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Live with passion, energy, & a sense of adventure

System : Fire

Live your plan with passion, energy and a sense of adventure! Reach even your most idealistic goals by stringing together small victories and building momentum. Every day, you have a choice: to stand still and let others choose your future, or to have the courage to take action. To stay confident, stay optimistic - see the possibilities, not the problems. And don't forget to celebrate! Enjoy what you've done and take credit for it.

Introduction to Fire

You’re on track, you see opportunities around every corner, and you’re enjoying the heck out of what you do. Sounds like a nice way to live doesn’t it? That’s how Fire transforms your pursuit of goals. Once you’re focused, it helps you stay focused. It gives you the power and zeal to do big things. Just like a fire changes fuel into crackling energy, it can turn your potential into blazing results.

Fire starts within you, but builds with success. Even the smallest of victories are as good as fuel thrown on the fire. Momentum from steady achievement starts to snowball – in this case fireball – creating an upward spiral where success breeds success. Breakthrough moments happen more often and all parts of your life become energized.

To live with more Fire, learn to be a good leader of yourself. It will create the confidence and momentum you need to stay consistent and get bigger results. Surround yourself with the positives – people, places, pictures – and your goals will suddenly seem within reach. Reward yourself and celebrate. Soon you’ll be building a fireball of your own.

The SparkPeople System helps you pursue your goals with Fire by taking action in the following areas:

  • Personal Leadership
  • Motivation & Consistency
  • Momentum

Fire in Depth

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