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Why is community service important?
Community Service is whatever you might do that makes the community stronger. Whether you're helping one person at a time or 500, the lives you touch will build a healthier place to live and work in. Community Service promotes understanding and a feeling of being part of something. And we all know that we take better care of things are valuable to us.

What role does community service play?
Here's your chance to use your foundation for a greater cause. Let your spark add power to something that already fires you up. The principle that small things over time do wonders applies to Community Service too. Every little bit helps.

What are the elements of community service?

Service & Volunteer Activities
Day-to-Day Niceties
Reaching Out to Others

What are the common pitfalls of community service?
Doing it for the wrong reasons (recognition, gratitude, appearances)
Just sending money to keep separated from the problem and/or people
Quota or checklist mentality
Not wanting to help those who are too different

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Goal Recommendations
·Spread good news; share stories of others' successes.

·Create interactions and activities with others to get your point across instead of preaching.



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