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why are values and beliefs important?
The world works hard to strip away your identity. It tells you how to define yourself (possessions, career, looks, race) and what to care about. The most personal gift you own is the ability to create your own set of Values & Beliefs, whether it's based on religion, common sense or philosophy. The main thing is to believe in something, and to make that belief the core of who you are.

what role do values and beleifs play?
What good is it to stand for something if you don't live it? Without goal- and purpose-oriented action to back up values, they fade into empty sentiment. Pursue a life that you believe in.

What are the elements of values and beliefs?

Value Clarification
Staying on Course
Decision-Making Strategy
Broadening Perspectives
Critical Thinking

what are the common pitfalls of values and beliefs?
Believing one thing and doing another, not living by your beliefs
Blind faith not based in reality or careful thought
Holding beliefs that are counterproductive or destructive
Not tolerating the sincere values of others

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Goal Recommendations
·Talk with someone who is living according to their Values & Beliefs.



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