Coach Nicole's Fitness Starter Kit DVD Now Available!


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

When I told you about the SparkPeople's awesome Fitness Starter Kit, your comments were overwhelmingly positive. But we noticed a trend: Many of you had all or most of the Kit's equipment already and wanted to purchase just the DVD, not the whole Kit. Loyal readers, we heard you loud and clear. I'm happy to report that you can now purchase my Fitness Starter Kit DVD in the SparkPeople Store!

The SparkPeople Fitness Starter Kit DVD is on sale for just $10. It contains two full-body workouts: one that uses a stability ball and another that uses a resistance band. These short and effective workouts are easy to fit into your day. I designed them exclusively for the SparkPeople Starter Kit, which means you can't get these workouts anywhere else!

Click here order the Fitness Starter Kit DVD today!

Are you going to order the Fitness Starter Kit DVD (or add it to your wish list)?

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  • JDBD17
    Are these the same workouts that are already on the website? - 12/1/2010   6:33:28 AM
    Hi I would like to have the DVD, but there is no shipping to my country, I wonder if is possible buy a electronic version to send to my email or somting like that.??? - 7/2/2010   1:40:14 AM
  • 52
    I would like to get more info on the workout DVD, like length of the workouts and if they are for beginners. I have purchased fit firm and fired up and love it. It is perfect to get me started. I look forward to doing them every morning. It is just the right amount of time for me. I would love to see other DVD's from your website. It is hard for me to do next to my computer, but there are so many more workouts I would love to have on DVD. - 3/8/2010   11:14:16 PM
  • 51
    just ordered the DVD, just starting with Spark. Hope for the best. I have to start somewhere. - 2/9/2010   10:59:20 AM
  • 50
    I got this DVD with the GC I got for preordering The Spark. As of all of Nicole's videos, I love it! As a blind "viewer" I can follow her instructions without seeing her very effectively and that is important to me. this is good for folks who have visual issues or may have to use the DVD in 1 room, but exercise in another and may not be able to view their screen. I can't wait for the new DVD in January to come out! Thanks Nicole & SP for another winner in my book! - 11/28/2009   2:55:03 PM
  • DONNA528
    I want to put it on my wish list. Thanks - 9/24/2009   7:11:48 PM
    I'm definitely buying this dvd!! I'm a returning member of sparkpeople and I love it! I want to buy the stainless steel water bottle as well. We should definitely support a site that's this awesome!! - 7/17/2009   3:14:25 PM
    ELISABETHTHOMAS; I have those "LesliesSansone" walking away the pounds for the abs, 1, 2, and 3 mile tapes, and I love them... you will too....shes awsome! But I do want to put this dvd work out on my "wish list". By the way I'm a newcomer...! very exciting. This is just waht I need. - 6/3/2009   3:16:47 PM
  • 46
    I am going to order it in May. - 4/18/2009   11:13:10 PM
  • LILI58
    I am new to SparkPeople, but certainly plan to check this video out in the near future... - 3/15/2009   3:57:08 AM
  • 44
    Nicole, I am glad you are part of the teem. - 3/14/2009   7:30:47 AM
  • 43
    I ordered Coach Nicole Fitness Starter DVD last week an I just received it. So I am ready to use. - 2/9/2009   2:37:33 PM
  • 42
    On my wish list! - 1/31/2009   3:27:30 PM
    I just got the "Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone" DVD with 1, 2, & 3 mile workouts from Amazon for $15. Has anyone tried it before? - 1/1/2009   7:53:08 AM
    I guess I missed the one about the starter kit. I'm going to go look that up!!!

    Happy New Year!! - 12/29/2008   10:50:18 AM
  • 39
    Bought the kit! - 12/29/2008   8:24:36 AM
    It's just like RICHLADY39, said, the Wii package that comes w/games and Wii Fit (balance board & training) is at the top of my wish list, and, like LULUBELLE1102, with my finances looking BLEAK, I won't be seeing much of anything (especially that Wii) for a very long time. I'd need the complete kit.

    I did buy a Pedometer at Target today. It shows how many calories I'll burn with each step too, and I know that this is very elemental to most of you, but I'm sooo EXCITED about tracking my steps!!

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Annie - 12/28/2008   11:01:54 PM
  • JOANW1
    I've thought of ordering several times, but am concerned. Since I am 73 years old I wonder if I should be working that hard. I do standing abductions and standing adductions, but haven't tried them with the resistance bands. Also not sure if I should even try an exercise ball. I may roll right out of here. LOL

    Joan W1 - 12/27/2008   8:43:39 PM
  • 36
    I like the idea of a dvd to workout with what I have.
    Will have this on my with list for sure!! - 12/27/2008   8:35:58 PM
  • 35
    This will be a great addition in my fitness library. - 12/27/2008   2:00:14 AM
  • 34
    I purchased the kit about a month ago and am very happy with it. I recommend that anyone that is already equipped with the kit items, still buy the DVD. - 12/26/2008   9:34:00 PM
    I got the kit for Xmas- it's great! I wish the DVD was on the strength training list of exercises. - 12/26/2008   7:33:26 PM
  • 32
    I ordered the entire Fitness Starter Kit today as a New Years gift to myself. - 12/26/2008   7:06:43 PM
  • 31
    I just placed my order for this DVD. I agree with Mom1014 as I would love to get a DVD of a dumbbell workout too. THANKS SP! - 12/26/2008   10:22:19 AM
  • 30
    Thanks for listening to us and doing the DVD. I just ordered it and now another request. Nicole how about a dumbell workout DVD. I would order it in a skinny minute. Thanks again.
    Lee - 12/26/2008   9:02:58 AM
    I need to buy the whole kit. That sounds like it would be a great addendum to help make my new year's goals. I'll have to reread. The one time I looked at SP store, I didn't realize the DVD came with the equipment. That makes all the difference. - 12/26/2008   4:34:25 AM
  • 27
    Fantastic. Coach Nicole should get a raise! - 12/26/2008   2:00:16 AM
  • 26
    I am going to put it n my wish list for right now. - 12/26/2008   12:42:09 AM
  • 25
    I would love to buy this and the window cling thingy, but I don't have any credit cards. Is there a way to send a cheque? Thanks, Wilma - 12/25/2008   6:15:46 PM
  • 24
    Oh, yes! Next paycheck! - 12/25/2008   5:59:11 PM
  • 23
    Hi Nicole,

    I bought the entire starter kit and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. If you're still listening, though, I have another request: Can you make your other video workouts (the ones on the SparkPeople web site) available in DVD format for sale? I love the video workouts, but would like to play them on my television. Anyway, thanks for all you have done and continue to do to make people's lives better. Merry Christmas! Roberta - 12/25/2008   5:20:04 PM
  • 22
    GreatI I could really use this. Thanks - 12/25/2008   4:56:49 PM
    Wow! great---if you dont needit then buy as a gift for someone else this will spread theSpark for sure - 12/25/2008   3:15:24 PM
    thanks I have been looking for just a dvd.I can't wait for the new year and get one to help me reach the new me in the new year. - 12/25/2008   1:26:57 PM
  • 19
    Thanks a lot. Will be ordering the DVD as soon as I can. - 12/25/2008   1:17:59 PM
  • 18
    definitely on my wish list! - 12/25/2008   12:32:32 PM
    Congratulations Nicole....I will check it out! - 12/25/2008   6:51:01 AM
  • 16
    This sounds great! I'll have to wait for $$$ before I can get it tho. Thanks Coach Nicole!!!! - 12/25/2008   5:56:14 AM
    Sounds like it's worth checking out! - 12/25/2008   4:30:14 AM
  • 14
    That is great. - 12/25/2008   1:40:13 AM
    On my wish list-for sure !!!! - 12/25/2008   12:31:12 AM
  • 12
    Thanks I'll be checking it out! - 12/24/2008   11:31:27 PM
  • 11
    I already have the Fitness Starter Kit DVD. - 12/24/2008   8:13:04 PM
  • 10
    I will check it out thanks - 12/24/2008   7:44:42 PM
    It is a great and DVD and lots of fun, once you get come joing the Starter Kit Team! - 12/24/2008   4:01:09 PM
  • 8
    Thanks! I'll put the DVD on my wish list! - 12/24/2008   3:32:29 PM
  • 7
    I'm going to order the whole kit. I don't have any of the equipment, I'm just saving up for it!! It's VERY affordable, just have to put aside a couple bucks each week!! I'm so excited though, can't wait!! - 12/24/2008   3:22:44 PM
    Great idea but right now I have to put it on my wish list . Maybe in a few months after the Christmas bills are paid. - 12/24/2008   2:57:13 PM
  • 5
    Yes, yes, yes!!! - 12/24/2008   2:40:33 PM

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