10 Excuse-Busting Exercise Truths

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10 Excuse-Busting Exercise Truths

Written by Melinda Hershey, Staff Writer

We all have those days where we just don't wanna go to the gym. But sometimes, all you need is a little dose of reality to get you in the right mindset to work out. Consider these thoughts the next time you feel like bailing on your exercise routine.

The First Step is the Hardest

The amount of time we spend procrastinating is often much longer than the amount of time it would take to actually do the thing we're putting off! Do yourself a favor and just do it--now, not tomorrow. You'll get a lot more done and you'll see much faster results!

Doing Nothing is the Easy Way Out

If you really want to change your body and your health, the hard truth is that you will have to work for it. Where has doing nothing ever gotten you? Going through the motions and doing the bare minimum isn't going to give you the maximum results that you deserve. Put your all into your workouts, and watch your hard work pay off!

Perfect Conditions Don't Exist

If you always waited to exercise until you were in the perfect mood or until the weather was ideal, do you think you'd ever do it? Probably not! Get out there and get your workout done before you have a chance to talk yourself out of it--you'll be glad you did!

Working Out Makes You Happy

The next time you find yourself feeling down, lace up those sneakers! An endorphin rush might be just what you need to brighten your day.

You Get What You Work For

You can wish to reach your weight-loss and fitness goals all you want, but you won't ever reach them if you don't do anything to achieve them. Get up now and put your dreams into motion!

Every Choice Dictates Your Progress

You can't expect to get good results if you keep making exercise excuses and quitting before you have a chance to reach your goals. Stop cheating yourself--make the right choices to get the results you want. When faced with multiple options, think about how each one will affect your progress. That foresight will have a major payoff in the end!

Don't Fool Yourself: You Have Time

We're all busy, but if we're honest with ourselves, we can probably find a few extra minutes every day to get some exercise. Check out these ideas for sneaking in exercise!

Every Workout Makes a Difference

Never underestimate the impact that one workout can make! One workout leads to the next workout, which leads to the next workout after that. Your weight-loss success is made up of many seemingly insignificant workouts and good food choices; every single thing you do to improve your health counts for something, no matter how small. And one little workout sure makes more of a difference than an afternoon of sitting on the couch!

Your Future Self Will Thank You

Change takes time, and it can be hard to see that change taking place on a day-to-day basis. But when you look back over a larger chunk of time to where you started, those tiny changes add up to something amazing. So don't quit! A year from now, you'll be happy you stuck with it.

You Never Regret a Workout

We've all regretted skipping a workout, but when was the last time you felt guilty about making the choice TO work out? That's right, probably never. Drop your excuses and just do it--you won't be sorry!

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12/12/2015 1:08:46 PM

ABBY532's SparkPage
Thank you


10/8/2015 6:05:42 AM

ANDIE7's SparkPage
Love it!


7/31/2015 10:30:17 PM



7/31/2015 6:22:33 PM

Oops. . .Sorry 'bout that. My phone sucks.


7/31/2015 6:19:23 PM

Think Science. As disgusting as it sounds add another quick workout, stretching program or meditation. It can give the endorphins a little more time to kick in and/or gives you body and mind an opportunity to veg out,making things more enjoyable in the end.Try TheHonestGuys or Silva Long or Short Relax. All are free on You Tube. Qi Gong is a good one too.


7/31/2015 6:07:51 PM

Think Science. If you find yourself regretting that you worked out, as disgusting as it might sound, find either another short exercise like Sparkpeople 10minute workouts or stretching workouts. Gives the endorphins a little more time to kick in and helps the body relax. I also do meditations which help me get my body back together. Try THE HONEST GUYS and Silva Method. They are both?free


7/31/2015 5:55:23 PM

I always find that when I plan on having a light exercise day the light exercise leads to a couple more and I end up with 40-50 minutes by days end. Also, I have Fibromyalgia and force myself to workout when I'm having a hard day because I ALWAYS hurt less afterwards.


7/31/2015 4:51:01 PM

I needed that!


7/31/2015 3:16:08 PM

LADY_HAVOC's SparkPage
I wish this were true. Motivation is gone.


7/31/2015 11:36:24 AM

Number 10 really spoke to me I joined last year and lost almost 30 pounds it was really hard to login again after all these months and see that my projected date of reaching my goal would have been February of 2015. Had I just stuck to my goals back then I wouldn't have to start all over again now. I'm really determined this time and I know that with the support from all of you and the help of my friends and family Plus my commitment to really do it this time, I will. No excuses 🍏


7/31/2015 10:35:48 AM

"Wow, I really regret that workout," said me all the time when I tried to follow the advice of, "Just make yourself do it! You'll be happy that you did."

Listen, I do a lot of really fun, varied activities/exercises but some days I just don't feel like it. I've tried pushing myself and doing it anyway and very, very rarely do I feel good about having done it. Instead, it makes me border on bitter and irritated, like having to do an exhausting chore.

I have learned that when I continuously push myself to do it when I'm not in the mood, I am more likely to quit altogether. So now I always allow myself to skip a day or two--sometimes even a whole week! Why? Because I know I will still pick it up again, usually within a couple days, whereas forcing myself when I'm not in the mood will have me quitting for a month or more.


7/31/2015 8:45:57 AM

Procrastination is my enemy.


7/31/2015 5:13:51 AM

I love #6, you get what you work for not what you want. That really speaks to me when I want exercise pixie dust!


6/29/2015 8:52:20 AM

ODIEJO2's SparkPage
Great modivation for a Monday. Thank you Sparkpeople!


3/22/2015 12:26:29 PM

The only ones I don't like are the ones about not having enough time and not regretting a workout. There are certainly times where I really haven't had time and I have in fact regretted a workout. Other than that these are excellent.

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