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8-Minute Cardio Intervals Workout

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About this Workout
This short and simple cardio workout will elevate your heart rate to burn calories and fat in just minutes!
  • Length: 8 minutes
  • Equipment: None
  • Type of Workout: Cardio (aerobic) & flexibility
  • Fitness Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Impact: Medium impact
  • Safety Precautions: Wear proper footwear. Exercise at your own intensity level, using tips provided to lower your intensity if necessary. Only complete as much of the video as you can, taking a break to recover (by marching) when necessary. Never stop abruptly--if you get tired, try to stay moving--even if you're just walking in place. As you progress, try to finish the entire video or to repeat the video several times.

Member Comments

  • Excellent video - 12/8/2014 4:22:24 PM
  • What a quick and easy workout to do in 8 minutes! It got my heart pumping! - 12/3/2014 11:25:20 AM
  • I could potentially do this during commercials!! What a fun workout! I may even give it a shot at work! Thanks! - 11/4/2014 2:40:44 PM
  • Wow!!! This was a perfect way to start my week. It is my goal to do 2 of these short Cardio videos everyday this week. I am way to heavy right now and need to say good-bye to 7 pounds by Sept 30th!!! I can do it too with this program!!! - 9/22/2014 8:52:17 AM
  • Light on your feet while exercising your muscles for tone and definition is really good to get healthy not emaciated but neat. That's all we can ask for not too much but enuf to live an enriched life. - 9/22/2014 8:48:46 AM
  • Hahahaha! I am SO uncoordinated! Laughed all the way through! Was a great day one starter for me. Loved it. - 8/26/2014 10:40:58 AM
  • I love it . It was simple and short. - 8/20/2014 5:31:20 PM
  • I'm not sure if it is the video player or the video itself, but it stops every 30 seconds or so and has to reload, which it never does. I had to constantly reload the entire page for the video to play. I put the quality on the lowest possible so that it had less to load, but it didn't help at all.

    It's very hard to do a workout when you have to stop every 30 seconds for the video to load. Why can't SP use youtube? Seems to be much more reliable than this player. - 8/19/2014 8:37:41 PM
  • The video won't load - I really want to see this too! Seems stuck on the ad.... - 7/22/2014 9:58:25 PM
  • Ex-skinny...I know what you mean, I used to be able to keep up and sometimes pass all the younger girls, even though I was always heavier and I smoked
    Now Im even heaver, I haven't smoked in years, but im out of shape and im 68
    I don't plan to give it up, I plan to just try to increase what I can do day by day
    - 7/7/2014 6:48:06 PM
  • This is not for a person 63 years old like me. I almost fell over! LOL!!! I think I'll stick to my WALKING routine. Ah, I do wish I were young again though to do this one. *SIHG* - 7/7/2014 9:17:31 AM
  • Very nice! Save it to my favourites. - 7/6/2014 6:03:28 AM
  • Nice workout! - 6/26/2014 12:03:40 AM
  • EASY and simple....I did it while I was at work! lol
    - 6/25/2014 12:38:55 PM
  • I LOVE this workout, It is GREAT for when I am short on time. With this 8 min Cardio workout, I have NO excuses for not working out. - 5/31/2014 1:41:59 PM