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Fire boils down to creating energized, focused action. It’s a method of building momentum that jumpstarts every area of your life and goals. With your eyes firmly on the prize, nothing can stand in your way. You’re supremely confident that you can accomplish your goals and willingly plow forward to get there.

Do you:
  • Get up in the morning and can’t wait to get started?
  • Find ways to make things happen?
  • Smile a lot at work?
  • Know how to set yourself up for success?
  • Seem to have more energy than the average person?
  • View problems as challenges?
  • Look forward to tomorrow?
  • Lose track of what day or time it is because you’re too wrapped up in your goals?
  • Tell people about the things you’re excited about?
  • Finish the day as strong as you started it?

If you’ve witnessed any of these in your life, you’ve experienced what it’s like to live with Fire. You’ve probably also seen how intensely and quickly it ignites success.

Your Fire is not gained or lost in a day or a week. It’s built or broken down in stages over time. Each day, each decision, each action can be another log on the Fire (or a douse of water). So it’s important to keep yourself excited and consistent. The small things you do every day become the habits of long-term success. That’s why streaks are such an effective way to build those motivating habits.

Here’s an example of how a streak can start small and lead to bigger things. One of our best Success Stories began her SparkPeople program with a simple goal: she didn’t want to drink soda pop anymore. So she started a streak. As the soda-less streak reached 30 days, she began adding other not-so-good foods to the list, like potato chips and chocolate. At 60 days, she was really getting fired up. She started to work out and lose weight. After 100 days, her enthusiasm and continued success convinced her boyfriend to start a program of his own. Six months and 50 pounds later, her boyfriend ran his first marathon.

All because of a small spark that lit a personal Fire.

Start a streak of your own today! Think of a small habit that you want to make or break and use our Habit-Forming Chart to make it happen. See how long you can keep it up, and have fun with it! You’ll see that the smallest of habits can still create a spark with a large impact.

You’ll see Fire in your life just by reaching meaningful goals, getting in shape and touching lives. But when you start to taste success, it’s not time to sit back and start coasting. The example above proves that even bigger goals and results await if you refocus and build on your momentum. Once a fire is set in one part of your life, it sparks other areas. Like ripples in a pond, your program can spread to places that you may not expect.

There’s no limit to how far your Fire can spread if you let it.

Action Steps

Try these things today, and you’ll soon develop a more energized Fire:

  • First thing in the morning, choose to be optimistic and to have a good day. Eliminate negative thinking.
  • Show enthusiasm in whatever you do. Answer the phone with a smile.
  • Read about someone you admire.
  • Add to a photo collection, a "vision box" of items that represent your goal, or quote list of your basic motivation.
  • Practice saying "no" to those things not relevant to your goals.
  • Keep your goals in front of you. Begin each day with the end (your goals) in mind.
  • Let your imagination soar.
  • Avoid people who may talk negatively about your goals, or who make it difficult to pursue your goals through their actions.
  • If you're feeling unmotivated to do a Short-Term Goal one day, make a deal with yourself: You don't have to do the whole thing this time, just start it.

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