How Does Your Hometown Stack Up Among Fittest Cities?

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How does your hometown stack up among fittest cities? We just checked out the list of fittest/healthiest and least fit/unhealthiest cities in America. Cincinnati, home to SparkPeople HQ, is #13 on the list--WooHoo! The top 5: Minneapolis-St. Paul, DC, Portland, San Francisco and Denver. From USA Today

‘Fat Talk’ Compels but Carries a Cost Stop commiserating with your friends about your body. Research shows that while most women neither like nor admire “fat talk,” it is contagious. (93% of college women have engaged in body hating with their peers.) From NYT’s Well blog
18 Things You Can Get Rid of Today Sure, summer’s almost here, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for spring cleaning and decluttering. It feels great to rid your life of unwanted objects, making way for things you really do need. From Family Circle
25 Ways to Burn 100 Calories Just Like That Get more than two dozen tips to boost your metabolism, including a great one from our very own dietitian, Becky Hand, co-author of The Spark Solution. From Redbook
Decadent Desserts—150 Calories and Under! With recipes like these, you can have dessert every night! From Self
10 Fun Ways to Reduce Your Cortisol Levels Cortisol is a stress hormone that can influence weight gain. Find out how to lower your cortisol levels—while having fun! From MindBodyGreen
10 Foods to Never Eat While we don’t like to label foods “good” and “bad,” there are some foods that offer little in terms of nutritional value or that can harm your health if eaten in excess. Here’s a list of 10 you might not want to put in your shopping cart—much less your mouth. From Fitness
75 Tips for Summer Fun Have fun and stay safe with this comprehensive round-up of tips. From Woman’s Day

No-Bake Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites I have but one word for these diminutive treats: Yum! (I bet you could swap in protein powder for the cocoa powder to give these staying power.) From Food52
Seeking Food Ingredients That Aren’t Gene-Altered It’s not easy being GMO-free, say food companies. Manufacturers small and large are struggling to find alternatives to conventional ingredients. From NYT
Which stories topped your “must-read” list this week?

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Surprised at New York City, but not surprised Philly is right behind... do you think it could be those Cheesesteaks? Or is it just too many of 'em ...

There's a right way and a wrong way to do cheesesteaks ... Report
Vail, Colorado, woohoo!!
Cleveland is 19 and Columbus was 30... shocked by that a little! Report
I am very curious to know how Canadian cities would stack up against American ones.

cj Report
Portland, OR is okay, but next time they should take a look at Bend, OR. I love visiting there and the people that live there seem to be WAY more physically active with Mt Bachelor close by and several lakes and mountains to hike - but they have a smaller population. Maybe they should change the contest to the fittest STATE, instead of City. Report
Boston is #6! Report
Not surprisingly, my hometown is not on the list. It's too small and isolated to get on anybody's radar. Report
Pleased to see that Va Beach is #18 - could be better though! Report
I'm actually REALLY surprised to see Atlanta so high on the list (#21). Given the health problems we have here in the south, and how walker-unfriendly Atlanta is (seriously, no one lives in Atlanta without owning a car and public transit is gawdawful) it doesn't seem it would rank so highly. Report
Cincinnati has 13 areas of excellence and 8 areas of improvement. One of the areas of excellence is the amount of parklands per capita. One of the areas for improvement is eating 5+ servings of fruits/vegetables per day. Charleston, WV isnt included in the study the study focuses on only the 50 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Report
I live south of the unhealthiest city. That's not really surprising. Report
I am surprised we are #13 and I am not sure how Charleston, WV isn't the least fit city. Weird. Report
Minneapolis St Paul has a score of 78.2 out of a 100, all of the cities could use improvement according to the report. The report details each metropolitan area and the areas for improvement. Report
I love living in the Denver area! So much open space and many healthy opportunities. Report
Go St. Paul! Report
The full report is at the link below
They don't go by city but by msa metropolitan statistical area Washington DC includes Alexandria for example
Baltimore includes Towson
They use a variety of measures to assess an area such as number of parks ease of access to health care and many more
See the report for more. Report
Oh...hmm. could definately be better Report
My city (Richmond, VA) is at #20 out of the 50 cities mentioned. Not toooo bad.. Could be better. Report
Seattle. #8
DH is from San Diego. #14 Report
I wish I could say I was one of those who put our city at #5. Unfortunately, I keep falling flat on my face. One of these times I will succeed in getting back in the 100s. Report
this is a great article! Report
I just wanted to point out this article is satire. It's a blog kind of like the onion. lol Report
Seattle!! Report
I love walking around the lakes in Mpls-St. Paul! Report
Awesome job Minneapolis-St. Paul! Third year in a row at number 1! Report
Yea Portland Report
I was surprised to see DC at #2 as well. Maybe Michelle Obama's campaign is really working there. Report
Ok so let me get this straight: Washington DC is #2 and just 40 miles up the road Baltimore is #17? Who did this survey anyway? Report
Whoo Hoo My State is Number #9! Go ahead Hartford, CT I'm pretty sure I'm a big contributor to my State being Number #9! Yeah buddy we on Fire! :) Report
Not surprised most places I've lived came in at the most fit, heck, even where I live now comes in at 39 (Sin City)! There was one place I lived where I'm surprised anyone came out to exercise but I saw a few here and there in Louisiana~ Report
Austin, TX is #11 on the fit list. Report
Yay! I live in a fit area! (Of course I already knew that, because people jog and bicycle past my house all hours of the day and night!) Report
Fat city. Report
not at all surprised to see both my hometown (chicago) and current town (orlando) ranking amongst the fattest cities. Report
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