Fruit, Not Fries: Lunchroom Makeovers Nudge Kids Toward Better Choices (Healthy Links Roundup)


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Catch up on the week's most popular healthy living headlines.
Fruit, Not Fries: Lunchroom Makeovers Nudge Kids Toward Better Choices
NPR says that tweaking the lunch line options is having an impact on kids' diets. But how well does "up-selling" blueberries and broccoli actually work?

Chop, chop: New meat-naming system aims to help cooks
USA Today breaks down the new names for cuts of meat, designed to help home cooks figure out what to do with loins, roasts, and everything in between.

Vegetables Make the Sandwich
Meat usually gets a starring role in sandwiches, but the New York Times is setting out to change that, with this Well blog post.

How Beginner Runners Can Build Endurance
If you're new to running, your legs and lungs offer tire before your mind does. Fit Sugar shares great tips on building endurance.

Infographic: What Are We Eating?
Ever wonder how much food the average American eats in a single year? The Daily Infographic breaks it down. (I wonder how different the average SparkPeople member's diet would be from the average American's.)

Healthy Brunch Tips: Avoid Mistakes During The Celebratory Morning Meal

I love brunch. It's one of my favorite things to do on Sunday mornings. But Huffington Post Healthy Living shares tips for not letting this double-up meal do twice the damage on your waistline.
Which stories were you talking about this week?

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    Continue to look out for the kids. - 1/4/2014   7:38:36 AM
  • 8
    What I see so much of (for kids) is processed foods -- whether the freeze & heat style of fast food. I suppose it's similar for adults. Scary stuff. - 5/21/2013   11:42:13 AM
    I don't think that is true, I agree with the person who said its all going into the trash. My children don't want to buy anymore. They say nothing taste good any more not even the pizza and chicken. - 4/8/2013   8:56:50 AM
    Keep up the good work - 4/8/2013   12:42:06 AM
    No it's not leaving an impact. Kids just don't eat it. It gets thrown away. - 4/7/2013   10:52:04 AM
    With regards to the Infographic article--the "average" person actually drinks over a gallon of week of soda? Whoa. I stopped drinking soda years ago, switched to water--first changed to flavored seltzer water, and then worked down to just plain water.

    Actually the only thing on the bottom row that I eat occasionally is ice cream (but never keep in my house as it is a trigger food for me)--and I still have a weight problem (and, yes, I exercise regularly). But, I have to admit, all my blood numbers are spot on, so I am thankful for that. - 4/7/2013   10:39:39 AM
  • 3
    Yep. pretty stupid and besides, renaming won't make much difference to people who don't already cook and those of us who do are going to walk around with puzzled looks on our faces.

    - 4/7/2013   6:43:07 AM
  • 2
    Bring back Home Ec, and not only will people learn what the cuts are called, but they will learn many different ways to cook the same cut. Grilling isn't the only way to cook a steak. - 4/7/2013   1:12:11 AM
  • 1
    I think that changing the names of the meat products is the dumbest thing. We have known these meats by the same names for hundreds of years and all of a sudden they need to be changed. I mean are we really that out of ideas that we have come up with this ridiculousness?! - 4/6/2013   11:23:50 PM

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