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Why is momentum important?

Otherwise known as “The Big Mo”, Momentum has power. Momentum keeps you moving, keeps your program growing. A common problem with goals is that they can stagnate. You can end up doing the same stuff with the same level of energy, which can turn stale and boring. With Momentum, you do more than have the same success over and over - you get bigger and better results as you go. Things speed up, and so does the excitement. Think of riding in a car. Isn’t the acceleration more of a thrill than the speed itself?

What role does momentum play?

You’ve heard of the snowball effect. Well, Momentum can create a similar fireball effect. By starting small and staying consistent, you can move faster and faster toward breakthroughs. Each milestone you reach is another boost of energy, another victory that puts the “next level” within reach. The more you build on your success, the less you have to worry about the start-stop-start-stop of the goal roller coaster. If you’re familiar with the exponential results concept of investment, you know how the results you see from Momentum will eventually start to outweigh the effort.

What are the elements of momentum?

Celebrations & Recognition
Motivating Milestones
New Strengths Put To Use
Setting New Goals

What are the common pitfalls of momentum?

Forgetting to reward yourself
Sitting back and fading after a taste of successs
Not looking for more opportunities to grow
Doing just enough to get by
Look Forward To….your next milestone.

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