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Motivational Quote - Strong is the new skinny.

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Quit trying to get skinny and focus on getting strong instead! If you challenge your body consistently and fuel yourself properly, your physique will respond very favorably. Lifting weights won't make you bulky; it will only trim you down and make you look more toned--in a good way!


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7/30/2014 3:08:17 PM

SPARKFRAN514's SparkPage
Why do we need a new skinny what;s so great about being skinny . no if you said eating healthy is the new way to get to a healthy weight i would agree we see here every day don't let the scales rule how we feel
and what happened to showing a normal no touched picture . of a real sparker not a photo shop one


5/5/2014 4:35:31 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

Awesome quote.


3/23/2014 7:31:00 PM

As a member of Quality Strength, I am gaining MUSCLE, getting STRONGER and smaller!


3/23/2014 3:23:04 PM

LINDA_COTY2000's SparkPage
I like it. I think the word toned would be a better fit.
Strong you think bulging muscles. I would love to have a nice shape again, but not with bulging muscles or a 6 pack.


3/23/2014 8:55:08 AM

I like the image and thought. I am inspired to pick up some weights today.


3/23/2014 8:30:36 AM

My first goal was to lose weight; my second goal is to be fit. Yes!


11/25/2013 3:33:44 PM

MELLYBEANS0919's SparkPage
This picture rubs me the wrong way. There shouldn't have to be a new 'skinny.'


10/1/2013 11:11:33 AM

TRISHUBB's SparkPage
So true....I need to lift weights more.


8/25/2013 1:18:52 PM

LDYFXSTS's SparkPage
I will be slender, I will be slender, lift those weights, here comes the goal!


8/11/2013 2:19:39 PM

I love this quote!


7/26/2013 7:19:36 AM

KNITTER11's SparkPage
This makes me feel good. I want to be slender, not skinny. I want to feel good, feel comfortable, look good in my clothes. But mostly i want to be strong and healthy for a long time.


5/8/2013 9:11:14 PM

great quote!


5/8/2013 4:15:28 PM

a few exercises with light weights works for even an old lady like me!


5/8/2013 9:03:57 AM

I feel like this photo misses the message. If strong is the new skinny, then why are you showing someone who is skinny?


4/17/2013 10:27:07 AM

I love it!!! I'm on month 2 of the ChaLean video workout and I got heavier weights and it feels so good.... the scale isnt moving like I want it to, but my clothes are getting bigger on me....

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