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Motivational Quote - Do one thing today to make you feel proud of yourself.

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What have you done today to make you feel proud of yourself? It can be anything, big or small. Write it down or share it with a friend and feel good about what you've achieved! Get more motivational strategies here!

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7/19/2017 7:56:56 AM

B-PELLER's SparkPage
Daily walk in! Feels great! Happy Wednesday, make it a great day.


5/13/2016 9:23:10 AM

TSHAWGER's SparkPage
Great post! Today watching to keep carbs very low.


2/21/2016 5:19:01 PM

PCS2016's SparkPage
I planned out my meals for the week


1/5/2016 9:54:18 AM

I didn't stay up late and got up on time and feel better!


9/22/2015 9:22:10 AM

I walked by donuts at work!


8/12/2015 4:17:02 PM

I had to stand by a full candy dish (full of candy I like) for almost half an hour...and was not
even tempted to take one proud of me!


7/17/2015 7:02:58 PM

LAMEESEL's SparkPage
rode my bike over a mile


7/13/2015 5:21:24 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

I rode my exerciser machine 10,000 steps before breakfast.


4/28/2015 5:06:05 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

I brought my neighbor over to my house to work out on my mini gym and she loved it. She ask me if she could come every day for an hour if I had no plans and of course I said yes. We're both 76 yrs. old so it makes it nice for me to do this for her.


2/24/2015 9:05:08 AM

NWOODS9's SparkPage
I'm going to stay within my calorie range today like I've been doing for 2 weeks now. That will make me proud of myself today!!


2/3/2015 9:51:12 AM

MORTIZ8234's SparkPage
After I had eaten dinner, I refused a treat that was offered to me.


9/26/2014 4:33:31 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

I completed my exercise routine with minutes to spare.


8/29/2014 6:20:03 PM

I went for a run when I got home from work rather than collapse in a heap. Resisted alcohol on Friday to :-)


6/14/2014 4:57:49 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

I resisted my favorite food for one week----potato chips.


3/17/2014 10:58:39 PM

I think staying positive from motivational statements is so important to continue the good work and success once you have been at this for awhile. At first, you are really motivated to succeed and will do anything to make that initial weight loss success.
After being in it for awhile, the enthusiasm wanes, and contouring and more motivation is required. That's one of the reasons I like SparkPeople so much, with the Community blogs and sharing with others, it's easier to stay enthused about your weight loss journey.

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