8-Step Goal Achievement Plan Page

. Just 8 Steps seperate you from your most ambitious goals.

Those 8 Steps are part of the SparkPeople Goal Achievement Plan (GAP). Plug in just about any goal, follow this plan and we're confident that you'll make it happen.

You might have seen the System Pyramid graphic that shows how Focus, Fitness, Fire and Positive Force work together to create a life of balance and power through the Crisscross Effect. show me the graphic

Well, the GAP is how you use that power. It's a strategy you can use to build Fuel For Improvement and move from one level of the pyramid to the next. Though each step is important to goal achievement, it's a flexible structure that you can tailor to meet your needs.

Here's what you do to reach your goal:
  1.  Go On A Fast Break
  2.  Set Strong And Meaningful Goals
  3.  Create Smart Systems
  4.  Look At The Big Picture
  5.  Involve Other People
  6.  Build On Your Success
  7.  Be A Positive Force
  8.  Use It Or Lose It


System Map
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