The Biggest New Year's Resolution Fails (and How to Learn from Them)

Each January, people all over the world pledge to eat healthier, get fit, lose weight and become better people in general. Full of hope and ambition, they think: This is the year! Nothing will stop me from reaching my goals this time! But despite that initial resolve to change, we all know what eventually happens—the enthusiasm dies down, life takes over and all of those good intentions eventually get tossed out with the final remains of the New Year's confetti. According to the University of Scranton, just 8% of people who make New Year's resolutions actually succeed at keeping them.

But don't let those odds make you throw up your hands and resolve to not make any changes this year! It's all about the approach, not the resolution itself. Many people simply bite off more than they can chew, setting themselves up for failure from the get-go. However, if you make the right resolutions, you truly can be successful at keeping them—and you could even do more than what you'd initially intended. Here are some lessons real people like you have learned from their past failed resolutions. Take notes—these tips are going to help you become one of the 8% this year! 

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9 Tips to Stick to Your Goals in 2015

By now, the novelty of New Year’s resolutions has faded, and you might not be as motivated as you were on January 1st. How do you make this year different, so that you don’t have to set the same goals again next year? Here are some simple things you can do to make it easier to stick to your goals this year and beyond.  

  • Set the right kind of goals. It’s great to set a goal to lose 20 pounds this year, but how are you going to do it? Create SMART goals- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. “I am going to lose the first 5 pounds by March 1st. I will achieve this by eating in my recommended calorie range daily and walking for 20 minutes, 4 times a week.” This system gives you a clear plan for how and when you’re going to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. 
  • Tell someone. Those around you (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) can be a great source of support as you make changes in your life. Ask your husband to keep your favorite junk food out of the house, or ask a friend to go for a walk instead of meeting for drinks. The people around you can help with accountability when motivation is lacking or you have doubts that you will succeed. 
  • Be prepared for ups and downs. You’ll have good days when things are going smoothly and you’re totally on track. But you’ll also have those days when things aren’t going so well. What are you going to do in those moments when you feel like giving up? Changing habits and behaviors isn’t easy, so make a plan for the days when you need to dig deep and find the drive to continue moving forward. 
  • Put reminders in visible places. Your goals should be top-of-mind so that you can stay focused and continue making progress. Write them down on sticky notes and put them in your car, on your refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, or anywhere else you will see them multiple times a day to remind you of the commitment you’ve made. 
  • Discover snacks that are good for you and healthy. Yes, it’s possible for healthy foods to taste good! Yogurt with fruit (instead of ice cream) can satisfy your sweet tooth and carrots with hummus (instead of chips and dip) can give you the crunch you’re craving. Baked sweet potato fries can taste just as good as French fries for a fraction of the calories and fat. Don’t be afraid to try something new, because you might be surprised at how good it tastes and how many calories it saves.  
  • Reward yourself. Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well-done.  Don’t wait until you reach your ultimate goal to pat yourself on the back. Rewards don’t have to be fancy and expensive. Celebrate small milestones (like lifting more weight or losing a pant size) by doing something nice for yourself. 
  • Make your goals a priority. It’s easier to hit the snooze button than get up early for a workout. It’s tempting to get dessert when everyone else is ordering it. But if you know those things are going to hurt instead of help your progress, it’s time to make some tough choices. Sometimes you have to put your goals ahead of other wants and needs in order to be successful.
  • Have fun! If you hate eating broccoli, then don’t. If you hate walking on the treadmill, then don’t. Discover the foods and activities you enjoy, because it’s more likely you’ll stick with those long-term. Exercise and healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore you dread. They should be positive changes you feel you can live with for the rest of your life. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t kick back and relax or eat your favorite ice cream as a special treat. Everyone needs to live a little now and then! 
  • Believe in yourself. Maybe you’ve set goals like these before and not succeeded. You can’t change the mistakes of the past, but you can learn from them and move forward. You have complete control over what happens from this moment on, so make the most of it! If you have confidence that you can do it, anything is possible!


This blog is made possible by Yoplait, a SparkPeople sponsor.

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10 Healthy Tips from a Marathoner Mom

Making significant healthy lifestyle changes—and maintaining them for the rest of your life--might seem next to impossible at first. But don't worry! At SparkPeople, we believe in taking small and manageable healthy steps that eventually become lifelong habits. Our sponsors at Meta also believe that small changes can lead to good things, and they even have a name for it: the Meta Effect. When you make a healthy choice like taking the stairs or eating a Meta Health Bar for a snack, you may continue to make good choices to keep the streak going.

We've talked to several people just like you who have changed their lives through this step-by-step approach--and now, they're sharing their secrets with you in this success story series! First up, meet Melody, a hard-working mom who has made small, lasting changes to help her family stay healthy. Her healthy journey has been a long one (over 7 years from the beginning until now), but her determination and hard work has paid off--and her husband and kids are now reaping the healthy benefits with her!

As a busy mom, it must be hard to fit in exercise some days! What are some of your favorite ways to sneak in small bits of activity throughout the day?
I homeschool my children, which means we work hard throughout the day on our studies. When we need a rest, we like to have a short "brain break" where we get up and get our bodies moving. We have crunch competitions, do jumping jacks, run in place, toss a ball, or even sprint to the end of our road. It gets our blood flowing and helps my kids get a quick break for their brains so they can focus better.  
Love the "brain break" idea! On top of the exercise, what small nutrition tweaks have you made to help you eat better and get healthier?
When I first started my health and wellness journey, I decided from the start that I was not going to cook separate "diet" food for myself while my family ate something different. So, I dusted off my recipe books and started learning to make meals we all could enjoy. I taught myself to cook from scratch with fresh, colorful foods. I let my kids pick healthy recipes they wanted to try, and we started keeping a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter and fresh veggies in the fridge for snacks. We even went to a nutritionist together as a family, where we learned about correct portion sizes and healthier food choices. 

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8 Ways to Snack Smarter in 2015

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of snacking? Is it the excessive amount of chips and dip you ate at a party last weekend? Is it eating too many of the cookies in the pantry that seem to be calling your name?  Believe it or not, snacking can actually be a good thing! When you plan ahead and make healthy choices, snacks can help prevent overeating, give your diet a nutritional boost and leave you feeling more satisfied throughout the day. The key is learning how to make snacking work for you, instead of derailing your healthy eating efforts. Here are 8 tips to help you snack smarter in 2015. 

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10 Late-Night Snacks for 150 Calories or Less

Have you ever had those nights when it’s time to wind down for the evening and all you can think about is your grumbling belly? Is it better to just suffer through it and go to bed, or listen to your hunger cues and have a snack? Contrary to popular belief, late-night snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A calorie is a calorie no matter when you eat it, and the last thing you want to do is go to bed hungry. Hunger can leave you feeling deprived and more likely to binge later on, so planning ahead by having healthy snacks on hand will help you resist the temptation to eat the pint of ice cream in the freezer or finish off the bag of chips in the pantry that seem to be calling your name. 

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A Delicious Daily Dose of Superfoods

It needs to be said: juice cleanses are so 2014. If you’re not feeling satisfied from last years’ liquid craze, then why not give smoothies a spin? For a true meal replacement made from whole-food fiber, protein, and nutrients, juices simply won’t do. Here are a few reasons why smoothies will take your sips to a whole new level in 2015:

1. Drink smoothies, save money.
When you think about it, isn’t it kind of ridiculous to pay up to $12 dollars for a 12 oz. bottle of pressed juice? It’s even crazier to think about especially because a lot of the good stuff is removed and discarded in the juicing process: fiber, vitamins, minerals, even protein.
But making your own smoothies can be both cost and health-effective. Using your own ingredients is definitely the way to go, particularly after a long few months of pre and post holiday shopping. But here’s some good news: one ALOHA Daily Good Greens pack comes in at $2.50, while a serving of Premium Protein is around $4.20. Combining the two together gives you a high-quality meal replacement at an unbeatably low cost. So long, overpriced beverages! 

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5 Simple Habits that Help Prevent Major Health Problems

It's no secret that our everyday lifestyle choices have a direct effect on our long-term health. According to a recent study, about 60%–70% of healthcare visits in industrialized countries are associated with chronic, preventable diseases caused by poor lifestyle choices, including lack of physical activity, overeating, chronic stress and poor sleeping habits. The good news is, simply changing these daily habits can help us significantly improve pre-existing chronic conditions--or prevent them altogether before they happen. Here are some of the most impactful, medication-free changes you can use as another course of treatment in your toolbox to get your health back on track. 

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4 Ways to Save Major Money on Healthcare Costs

Taking care of your health certainly isn't cheap! Even routine tests and everyday care can add up to a significant amount of money. When health costs start to stack up, where do you look? You probably already shop around for cheaper prescriptions, grocery store discounts and economical gym memberships. You might have even used online discounters, like Groupon or LivingSocial, to source deals on services from massage and acupuncture, to laser eye surgery and varicose vein treatments.
But what else can you do to cut even more costs? Follow these tips to start saving big time on all your personal healthcare needs! 

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Your Own Personal Nurse Is a Phone Call Away

Your doctor can be a great resource to help guide you toward a healthier life. But every so often, you might need professional health advice immediately--advice that you can't necessarily get from a quick Google search. Maybe you're dealing with a chronic condition and don't have the time, energy or money to make an appointment with your physician for every little question. Dealing with a chronic illness can be confusing and challenging, and it might seem like you need a go-to person who can address all your concerns as they come up. The good news is, those people do exist! They are called Personal Nurses, and they may be available at no cost through your insurance provider. We interviewed Jessica, a Personal Nurse at Humana, to find out what these professionals can do for you. She also gave us some great tips on how to get the most out of your doctor's visits, how to effectively cope with a chronic illness, and more--so take notes! 

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Get a Team of Personal Health Professionals

When you’re not feeling like yourself, it’s good to have a team of friends and family to help. But where do you turn when you need support and expertise? Many people don't know that some health insurance plans offer up personal health professionals to help you navigate the healthcare space and design a plan to become your healthiest, happiest self. These experts are available to work one-on-one with you to establish a baseline and set realistic goals. They can provide personalized guidance, education and resources. Additionally, they will follow up with you based on your personal needs and preferences--all included in your health insurance package.

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The Best Ways to Stay Motivated for Good

You can read hundreds of nutrition articles and talk about getting healthier until you're blue in the face, but all the knowledge in the world won't do you any good unless you've got the motivation to go with it. And even though getting motivated might sound like the easy part, it's actually the trickiest! In our world of instant gratification and convenience, it can be all too easy to plop down on the couch instead of hitting the gym, or to grab takeout in favor of cooking a healthy dinner. To help us answer the million-dollar question of how to get and stay motivated, we asked two Humana Health Coaches to give us their top ten tips for setting—and reaching—any goal you set your mind to. 

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Memphis and Meta Take Small Steps for Big Health Changes

Here at SparkPeople, we love seeing other companies help communities reach healthy, positive goals—and Meta is doing just that! This summer, Metamucil® underwent an evolution to become part of a full line of wellness products called Meta, which aims to give people simple solutions to help them live their best, healthiest lives. The folks at Meta believe that making small, everyday changes can lead to long-term health and wellness results (a philosophy that mirrors our own). Now, Meta is challenging Americans in Memphis, TN—which is currently ranked as the unhealthiest city in the United States*--to make strides toward more healthful living, one step at a time. Memphis is up for the challenge, and the city is making better health more attainable for everyone with a year-long partnership with Meta and national sweepstakes** hosted on the Meta Facebook page

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Peek Inside the Mind of a Health Coach

These days, getting and staying healthy is becoming a bigger concern with diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease on the rise. But it can be hard to know where to start or who to ask for help beyond your primary care physician. Where do you turn when you just want someone to help you put together a plan to help you reach basic healthy lifestyle goals?

This is where Health Coaches come in! These professionals are fairly new faces in the healthcare world, but their impact has been growing rapidly. Health Coaches can help tailor a plan specific to your goals, whether you would like to lose weight or simply start building healthier habits. We've interviewed two Humana Health Coaches, Melina and Kristina, to give you a peek into the world of these professionals--and why you should consider giving Health Coaching a try to take your healthy lifestyle commitment to the next level. 

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5 Ways Health Insurance Companies Can Reward Your Healthy Habits

You know how health insurance works: You pay a premium, you pay a deductible and sometimes you also pay a copay. It can feel like a lot of paying, all told. But health insurance doesn’t just have to cost you money. Health insurance companies have an interest in you staying healthy and preventing chronic illness, too. After all, someone who is healthy will end up living a longer, happier life--and spending much less on medical expenses.
While yesterday’s insurers took a here-and-now approach, today’s companies are offering a host of health-promoting incentive programs to help their members prevent and manage health conditions. These programs are painless and powerful motivators to keep up healthy habits. Every insurance company is different, but most of the time, all it takes is a quick, baseline assessment in which you create personal, measurable goals (like getting a check-up or tracking workouts), and you’ll soon be earning rewards. These rewards most often consist of discounts or points toward the purchase of items or services (like exercise equipment, movie tickets, hotel stays and more) simply for doing basic health-related tasks. Here are some of the ways you could reap rewards from your insurance company (many of which you would probably do anyway!). 

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The Best Health & Motivation Resources You Aren't Using

Getting motivated is tough, and staying motivated is health’s million dollar question. You might be able to muster up the will to get to the gym a few times a week for a few weeks and then… nothing. Working out starts to feel like a slog. You fall back into your old TV habit and the next thing you know, you’re back on the couch instead of taking that after-dinner walk or meeting a friend for tennis. Inspiration can be especially sparse if you’re balancing a crazy work schedule, kids, aging parents, and everyday chores. But the good news is, there are now more motivational tools out there than ever to help you get (and stay) inspired to live a healthier life. One of the following helpful resources is bound to help you stick with your goals for the long haul! 

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