Down 212 Lbs, Tracy Had 'Always Been Obese'*


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Name: Tracy Meuschke (TRACY31502)
Weight Lost: 212 pounds
Hometown: South Bend, IN
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom

What was life like before losing weight?
I have ALWAYS been obese! At the age of 12, I was 255 pounds and on the Jenny Craig program. I stayed on for about four weeks, losing about five pounds, and then quit. I just kept going up and up from there. I was 325 pounds in high school. I was around 300 pounds when I got married and then gained 73 pounds within the first two years of our marriage.  I had lost two pregnancies and just hit an all-time low and didn't take care of myself. I'm sure my weight played a big role in having my miscarriages.

At my highest weight, I was happy with everyone around me, but not happy with myself. I honestly didn't realize I was as big as I was and I didn't realize all the things from which my weight was holding me back.  I mean, shaving my legs or even putting on my shoes was a chore. Walking just a half mile was huge for me. I would breathe heavily even when doing nothing.

What was your "A-Ha moment" that made you get serious about losing the weight?
One morning, I just broke down. I felt like no diet was working and I didn't know what to do. I actually contemplated surgery. But after some praying about what to do, I just started cutting down on what I ate and started moving!

What was the main motivation behind your weight loss?
My biggest motivation was that I wanted to have a healthy pregnancy and baby not just for myself but also because my husband wanted to be a dad so much. Our losses were the toughest thing we had ever been through, but they made us grow as a couple and got me on the track to healthy living! 

Tell us a bit about your weight loss journey.
I started reducing the amount of food I was eating and just started moving more! I lost around 123 pounds and became pregnant with my son. I had a healthy pregnancy, but I gained 75 pounds! So once I had him, I had to start over. But when I did, I went at it full force. I lost those 75 pounds I had gained, plus 15 more, putting me at 235 pounds. (138 pounds down from my heaviest).

When I hit that mark, I became pregnant with my daughter.  I had another great pregnancy but gained 65 pounds, putting me back up around 300 pounds. This time, I started right away and signed up with just days after having my little girl.  I knew I needed some extra help if I was going to lose this weight and keep it off this time for good. I lost 129 pounds with SparkPeople and am now down 210 pounds overall!  The fact that I can log my calories on the SparkPeople app is huge for me.  Setting goals on SparkPeople helps me be accountable. And of course, a huge one, SUPPORT, SUPPORT and more SUPPORT!!! It never fails that if I'm having a rough day; my SparkFriends are there to say just the right thing!

How has your life changed since losing weight and improving your health?

Once I had my children, my motivation was to be a healthy wife and mom! I don't ever want to be the mom sitting on the sidelines that cannot be out there playing with her kids and has to watch her husband out there building memories with them. I don't want to be the mom at the amusement park who has to tell their child: “No, I can't ride that with you because I don't fit in the seat.”  I don't want my kids to miss out on all that life has for them because I couldn't get myself fit and healthy. There is so much more to life than I ever thought there was when I was 373 pounds. I am now truly LIVING!

What a great story, Tracy!

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  • 311
    So inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing your story! - 9/30/2017   2:47:26 PM
    Tracy, thank you so much for sharing your story - I am so happy for you to get to be a healthy mama! :) If you read the comments, I would love to know (if you don't mind sharing) about how your skin has coped with such a big weight loss. Your current picture doesn't look like you are carrying a lot of excess skin, and I'm wondering if that was a result of your skin going back into place, surgery, or just really good Lycra. :D - 9/12/2016   12:54:37 AM
    wow, how inspiring. I really struggle to lose weight, and Im only 20. - 6/1/2016   11:45:43 AM
  • 308
    What an inspiring story! You look amazing!! Love your boots!! Great job!! Thanks for sharing your story! - 1/14/2016   9:24:07 AM
  • 307
    You look amazing! I am sure you feel amazing! - 10/11/2015   9:58:29 PM
    Inspiring story. I am a newbie to Sparks People. I can relate to your story. - 9/5/2015   1:56:52 PM
    Truly inspiring, thanks for sharing your story. - 8/18/2015   8:07:26 PM
  • 304
    Fantastic story...and a heartfelt congratulations to you and your lovely family. You are truly an inspiration to us all, but most of all yourself! - 8/18/2015   9:41:03 AM
  • 303
    Gggggeeeeeezzzzzz! You look GREAT! Well done you. I hope I can have such a wonderful success, you are so cool - 8/6/2015   10:47:09 PM
  • 302
    Thank you for sharing your story! Such an inspiration! - 6/30/2015   1:12:09 AM
    You know I am not obese, in fact most of my life I have been too thin, but for me I am sickly, tired, run down, weak and need a different support, it's not about being skinny, I just want to be healthy - 4/17/2015   9:08:20 AM
    Awesome story ! Especially how you had the babies and GOT RIGHT BACK AT IT!
    WOW !
    Thanks a bunch for sharing ... ! - 3/17/2015   9:09:46 AM
  • 299
    Thanks for giving hope and encouragement to a fellow Hoosier! I'm glad you prayed about it and decided to start taking steps to change your life without resorting to drastic surgery. I know you've dealt with a lot of ups and downs with weight and personal loss, but you didn't give up. I'm starting again, and this is a great motivation. Blessings! - 2/13/2015   1:25:36 AM
  • MINNIE45
    what a great inspiration you are to others. I hope that i can be as half as successful and motivated as you. Great job!!! thanks for showing people that with motivation and determination it can be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 1/30/2015   12:33:35 PM
  • 297
    Congratulations!! You look amazing!!! - 1/20/2015   3:14:43 PM
    What a great story! Best of all, it's true! You are an inspiration! Loved your pics and the hope you give to all who are on the same journey! - 9/17/2014   12:13:34 PM
    Thank you for sharing your story it is so
    motivational - 9/15/2014   7:11:36 PM
    so motivational - 9/11/2014   8:46:02 PM
    so motivational - 9/11/2014   8:46:01 PM
  • 292
    Great job! - 9/11/2014   6:49:42 PM
  • 291
    Great motivational story, Tracy. Congratulations to you for losing the weight and maintaining. Thanks for sharing your journey. :) - 9/11/2014   5:11:30 PM
  • 290
    Such an inspiration! Awesome job...I have a 120 lbs I'd like to lose myself. You make me want to get back on track! By the way you look fabulous. - 9/11/2014   10:33:06 AM
  • 289
    Wonderful story! Well done, Tracy! - 9/11/2014   5:13:35 AM
  • 288
    Great job!! - 7/16/2014   2:38:50 AM
  • 287
    It I s inspirational. Way to go. - 7/16/2014   12:55:04 AM
    You are simply inspiring! - 7/15/2014   11:54:14 PM
    what an inspiration you are. i love that you just went for it and did what you needed to do to give yourself the life you deserve. :) well done! - 7/15/2014   3:01:53 PM
  • 284
    You+Sparkpeople+The Great Unknown=Success beyond belief. Congratulations. Job well done. - 7/15/2014   1:17:48 PM
  • 283
    This is truly amazing and I'm so glad I came across this article. Thank you for sharing and congratulations! - 7/15/2014   10:12:37 AM
  • 282
    Thanks for sharing your story!!! You look so healthy! - 7/14/2014   8:35:46 AM
  • 281
    Beautiful story, beautiful woman. I love that you persevered through setbacks and just kept recommitting to yourself and your goal. - 7/12/2014   7:01:10 PM
  • 280
    "There is so much more to life than I ever thought there was when I was 373 pounds. I am now truly LIVING!"

    I so appreciate you posting your story on here. I saw it through Facebook, and just the last sentence there that you wrote hit me like a ton of bricks. I know there's more to life than I am currently living and I want it so bad, and I'm so happy for you that you did it, and having kids in between must have made it all the more difficult, but good for you, you stuck through all the challenges, and you look great. Love the new skinny you outfit too. :) - 7/12/2014   5:58:00 PM
  • 279
    Very inspiring! My journey is just beginning. I hope to get my life back too. - 7/12/2014   11:15:31 AM
  • XENON54
    Congratulations on a job well done. You are on an amazing journey, inspiring so keep at it. Truly great to read and know that its possible. - 7/12/2014   8:27:42 AM
  • 277
    What an inspiration! Thanks :) for sharing. - 7/12/2014   12:37:56 AM
  • 276
    GREAT job!!! I just hope i can get myself moving and lose the measly 40lbs to have a healthy life - 7/11/2014   11:50:12 PM
    Congrats Tracy on your great journey. I am hoping to be able to reach my goal by this time next year Then I will start on another 50 pounds. A little at a time.. - 7/11/2014   11:42:42 PM
  • 274
    I am so inspired! Thank you! - 7/11/2014   9:25:33 PM
    Great job and very inspiring. I hope to be where you are a year from now! - 7/11/2014   8:24:21 PM
    wow! i totally admire your determination and strong will. you should feel proud of yourself. keep it up! - 7/11/2014   8:09:06 PM
    Very inspiring!
    - 7/11/2014   1:04:14 PM
  • 270
    Motivating weight disappearing journey. Your smile is bright in all your pictures. I'm glad to to see your smile is how you feel on the inside as well as outside! Tracy, you look RADIANT ***** 5/5 Stars - 7/11/2014   11:25:28 AM
    Wow that's so awesome. I want to lose just 85 pounds and I can't seem to get myself together. I have no get up and go. But yet and still I want to do what ever it takes to get my goal of weight lose accomplished. Thanks for your story it encouraged me. - 5/22/2014   10:52:49 PM
  • 268
    I am so happy for you and your family. The gift you're giving them will reverberate through the generations as each follows your example of perseverance. - 5/22/2014   1:03:46 PM
  • 267
    Amazing! Thank you for sharing your story. I am inspired ! - 5/9/2014   6:53:08 PM
  • 266
    AWESOME .. great story and inspiration .. i bet you feel great too and proud too.. your beautiful and radiant smile tell it all !! - 4/13/2014   10:15:51 AM
  • 265
    I read your story here and I read it in people. I hope being so old, I still have a chance to lose weight and be healthy. I am 62 1/2 and just don't know if I can do it, but you have inspired me. Thank you for that. Diana - 2/9/2014   1:19:37 AM
  • 264
    I can't wait to be the one sharing my story of success, but more importantly, I the story of how I gained my life back.
    You're absolutely right about support being a huge factor in our our success... I don't have many friends right now so I don't go do things for "fun." But what I would really love is to have a friend, a partner or even my own sister take some interest in my life and to invest some time with me getting fit and learning to live, happily... I need someone to hold me accountable when I am weak and sore, and lonely. I need them when they are strong and motivational, and consistent. And I in turn want to be their strength and inspirational motivation when they are weak, overwhelmed and depressed....
    It makes me sad and angry that no one in my family wants to spend time with me, much less commit to spend a couple days a week getting out of the house to get active, ( even a couple hours a week would be great; not to mention the bonding of being together...)

    I am thankful for you sharing your story of motivation and I am very proud of you for working so hard, having two healthy babies and being the invested mom that you've become during your journey of health!

    Now I'm going to the gym (Gold's Gym in Bothell, WA) to workout and get my endorphins pumping! After all, I am the Master of my Fate and the Captain of my Soul!!


    - 1/28/2014   11:32:55 AM
  • 263
    Awesome weight loss story! Love it! I got teary eyed on the part about not fitting in rides at theme parks....years ago I took my sons to DollyWood and my youngest missed out on riding the roller coaster because I couldn't fit in the seat! I am DETERMINED to not be in that position again....when I lose weight, we are going to find the biggest roller coaster there is!! - 1/25/2014   4:10:18 PM
    I hope this is me in a few years. Right now I can't get too into diet/exercise because I'm pregnant with our second child. But as soon as he/she's born, I'm getting on track and never looking back! Thanks for inspiring so many people like me that aren't sure if they can do it! - 1/25/2014   1:24:06 PM

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