the Crisscross Effect: Uncovered

. Everyone knows that Exercise and Nutrition are intertwined. But Exercise and Leadership? Or Goal-Setting and Sleep?

Strange, but true. Each Building Block and Cornerstone of the Fuel For Improvement System is directly linked with all of the others.

Each one has a powerful potential to act as a foundation that naturally sparks other areas as progress is made. The short-term goals and activities you select as part of your program can have a positive impact on several areas at once. For example, something as simple as drinking 6-8 cups of water per day will positively affect your Exercise, Nutrition, Healthy Habits, Stress Management, and Momentum levels.

Here's the exciting part: Improvement and help in any area may come from a completely unexpected place. For instance, to reduce Stress, you can use traditional relaxation techniques. Or you can tackle the problem from very different angle by starting in the Sleep or Nutrition Building Blocks. (For example, you can tailor a diet specifically to reduce stress, one that includes smaller meals, plenty of water and no caffeine.) The System is not a generic, one-size-fits-all program that's rigid and unchanging.

What does this mean for you? It means you can tailor your pursuit of results to fit your needs and interests.
The idea is to add things to your life that you find interesting and fun - no matter what area you start in (Sleep, Nutrition, etc.) - knowing that they'll help you improve in another area (Stress Management). You have a goal. Where you start to pursue that goal is up to you.

What a great way to build your foundation!

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