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Why is public leadership important?
The world needs leaders, not managers or supervisors. Good leaders inspire by word or by deed. They involve others and build teams around common ideas and the needs of team members. In the office, on the battlefield - even at home. Every day, you have endless chances to show Public Leadership in groups and in one-to-one personal relationships.

What role does public leadership play?
This is where you get to use your foundation to make a difference in the lives of others. Good leaders attract good people. By including them in your vision or just by living as an example, you'll impact more people than you may ever know.

What are the elements of public leadership?

Setting an Example
Team Building
Taking Initiative
Building Relationships

What are the pitfalls of public leadership?
Not wanting to give up control or authority
Not having full trust or confidence in others to make decisions
"It's not my place/ responsibility/ fault"
Being afraid to ask for help or to say "I don't know"

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·Organize a group or family activity

·Volunteer to go first

·Clip articles of interest for a friend



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