How to Wake Up with More Energy

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Discover ways to revamp your sleep routine so you can feel great in the morning.

Get Sleep Savvy

As you sleep, your body builds up its supply of a hormone called cortisol, which is then released throughout the day to help give you energy. Cortisol levels should be highest in the morning and depleted by nighttime, so you'll get the zzz's you need. Click through to learn how to get the most of your slumber, so you can be ready to move in the morning. 
Morning Madness

Energy Buster: Blaring alarm clock

You may need a foghorn to get you out of bed, but when you wake in a panicked state, you use up much of that cortisol, which means you'll have less to keep you energized for the rest of the day.

Energy Booster: Consider a smarter wakeup call.

Some alarm clocks use soft sounds or music so you're not jerked alert in a frenzy. Smartphone users, try the Gentle Alarm Clock app (99¢), which lets you choose from a variety of soothing sounds, or the Gentle Alarm app ($3.99), which was developed by a neurologist and slowly brings you out of your final stage, or REM, sleep. This helps you maintain optimal levels of cortisol for the day.

Snooze Fest

Energy Buster: Hitting snooze 

If you play Whack-a-Mole with the snooze button, you're fragmenting your REM sleep—the most restorative period—and interrupting your sleep to the tune of roughly 30 minutes a day.

Energy Boosters:

Move your alarm clock. Position it so you have to get out of bed (and even walk across the room) to turn off the alarm. And once you're up, don't lie down again. Write a note and leave it by your alarm reminding yourself to stay up.
Regulate your sleep habitsTurn in at the same time every night, wind down an hour beforehand, and wake up within an hour of the same time every day—even on weekends. This will help you skip the snooze button altogether.

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The Team at Chillax. Report
I grew up on a farm & always have gotten up early in the morning without ever needing an alarm clock. Report
I put in a "fast break" not to hit the snooze button - it's been working well. Report
I hit the snooze button alot!! I need to learn not to do that. I bet that will help me get a better night sleep. Report
My husband comes in & gently touches my arm to wake me up every day!!! Report
My alarm is in the bathroom. That way I have to get up, and I'm in the right place for getting ready! Report
I wake up on my own no alarms, never get up later than 7am, ( but in the winters it is harder to get up when it is dark and cold out) I have always loved mornings. Report
There are also alarm clocks that you have to get up and catch to turn off (and you can record a voice message) - Clocky and Tocky! They roll across the room. Report
I like my Fitbit One alarm. It's a gentle, quiet buzzer - but since I'm wearing it on my wrist, I don't wake the rest of the household. Even on days that I'm tired, it goes off enough times (10?) before a "snooze" period, that I'm usually awake by the end. Report
I used to always need 3 alarms at varying distances to get me out of bed in the morning and I would be so groggy for about an hour. I bought the fitbit online and from the very first morning the silent alarm gets me up at the first alarm time. I even turned off the first alarm and I use the other two alarms to alert me to how much time is left until I need to leave for the day. I wake up happier than I ever have and definitely with more energy. Report
Always was a terrible sleeper when I was very young. I sleep much better now, but don't need much of it. Four to six hours of solid sleep is all I usually get. Don't tell my family doctor, or I'm sure to get a scolding!!! Report
I still have trouble sleeping . If my stress level is low, I sleep a little better. If it is high, even with medication,my sleep is disturbed. I have started doing yoga. My second class is tomorrow . Hopefully , yoga will help me to relax and thereby help me sleep better. Report
Sometimes I sleep well, but most nights Ihave a lot of pain. That keeps me from sleeping well.
I have found that when I get 8+ hours of sleep each night - I tend to have power naps during the day. When I have less than 8 hours sleep a night - I am okay and not dozing off during the day. :( Maybe I'm built backwards or something. :( Report
Light alarms sound like a great idea. Thanks!
I wonder why they did NOT cover the light alarms? I used to set a timer to a dim light that would come on before my alarm came on so I woke up to a lit room instead of in the dark. They now have much better light/alarms that I have been planning on purchasing. They can be adjusted to come on slowly and in different amounts of time before the natural bird chirping, etc. alarm comes on. It has been found that the old school RUDE alarms shock our systems and are not good for us. It is better to wake up more naturally. Report
The only one I can't get on board with is the weekend wake-up time being the same (or close to) my weekday time. I get up at 4:30 on weekdays to work out before being at work at 7:30am. I'm sorry, but getting up anywhere near that on a weekend is absurd... unless I have a race anyhow. Report
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