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Motivational Quote - When you're tough on yourself, life will be infinitely easier on you.

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When you have high expectations for your healthy lifestyle, everything else will naturally be more effortless for you. Everyday activities become easier, your doctors' bills decrease and your mood improves. The next time you think about making an unhealthy choice, remember that the healthier choice may be harder to make right now, but will make things easier for you down the road.


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10/30/2013 6:24:24 AM

Love it


11/9/2012 3:15:12 PM

Take care of yourself, then you will be more able to take care of the other things. OH YES


11/9/2012 2:25:08 PM

MAYBER's SparkPage
Be good to yourself CARE about your choices
One day at a time


11/9/2012 11:49:44 AM

Great quote, an inspiration to always strive to be better!


11/9/2012 9:12:22 AM

KCHRISTY6's SparkPage
I don't really care for this one so much... I agree that you should hold yourself accountable for your actions and that you should push yourself to the best of your capabilities, but I don't believe that being "tough on yourself" will net you great results. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong, but to me being "tough on yourself" implies that you beat yourself up over every "whoopsie", don't cut yourself much slack, and focus more on the negatives than the positives. I want to be proud of my victories, not distressed by slip-ups.


11/9/2012 9:03:58 AM

MEMEQ2's SparkPage
I love it and it applies to everything. This is a great quote to share.


7/30/2012 4:39:43 PM

2BDYNAMIC's SparkPage
I LOVE it and have proven it to be true! .............. Be militant if need be but most of all BE CONSISTENT! ...............

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