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Why is goal setting important
Imagine playing a game of basketball without knowing what the object of the game was. How much fun would that be? How good could you possibly play? In life, we need reasons for what we do. Goals keep us from just reacting to what's going on around us. Goals can inspire and motivate. They help us make our life happen rather than letting it happen. Most of all, Goals produce results.

what role does goal setting play
Goals are at the heart of the SparkPeople System. The good feeling and confidence that come from a steady stream of progress are great motivators. Setting and reaching a string of goals, no matter how small, is a regular dose of satisfaction that may one day bloom into pure inspiration.

what are the elements of goal setting
Setting Your Goals
Reinforcement/ Staying Focused
Tracking/ Measuring/ Assessing Progress

common goal setting pitfalls
All or nothing mentality leaving no room for slipups
Getting discouraged when progress is slow
Setting goals too high
Setting goals that require a major disruption in everyday life
Not having long or medium term goals to work toward on the horizon
Hesitating to share your goals with others

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