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Personal leadership
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Why is personal leadership important?
The world can be a tough place. Sometimes it feels like we're losing control and the freedom to make our own decisions. This is a counterproductive, paralyzing way of thinking. It's also wrong. Our one true freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude and actions - even our moods - regardless of the situation. Whatever happens, we still have the power to rise to the occasion and live actively instead of passively. That's where heroism comes from.

What role does personal leadership play?
Using Personal Leadership, you set the direction. You decide what's most important to you. You commit to using self-discipline to make yourself better "a little bit at a time." Every day, you have the choice - whether to create yet another small victory, or to vegetate.

What are the elements of personal leadership?

Character Development
Staying Focused
Good Decision-Making
Right Actions

What are the common pitfalls of personal leadership?
Not knowing what your priorities are
Passively giving up control over your attitudes and actions
Conforming to others' expectations
Victim Mentality: "There's nothing I can do"
Believing that opportunity has passed, or the best years are long gone

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Goal Recommendations
·Watch your own behavior and thoughts to see how you spend your time.

·Change something that you're tolerating.

·Make a mistake on purpose.



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