Everything You Need To Know About Back Pain (News Roundup)


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A round-up of the most interesting and thought-provoking stories of the week.

Everything You Need To Know About Back Pain (Infographic)
The headline pretty much sums it up: This infographic shares everything you need to know about back pain. Mind Body Green
How to Feel Better Every Day
These 21 tips will help you boost energy and feel better every day--starting today! Real Simple
How Your iPhone Is Harming Your Health (INFOGRAPHIC)
Another informative and self-explanatory infographic, this one about how your phone harms your health. Huffington Post Healthy Living
Groceries Are Cleaning Up in Store-Brand Aisles
Store brands have come a long way in recent years, qualitywise. Some retailers report that their proprietary lines are holding their own against national brands and helping to boost their bottom line. Do you buy name or store brands? Are their certain products you only buy from a specific brand? NYT
Exercise As Effective As Drugs For Treating Heart Disease, Diabetes
According to joint research from the London School of Economics, Harvard Medical School and Stanford University School of Medicine, exercise can be as good as drugs in preventing and treating some chronic illnesses. Time

Healthy Eating, Yoga May Reverse Aging
Want to know the secret to undoing aging? According to new research, it's simple: make healthy lifestyle changes. Yoga, eating right, and moderate exercise are chief among the healthy habits that can help you feel young at heart and in the body. Yoga Journal
Now You Can Go To Harvard And Learn Cooking Science From Top Chefs
A new FREE online course from a Harvard mathematician and top chefs will teach you the science behind cooking. NPR's the Salt
How Selfies Are Ruining Your Relationships
New research says that the number of photos you share on social media has an effect on how close you are with your friends and loved ones. It might be time to put down the camera and have some good old-fashioned face time. Time  

Which stories topped your "must-read" list this week?

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