Building Blocks and the Crisscross Effect Page

. Each of the 4 Cornerstones consists of Building Blocks, the practical steps to maximizing the potential of that Cornerstone. For example, the Positive Force Cornerstone includes three Building Blocks: Public Leadership, Mentoring and Community Service. When you set and reach goals within these Building Blocks, the cornerstones are strengthened and your life becomes a little more “sparked”.

Purpose & Vision

Values & Beliefs





Stress Management

Healthy Habits

Personal Leadership

Consistency & Motivation


Public Leadership


Community Service

The good news is that you can start in any Cornerstone, with any Building Block, depending on what your initial goals are. No area of the Fuel For Improvement System stands alone. Each is richly intertwined with all of the others. As you improve in one area, your actions crisscross and build up other areas at the same time. So don’t be surprised if the Crisscross Effect takes over and your goals start to impact other Building Blocks and other Cornerstones in ways you never expected. Your Nutrition affects your Leadership, your Leadership affects your Vision, your Vision affects your Momentum, and so on. The Crisscross Effect is what ties it all together. Click here to read more about the Crisscross Effect

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