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Get clear about your goals. Focus is your ability and opportunity to step back and take stock of your life, where you want it to go, and how you're going to make it happen. To make the biggest difference, work toward something that's important to you. With a personal mission that you're committed to, you can bring meaning into every minute of your day, while your direction and priorities keep you going when times get tough. What is your vision for an ideal outcome?

Introduction to Focus

"He who chases two rabbits catches neither." It's an old proverb, but one that rings true for the SparkPeople System. Focusing will help you form a clear picture in your head. You'll see exactly what you want and should keep that picture in mind as much as possible. You'll know which rabbit you want to chase.

For several years, there's been a growing tendency for people to want to have it all. Not wanting to sacrifice anything, they run themselves straight into the ground -- sometime literally -- only to end up frustrated and tired without reaching their goals. What they don't realize is that you can have it all (or close to it). You just can't have it all right now.

To help you Focus, it's much better to choose a few high priority areas that are motivating and in line with your Values. Pay attention to those until you form some good habits around those areas. Then move on to the next thing. The idea is to find the Sweet Spot, that special place where different goals coincide and support each other instead of conflicting.

With the SparkPeople System, you’ll learn how to increase Focus by using the following areas:
  • Purpose & Mission
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Goal Setting

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