Test Your Sleep Smarts

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Everwell is dedicated to creating unbiased, engaging, and physician-approved video content to help people make informed choices about their health. Through a special partnership, Everwell is sharing some of their most popular healthy living videos with SparkPeople.com.

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Interesting. Report
Very good video! One of these days I'll have to buy a new mattress. Have a Blessed Day
on the Lord's Day! Report
This was very informative. Report
Well, I learned a lot. Nice video! Report
This was quite helpful! Report
This was very interesting and informative. Thanks for including this discussion. Report
It was very interesting. Report
I have sleep apnea and so this video was a great reminder of how important it is to utilize my "head gear". Thanks! Report
Oops: Everwell! Report
I shared this video on my Facebook. I'm afraid a lot of people have no idea how little sleep they are getting, and the horrible affects that can have on their lives, health, or even marriages.

Thank you, Erwell (hope I spelled that right)! Report
Interesting. Knew some of the answers. Surprised by a few of them. Report

Interesting information. Report
This was a very interesting video! Thanks SP! :) Report
Thanks to SparkPeople and Everwell, that was an interesting video and I learned something new...whether I wanted to or not.

Carpe Diem Report
That was a fun & informative video! Report