Chef Meg’s Cut The Fat, Keep The Flavor Video


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Think that you have to cut flavor as well as fat and salt when trying to lose weight? Think again.

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How do you cut the fat and keep the flavor in your cooking?

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    I would have loved to have text as well as the video. Even with DSL (granted the lower speed one due to cost issues), it's too frustrating to try to watch video. - 1/29/2012   1:26:25 PM
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    Jannebarn, actually, yes, people should limit fat that is high in saturated fat, which has been shown to be a contributor to heart disease. - 1/27/2012   2:40:32 PM
    I make a lot of sweet breads with no added fat. Instead of eggs, oils, butter or margarine, I use one or a combination of:
    mashed bananas
    unsweetened applesauce
    pumpkin butter

    I also use whole grains and slip in veggies like shredded carrots or zucchini or fruits like apples, berries, pomegranate seeds, etc. My husband loves these healthy, low-fat breads.
    - 1/27/2012   1:05:24 PM
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    I'm right there with Jannebarn & Jibbie49 - we need to stop demonizing fat and salt and start educating people on the /right/ kinds. If it's industrial, ditch it, if it's natural, embrace it. - 1/27/2012   10:36:14 AM
  • 3
    After reading Gary Taubes' "WHY We get fat and what to do about it." i am concerned with sugar/starches. - 1/26/2012   7:06:09 PM
  • 2
    I have a Thai green curry spice blend that I love. With that, a little light coconut milk, lots of veggies, and a little lean chicken or shrimp, I can make a curry that tastes much better than the Chinese delivery food I could order (and is also much lower in calories and sodium). - 1/26/2012   3:57:04 PM

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