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Why is mentoring important?
Mentoring is the most effective way to pass down (or learn) the customs, values and rules of a company or a community. Having another person who's willing to share their insight and know-how can be a head start now and a safety net later. It frees people up to make their own way instead of struggling to relearn everything on their own.

What role does mentoring play?
You can be a hero to somebody. You may not think you have much to offer, but you do: your Spark! Working closely with another person to develop their spark can inspire both of you to keep doing better. And when the person you sparked begins to spark that's satisfying.

What are the elements of mentoring?

Opportunities to Be a Mentor
Opportunities to Find a Mentor
Effective Mentoring Techniques
Developing Mentor-like Qualities

What are the common pitfalls of mentoring?
Making a short-term commitment
Talking more than listening
Mistaking it as a chance to tell others what they should do
Not following through on what was started
Being more interested in getting the point across than in the person

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Goal Recommendations
·Talk to someone you know about SparkPeople

·Find ways to give praise and recognition

·Seek out a mentor of your own



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