Drink Coffee & Tea for Your Health


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Editor's Note: Coffee, tea and caffeine. Sometimes you hear how horrible they can be for your body. Other times you're told that you're not drinking enough of them. What's the truth?

Today we are excited to share a fun and interesting infographic about the health benefits of coffee and tea from our friends at Greatist.com.

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  • 87
    Herbal teas do not always contain real tea so if you want the benefits of tea you will not likely find them in herbal teas. Just something to keep in mind and check the ingredients. - 11/1/2017   11:09:29 AM
  • 86
    Really appreciate the SP articles that cite sources. Thank you! - 10/15/2017   2:41:37 AM
  • 85
    I love my coffee!! - 8/31/2017   8:56:22 AM
  • 84
    my family tells me to find a coffee anonymous group!! LOL..Hello, my name is Cindy and I am a caffeine/coffee/green tea junkie! - 8/28/2017   12:46:19 PM
  • 83
    Love both tea and coffee, but herbal tea is becoming my "go to" - 8/4/2017   11:44:06 AM
    thanks for posting - 8/1/2017   1:44:56 AM
    I'm a dyed in the wool tea drinker, no coffee. - 7/20/2017   1:00:17 AM
  • 80
    thanks, love coffee! - 7/16/2017   9:42:20 AM
  • 79
    Great information! - 7/14/2017   8:56:11 PM
  • 78
    Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson - 7/13/2017   10:49:51 AM
  • 77
    Great article. Thanks. - 7/13/2017   7:01:52 AM
  • 76
    This is really great news! I am a coffee and tea junkie!! My hubby says I should just use an iv drip full of caffeine! haha - 7/12/2017   3:51:26 PM
  • 75
    I drink both coffee and tea (mostly not black tea but greens and whites) every day. Hot, Iced, and everything in between! - 7/12/2017   2:50:43 PM
    Too many errors in this article. Tea may be said to come from a "variety of plant leaves", but all the plants are cultivars of camellia sinensis. Also, they left out the use of coffee (really, caffeine) to treat borderline depression. I'm disappointed to see this kind of sloppy science reporting on SparkPeople. - 7/12/2017   9:50:09 AM
    Too many errors in this article. Tea may be said to come from a "variety of plant leaves", but all the plants are cultivars of camellia sinensis. Also, they left out the use of coffee (really, caffeine) to treat borderline depression. I'm disappointed to see this kind of sloppy science reporting on SparkPeople. - 7/12/2017   9:49:18 AM
  • 72
    As a coffee and tea drinker, I truly appreciate this article which highlights the differences and benefits. The graphics are amazing as well. - 7/12/2017   8:32:50 AM
  • 71
    Tea is my second water. I love it. - 7/12/2017   8:03:34 AM
  • 70
    Love my coffee!! - 7/12/2017   7:22:07 AM
  • 69
    coffee is made from magic beans... - 7/12/2017   4:19:58 AM
  • 68
    Love it - thanks! - 4/25/2017   4:59:15 PM
    Thyroid patients: don't drink coffee for at least an hour after you take the meds. www.thyroid.org/patient-thyroid-inf
    / - 12/3/2016   5:10:34 PM
  • 42CUTBER
    I gave up coffee for awhile and just went back. My grandparents drank their regular cup of black coffee every morning and kept the pot on all day. They both lived until 96 years old! Can't say this is the reason, but many nutritionists today would have condemned their coffee, butter, beef, etc. diet. Of course, all of their vegetables and fruits were fresh from the garden, or home-canned. - 2/16/2016   7:59:36 PM
  • 65
    I like coffee and tea! My mother drank coffee every day and my friend drinks tea every day too and for many many years! No problems with either of them...

    Lovely article! - 2/16/2016   5:59:47 PM
  • 64
    I love coffee and tea!! They act differently with everyone, caffeine is known as a pain killer as-well, which would explain why it gets rid of my nerve pain and tension headaches I get from a brain injury. - 5/22/2015   12:30:29 PM
  • 63
    nice blank page - 5/22/2015   7:50:04 AM
    I don't believe that coffee is good for you , My grandma drank coffee everyday for a long time and she had a hardening in her arteries - 12/4/2014   6:50:07 AM
  • 61
    No image for me. - 8/26/2014   10:30:17 AM
  • 60
    Image isn't working for me either. I am using my IPad. - 6/7/2014   11:55:29 AM
    Great info, but image isn't working. I'm using Chrome on Windows 7 if you want to log the error. - 4/14/2014   7:52:56 PM
  • TZH715
    I like coffee and tea. Now I know tahat I can't drink too much of either one. Thank you. - 2/16/2013   2:11:10 AM
    Thanks for the info. But more than that, what a great graphic! I'm a professional graphic designer, so really appreciated the look and layout of this artwork and the way it presented the information. Beautiful. - 11/28/2012   11:22:48 AM
  • 56
    I love green and oolong tea. - 11/7/2012   7:25:56 PM
    I LIKE GREEN TEA. - 11/7/2012   4:40:51 PM
  • 54
    Insightful! - 11/7/2012   11:19:27 AM
  • 53
    Loved this!! And I love my soy latte's1 - 11/4/2012   9:12:20 PM
  • 52
    I'm more likely to want something to eat with a cup of tea, so I drink more coffee. It seems to deaden my craves. - 11/4/2012   10:04:33 AM
    Great article, I drink herbal tea when craving something sweet. I drink the tea and set the timer for 20 minutes, if the craving doesn't go away I have a treat. More than 90 percent of the time the craving goes away. - 11/4/2012   7:34:20 AM
  • 50
    Best Blog Ever!! Yay for coffee and tea!! - 11/3/2012   10:06:10 PM
  • 49
    Good article I really enjoy coffee but I find I can drink too much of it. - 11/3/2012   8:23:01 PM
  • 48
    Not enough info on decaf coffee (I cannot do caffeine, as I have a heart rhythm issue). So, does the decaffeinated kind have any benefit(s)? - 11/2/2012   2:38:41 PM
  • 47
    I hate coffee. I drink tea only to avoid the taste of water. I certainly buy decaf tea. - 11/2/2012   1:44:17 PM
  • 46
    Great information and I loved the format! - 11/2/2012   1:32:04 PM
  • 45
    Very interesting!

    My first step in my healthier lifestyle was to cut my coffee/tea intake to 2 cups per day and to cut the sugar in each cup by half. I have stuck with this self-imposed "rule" for over a month, but as cooler weather has come in I have been craving hot tea in the later afternoon. Since I am under the recommended maximum daily caffeine intake, I may just give in to that craving ever so often.

    I love the herbal teas from Celestial Seasonings and cold/tepid white tea. Never have been a fan of green tea.

    It's nice to know I can occasionally indulge in an extra cup or two of tea in addition to my morning coffee and not affect my health goals. - 11/1/2012   11:56:21 PM
  • 44
    Awesome work! Great blog put together nicely! Thank you, for the useful info!
    - 11/1/2012   11:25:59 PM
  • 43
    That was really interesting - thanks - 11/1/2012   10:56:23 PM
  • AMBER461
    I drink green tea a lot but I seldom drink coffee. Once in a blue moon I would drink tea or coffee. Thanks for the information. - 11/1/2012   8:04:42 PM
  • 41
    Thanks for the information!
    I love coffee, I have cut back to 1-2 cups most days.....
    so I still get a taste or two without overdoing it!!! - 11/1/2012   7:49:57 PM
  • DP3590
    Nicely done, Thank You. - 11/1/2012   3:43:28 PM
  • 39
    coffee is my go-to drink in the morning! Tea is my drink to have before bed! All these facts and images were a lovely way to start my day! - 11/1/2012   1:29:46 PM
  • TFAY511847
    I found this interesting. Great graphics too! :) I learned, personally, that avoiding all stimulants is best. When I used to drink a lot of coffee (Starbucks lattes &/or regular from home), true, it did seem to help me mentally, BUT that is because I was addicted to it & my body was relying on the boost of energy!!! If you NEED coffee to "wake up" in the morning, that means you are addicted. :( Coffee &/or other stimulants can affect your stress hormones/adrenals which can be bad news. Hormonal/chemically causes the body to react as if it is stressed. No caffine is best! For more info read: Patrick Holford's "The New Optimum Nutrition Bible!" Patrick Holford is a well known Nutritionist in London who has been around since the 1980s. He has written many books & has his own Nutritional Institute & was originally a psychology major who was introduced to Nutrition so he is well versed in functions of the brain!!! Good stuff! ;) - 11/1/2012   1:28:31 PM

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