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1. Develop a sense of self-responsibility:  Personal Leadership

How do good leaders get others working toward a common goal? They listen, reward, praise, advise and motivate. They hold people accountable for what they promised. To be an effective leader of your own life, you need to apply those same principles. You’ve made pledges to yourself in the form of Goals. Now you have to apply Personal Leadership and find ways to get parts of your life to work as a whole to fulfill those promises.

Keeping a journal is one way to start. Journals are perfect for dumping negative thoughts or capturing positive events and milestones on paper before you forget. As you learn more about yourself, you’ll spot lifestyle and personality patterns that may stand in your way. In a journal, you learn the truth. You know exactly what happened, when, and why. As a leader, it’s your job to take those lessons learned and apply them to your future efforts. The only wrong way to keep a journal is not to keep one at all. The best way to stick with it is to make it personal and fun. When you do write, try to find a secluded atmosphere without a lot of distraction so you can organize your thoughts. SparkDiet, SparkPeople’s exclusive goal-setting tool, includes an online journal, hints on what to write about, and examples of creative journal uses.

Another way to hold yourself accountable is to sign a Personal Goal Pact. Take the goal that you want to achieve in the next few weeks or months, write three action steps for how you’re going to achieve it, and sign your name. To make it even more effective, have witnesses sign it as well. Frame and hang the pact where you can see it every day.
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2: Stay on Track: Consistency & Motivation

Create an environment full of pep talks. Keeping your goals visible is a huge part of building Motivation and Consistency. Post pictures of your basic motivation wherever you can. Create a series of milestones to shoot for as an incentive. As you collect those milestones, keep mementos from that success in a “trophy box”. Or try a dose of daily inspiration from our Quotes database . Above all, make your program fun by choosing goals that agree with your interests and lifestyle. Practice positive thinking and train your brain to look on the bright side. Using the SparkDiet is an easy way to track your goals and monitor your progress. Meanwhile, Sidekick won’t let you forget what your goals are by popping up every day with reminders.

Studies show that sharing goal achievement with another person dramatically boosts your results. A Goal Buddy can motivate you and hold you accountable when you need it most. Sharing your dreams and progress with others makes victory smell sweeter and low points move quicker. Meanwhile, you both learn and push each other further than you thought possible. Find a friend, someone with the same goals, a Personal , or even just a positive thinker. Tell them what you’d like to achieve and let them know how they can help. Two of our Success Stories are friends who take turns calling each on alternating days with goal reminders. It can be that simple. You can find a whole community of people to start a Goal Buddy relationship with in SparkPeople’s discussion boards. More about Consistency & Motivation

3: Build on your success: Momentum

Reward yourself. Often. Celebrate! The Momentum step is the one that most of us skip. For consistency, rewards can be exactly that little bit of extra motivation you need when progress is slow. Meaningful rewards can be as small as giving yourself a movie or 15 minutes of free time. For larger goals, treat yourself to that new outfit or a three-hour massage. Rewards and celebrations can come in all shapes and sizes, whatever motivates you most. For some ideas, check out our Rewards Roster to see what we and our clients are trying. Once you start to see results, it’s easy to move quickly on to the next goal without stopping to savor how far you’ve come. Enjoy the positive feedback for a while before you jump back in. It’s worth the extra time and a pat on the back to remind yourself that this is supposed to be fun! More about Momentum

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