opposite ..sit up straight, keep your hands off the table, square your shoulders.

    Joanna - by HYATTI1
    Thanks for sharing. - by BANNERMAN
  • Boy, I heard the same thing. Stand up straight, sit up straight. If you don't your back will get hunched. Wow, LOL I am glad I was told this. - by DEB2013
    I used to hear that all the time too. Thanks for sharing. - by DIANESAV3
  • good posture is good for your health too - by CHRIS3874
  • So true my mum would always say to stand up or sit up straight. Thanks for reminding me. - by AMBER461
  • When I was a little girl, my aunt taught me how to use good posture. She had a cardboard picture of a woman in bad posture (spine out of good alignment). When you pulled the cord at the top of her spine she straightened out using good posture (spine in good alignment). I always remembered that. - by J2740LOU
  • I can remember my mother saying the same things to me "stand up straight," "sit up straight," "don't slough," and over the years I have let some of those old bad habits back into my life, since you mentioned it I have started to remind myself of what my mother used to say to me because it works. emoticon - by DIAMOND102
  • Think most mothers said this to their children. Do parents do it now? Haven't heard it at all recently. emoticon - by PROPMAN1
  • My Mother told me the same thing. I think she used to walk around with a book on her head. I know I can breath better when I stand up straight. BRONCHEL ASTHMA
    BUMMER emoticon - by LOVELYLINDA491
  • I can hear my mom's voice also, saying to stand up straight, sit up straight and she was right but too many of us are in comfort mood and most of the time that does not include sitting up straight. Going to add that to my daily list of things to change

    linda - by ELBOWE77
    I can hear my Grandma and my mother saying the same thing. You are so right. If we stand tall it helps us look and feel our best plus it does help strengthen your core and your back side. So suck it in and tighten that backside. Can be done anywhere!!
    HAPPY EASTER emoticon emoticon emoticon - by LOVINGKATE
  • My mother said the same thing. She would tell me to be proud of who I am. emoticon - by 4ANEWME2DAY
  • Great. I suck it in when I am walking. - by DELLMEL
    My mother said the same thing, many times. Not only does it make you look more confident, it is much better for your health. - by VAINVT
  • So true! emoticon - by FLRED12
  • I think we all heard about's just a mater of fact.

    Joanna - by HYATTI1
    I'm always sloshing. I really need to work on sitting upright and walking sucked in...I just put up sticky notes around my desk to remind me to suck it in sitting at this desk all day. - by GHYSLAINE27
  • My Mom was allover my brother for not standing up straight but I was lucky to have good posture. - by DJHUMPHREY
  • me too - by JANETTEB553
  • You've hit the nail right on the heard!! Almost everytime I run I'm hearing that little voice inside whisper stand straight and look out in front of you AND pull in those abs " : ) - by -SHOREIDO-
  • We should not even have to think about this but I still do! - by LYNCHD05
  • So true! I like this. - by WILLIACH1
  • I swear....."Suck it in" all I hear at the gym!!! emoticon I do! - by DNRAE1
  • Absolutely, I've herd the same from my physical therapist, trainer guy at the Y, and doctor. It's a great idea. - by KONRAD695
  • emoticon - by CMORISAK
  • emoticon - by MRSTAZMAYO
  • good blog - by TRYINGHARD54
  • Just what my German teacher always told :D - by KRISUA
  • My daughter's ballet really helped her posture. I wonder if they do ballet classes for women like me - 50+ and obese. Think I need to lose some weight first so I can fit into the leotard. rofl - by EBONYSOL
  • I hear you talking.

    Joanna - by HYATTI1
    emoticon - by HIGHNOON
  • You're so right! I've been walking and my back kept hurting, But now that I've been doing my core exercises, when I walk I "suck it in" and my back no longer hurts.

    emoticon emoticon

    emoticon - by GOSPARK45
  • Use Core Exercises to strengthen your lower back muscles and you will stand taller because your muscles are stronger....... I had physical therapy for lower back pain, and was surprised that "therapy" is really fairly simple exercises! I was lucky that there was not damage to my back, so therapy helped me become pain free.

    Now I use SP to keep my back strong and try to do total body exercises to keep all of me pain free! Luckily our bodies respond well to the efforts we expend. I love SP. emoticon - by COE1945
  • Thanks for sharing. I believe that it is very important. - by LEANMEAN2
    I can't stand up straight; but when I seat I put my body straight. emoticon - by NAOLEE
  • TERID816
    Add sit up straight to that - slumping in your chair at work is easy and not great for you. I make an effort to keep my shoulders back and my core engaged! - by TERID816
  • My grand aunt said the same thing!
    It was annoying when I was young, you bet I wish I had listened!!! - by CHERYLSBUTT
  • Great reminder! - by GINA180847
  • For years as my back has shrunk a bit from osteoporosis and my hips and knees have struggled with osteoporosis, I have walked more bent over at the hips. After joining SparkPeople and beginning to exercise and rebuild muscle strength, a benefit is that I am able to stand and walk much straighter. But it is a constant, conscious effort to do so. Thanks for the timely reminder. Fortunately my mom taught me early to not be ashamed of my height but to stand up tall. Are mom's forgetting to remind young girls today? Surely seems like it at times. - by BONIFIANT
  • Oh, do I ever need this reminder! Thank you! I am building this into my Sept. goals. - by NESARIAN
  • Oh, do I ever need this reminder! Thank you! I am building this into my Sept. goals. - by NESARIAN
  • SAMMI4444
    My posture is terrible and I'm constantly trying to sit up straight. Working on a computer is hard on my back :( - by SAMMI4444
  • What a great reminder! I still haven't gotten the "good posture" habit to stick, even thought my grandmother started reminding me to do this 40 years ago. Maybe it's time! - by BBROBOZIO
  • I wish that i had listen more carefully, I wouldn't have back problems today - by MARYMARTYMA1
  • i can still hear my Mom say the same thing. When I do lots of core work this becomes more of a habit......standing up straight! - by LYNCHD05
  • Something I should know but never remember! Thanks for the reminder.

    Marsha - by QUILTANDKNIT
  • mother was right, mine did the same,and I am still standing straight.
    So "Thanks Mom." emoticon - by INGMARIE
  • Remember my mom saying the same thing 50 years ago! And I've said the same thing to my daughter as well, who's almost 30! emoticon - by GINGERVISTA
  • MIZINA730
    Before I gained weight, I did this all the time. Throughout the day, I sucked my gut in and I was thin. Denise Austin once said that contracting your belly for one minute is the equivalent of one belly crunch (formerly known at sit-up). The old adage is true.

    emoticon - by MIZINA730
  • very good reminder advice! - by LIMIG2
  • I still remind myself of that info - by CMORISAK
  • I wish my husband listened to his mom when she said that. Now he has back problems and has to live with chronic back pain. - by PHATPAT18
  • Mama has been gone for quite a while but I still hear her voice talking in Danish saying , "Straighten the back and hold your head up! - by LSIG14
  • And don't forget "suck in your gut." - by MRSTAZMAYO
  • Oh, boy, I can still feel my mother's knuckle twisting into my spine as she told me the same thing.

    It was much easier before my breasts decided they were a fantastic fat repository. I've developed so much more compassion for women (like Dolly Parton) who have had to cantilever this chest weight around their entire lives.

    SparkPeople has exercises that help with posture--I've printed them out and do them on a weekly rotation! Feels good to stand a little taller, in so many ways! - by NANCYHOME247
  • That is so true. I always tell my husband to do this. - by JANIEWWJD
  • working at the computer is where my posture is the worst! emoticon - by JOL2367
  • Plus is sets a good example for my kids when they see me standing up straight. My hubby and sister-in-law are both over six feet and slouch. I drives me nuts that they seem ashamed of their height and determined to look as small as possible. - by TKDABRUNZ
  • I try to do this every time I walk through the halls at work, as I'd really like to get my abs at least a little less flabby than they are now. emoticon - by LADYHAWK2K1

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