5 New Ways to Use Brown Rice

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Brown rice is one of the most versatile whole grains; nutty yet mild in flavor, it pairs well with sweet and savory ingredients alike. While brown rice is thought of as the go-to side dish for Asian stir-fries, Tex-Mex stews and Indian curries, we found five other, more inventive ways to use our favorite whole grain.
A tasty twist on a breakfast favorite: In Korea, rice porridge (juk) is commonly eaten in the morning in both sweet and savory iterations. The texture is similar to oatmeal, with a slightly nutty taste. Use instant rice to make quick work of breakfast, or use rice left over from dinner the night before. Add dried fruit and milk, then top with brown sugar for a breakfast that everyone will love. 

Boost salads' staying power: The reason why salads don't satisfy when eaten as a meal (as opposed to a side dish or starter) is that most people load them up with vegetables and not much else. Veggies are powerhouses when it comes to health--full of fiber and antioxidants, plus loads of wellness-boosting phytochemicals--but on their own they don't do much for hunger. In addition to protein, add a dose of whole grains to your salad if you want to give it a fighting chance to ward off hunger. These Tex Mex Rice Salad Wraps are like portable taco salads. (Save even more time by using precooked or leftover chicken in the recipe.)
Add a boost of protein: While whole grains like rice aren't a complete protein (meaning they don't contain all essential amino acids), their unrefined state means that they do contain more protein than their processed counterparts. Cooked brown rice has almost 5 grams of hunger-fighting protein in every cup. If you're trying to eat more protein, choosing whole grains instead of refined ones is a great way to sneak in a few grams at every meal. Start with this tasty vegetarian casserole.
Stretch your grocery dollars: We all know we should be eating less meat, and the hefty price tags in the meat aisle at the supermarket are certainly helping us reach that goal. We're always on the lookout for new healthy swaps for our favorite foods--and if they help save money, that's even better. One of our favorite tips is to use brown rice in your favorite dishes like meatloaf or sloppy joes. You'll be able to stretch a pound of meat further, and you'll be adding a serving of nutritious whole grains to your dish!
Make comfort foods healthier: Casseroles are a busy cook's BFF, but the salty condensed soups and refined carbs they often contain are a healthy eater's frenemies. Keep the peace in the kitchen by swapping a complex carb like brown rice into your favorite casserole. Lately, we've been dishing up this cheesy Chicken Bake with Brown Rice and Corn and loving it. (The leftovers make a scrumptious lunch served over baby spinach.)
What is your favorite way to enjoy brown rice?

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One thing you can do is brown it in a little hot oil before you boil it. This makes it cook faster and improves the taste. I cook it with dehydrated vegetables for a side dish then add the leftovers to any soup I make. I don't really like brown rice so it doesn't get made very often. No matter what I do i just can't escape that nutty flavor that others like. Report
My husband does not like grits but they are similar to rice and I really like a bowl of them for breakfast when we go out.We live in the N/W so grits are not common here like in the south but now and then we find a restaurant that sells them.Grits are good food. Report
Rice for breakfast is a great alternative to oatmeal. I've always wanted to like oatmeal, have tried it in various forms, but just can't stand the texture. I make a batch of wild rice, brown rice, and quinoa on Sunday evenings, mix it together and have it every weekday morning for breakfast. 1/2 cup of the mix with a few walnut pieces, dried berries and enough 1% milk to cover, then microwave for 1 minute. It's a great hot cereal. Report
Although I was raised on white rice and as a child I new nothing other then that. Instead of butter I used a little bit of sugar. No big deal right??? Fried food.. Pork everyday of the week - check - veggies - yuck.
Now.. as an adult and a Mother and more aware of what I cook and what my family eats... Changes have been made. I love brown rice and after reading this article, I looked up rice pudding. Sounds tasty also. Report
Brown rice for breakfast? What a great idea! Report
Love brown rice!! Just wish it didn't take so much longer to cook. Even my guy prefers it now. Report
I have not tried rice for breakfast. I will have to give it a try Report
When I was a child Mom would serve "rice and raisins" for breakfast on the morning after serving rice for dinner the night before. It was warm and a great change from oatmeal. Report
I always eat brown rice casserole. Chicken breast, veggies (usually peas & carrots or broccoli & carrots) and Braggs liquid Aminos seasoning. Very low in calories & great for leftovers for lunch. Report
i love short grain brown rice... cook up a big batch at a time in my rice cooker (soak overnight first and it becomes even healthier)... I throw in a handful or lentils split peas and black eyed peas for a complete protein. I like to take the cold and throw in a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper, and then I have a wonderful base for a healthy lunch salad to take... throw in some leftover cooked or raw veggies.. some sprouts or nuts/seeds... (like sprouted sunflower seeds) quick and easy and as low calorie as you want to make it.
Oopsy, I made my version of rice cereal today. I bake a cup of jasmine brown rice with cinnamon sticks and 2 c. water, covered with foil for an hour. Then each day, I add a grated apple, 1/2 ounce walnuts, and a serving of another fruit, sometimes chopped celery, and almond or coconut milk. If it's cold, I heat it in the microwave, but I enjoy it cold like rice pudding, also.

I vary the second fruit. Today it was chopped fresh pear. I also like dried cherries (dried without sweeteners), fresh or frozen blueberries, even strawberries. If I'm microwaving, I might choose raisins or chopped dates.

I've been known to puree everything in my blendtec and heat for a thick, warm morning soup. Delicious!! Report
Love brown rice! Report
I love brown rice for breakfast. I cook mine with raisins, any nuts your choice, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar free maple pancake syrup. I eat mine with non fat milk. Report
Does anyone use brown rice as a hot cereal....like with coconut or almond milk? Looking for ideas. (Or quinoa?) Report
I like brown rice, but not my husband. I usually just skip rice. Report
Brown rice is so good. I love rice period, especially yellow but eek :x Report
My husband hates brown rice too so, I make a 50/50 blend of brown jasmine and white jasmine. Works great! Report
I love brown rice but my husband absolutely hates it. I cook it anyway, but not as often as I would if he liked it too. Report
I find it nearly impossible to cook juk to the correct texture with regular brown rice. I use oatmeal and Asian seasonings for a fast breakfast. Report
I love my brown rice. That's the only rice that I eat. Report
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