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Motivational Quote - More people will die from hit-or-miss eating than from hit-and-run driving.

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Eating unhealthy foods can fast-track you to poor health, and can sometimes contribute to fatal conditions. Wouldn't you rather live your happiest, healthiest life by fueling your body in the best way possible? Stock up on good-for-you foods and nourish yourself properly to look and feel your best--and live longer!

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7/21/2014 8:25:48 AM

STARREYD3's SparkPage
I find it interesting that the quote came from Duncan Hines...


12/31/2013 7:38:00 PM

Yes, hit and miss eating while driving is a big one.It is not living totally in the moment which is ,I believe the key to happiness,


3/5/2013 2:38:48 AM

What about hit or miss eating while driving and talking on the cell phone?

Leave it in the trunk if you can't trust yourself to not answer/call/text while driving. --At least until you've broken the habit and lost the impulse to do it.

Then, we will all have a better chance at living longer lives.

: )


11/17/2012 4:32:32 PM

MAYBER's SparkPage
Feel Good Eat Sensibly Drive Safely
One Day At A Time


11/17/2012 8:59:47 AM

MAMAHOYT's SparkPage
How much more of a point could you make!!!


11/17/2012 7:36:17 AM

It's the only way to feel good - eat foods that make your body run well!

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