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Purpose and Vision
purpose & vision
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Why is purpose and vision important?
The histories of war and medicine are full of people who carry on under the worst possible conditions because they knew there was a reason to stay alive - their Purpose. Without it, their mental and physical health deteriorated. When we wander aimlessly through the day-to-day bustle of life, we lose sight of why we're here. Then we wonder where mid-life crises come from.

What role does purpose and vision play?
So what is the Purpose? The answer is different for each of us, but we all have a unique role, a part that no one else can play. From bicyclist to father to cancer researcher. Happiness, success and fulfillment can only come by pursuing that Purpose. Let your Purpose set your goals.

what are the elements of purpose and vision?

Filling Your Roles
Living Your Purpose
Connecting to the World
Building a Vision

what are the common pitfalls of purpose and vision?
Apathy, not caring about others
Letting the "small stuff" get in the way or bog you down
Substituting money, power, or fame
Allowing your identity to be shaped by outside forces

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Purpose & Vision
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Goal Recommendations
·Make something with your hands.

·Take a 60 second vacation and become mindful of what you're doing.

Ask "what will my contribution be today?"



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