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11-Minute Chair Cardio Workout

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About this Workout
Do you sit at a desk all day? Are you confined to a chair? Do you struggle with mobility issues? Then this workout is for you! This short and simple cardio workout will elevate your heart rate to burn calories and fat in just minutes!
  • Length: 11 minutes
  • Equipment: None
  • Type of Workout: Cardio (aerobic) & flexibility
  • Fitness Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Impact: Zero-impact
  • Safety Precautions: Complete all exercises to the best of your ability level, changing the speed, range of motion or movement to reflect what you can do.

Member Comments

  • This is a very good video and I find I can do this with no problem! I have included this
    in my workout schedule. Thanks, this is great!!!! - 4/22/2014 10:54:15 AM
  • OH My! What a good workout for someone who has been sedentary for over a year. - 4/21/2014 7:47:46 PM
  • This was very good, I just need more coordination! - 4/20/2014 1:05:10 AM
  • I love this concept. This video did make me create some of my own excerises beacuse I didn't have the space or stable chair that she had. Thank you for this idea. - 4/17/2014 3:45:09 PM
  • How do I save an exercise or video? I like the sit down exercise - 4/16/2014 12:50:10 PM
  • This is an awesome solution. Had a knee replacement not long ago, and this works GREAT. Love this video, and saved it to my desktop, so it is available always. Also, when put in full screen mode, it is so easy to watch this and do the exercises at the same time. Thanks again SparkPeople, this is the best. - 4/16/2014 9:29:22 AM
  • thank you. finally exercise that I can do - 4/16/2014 9:09:07 AM
  • wonderful video! will visit often. - 4/16/2014 9:06:26 AM
  • This was great!!!! A lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Thanks!!! - 4/15/2014 7:49:54 PM
  • Finally, a chair routine that raises my heart rate and can be varied as necessary. Excellent instructor--I could actually follow her instructions! I have several orthopedic problems, so floor routines are out for me, but this video is a keeper! - 4/15/2014 5:35:19 PM
  • Thanks again for your wonderful exercises .arthritis is my problem and the shoulders are a bit touchy, these movements being done to your own ability will help with range of motion. - 4/15/2014 11:00:41 AM
  • I enjoyed this 11-minute workout. I cannot exercise much due to a head injury, but this workout was just right for me. Thank you very much. - 4/15/2014 7:44:58 AM
  • I was surprised at how complete these exercises were. - 4/15/2014 7:43:59 AM
  • Hi Nicole, Hurt my back a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't exercise. However, the doctor says I can now, as long as it doesn't hurt. I was able to exercise with you this morning, and it felt good. Thanks Nicole, you are doing a great job for alot of people who need an easier, yet productive way to exercise at times of transition. - 4/10/2014 7:18:58 AM
  • Just did this for the first time. Wow, that was a hell of a workout! Definitely gonna do it from now on. - 4/4/2014 9:09:25 PM