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Create a springboard to personal achievement. Physical Fitness gives you the energy and stamina to achieve your goals. Mental Fitness improves your attitude and trains you to think on your feet and to grow. The combination of the two helps you stretch yourself to higher levels of success. By creating good habits and shaking off bad ones, you can make the small changes that make a big difference.

Introduction to Fitness

Fitness is not something you normally hear about as a way to achieve your goals. Many goals may revolve around Fitness, but it's also a valuable way to meet other goals. The truth is that when you're mentally and physically fit, performance in all areas of your life skyrockets. It's almost like having an unfair advantage.

Your Fitness level has a huge affect on your energy, attitude, immune system and mental strength. These are all major factors in goal achievement. Without energy, it's tough to stay consistent and ambitious. Your attitude can mean the difference between pessimistic frustration or positive progress. A healthy immune system keeps you in the game and moving. And the ability to think quickly and clearly helps you adjust to an everchanging goal environment.

One note before you start a Fitness program: beware of the Quick Fix. The Quick Fix soon leads to the Quick Ditch. It may even leave you worse off than before. For example, statistics show that just 5-10 % of dieters who lose weight are able to keep it off. Most actually end up with a few more pounds to lug around. The key is to build consistent habits that change the way you approach Fitness in the long run. SparkPeople provides tools to help you build these healthy habits.

SparkPeople helps you develop crucial Fitness strengths in the following areas:
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep
  • Healthy Habits

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